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But why I thought he was from the US too?!??!!!

Am autistic, ma'am


FΓΌhrer Trump*

Hyperinflation, military couldn't reach above 100,000 men, no Air Force, no soldiers on the Rhineland (french–German border) @Deleted User

All because of the treaty of Versailles. Hitler said fuck it and abolished the treaty and started doing what the treaty said for him not to do, invaded Czechoslovakia, Austria united with the Reich democratically, invaded Poland, war started, y'all know the rest

Facebook needs to be shoah'd

Isn't golden dawn gay

They're the Greek neo-Fascist party, aren't they

Or are they just Identitarian

How tf are they gonna win elections

So it's a repeat of Weimar Germany?

Obviously not as bad tho

Well if they're actually good then I hope they win

They need nationalism to destroy the Left in greece

I hope they win

Germany is deceased at this point so no saving muh fatherland. Idk about Austria but Poland needs to pursue their identitarianism

The only way that Anschluss could happen again would be if it went backwarda

Austria saved itself and Germany wanted to join

I don't believe it can

Too many Muslims breeding like rabbits while ethnic Germans are barely having any

Yep. With WW2 died patriotism

Because now Germans' culture is hardly even ethnic now

Germany is lost no matter what

Germany will be a part of the neo-Rashidun Empire by 3000

I don't think so

Their whole party basically collapse I've headd

Still not extreme enough

Germany needs another Hitler but less extreme

I hope you're right

But I think right now we should focus on Greece

Because by what you're saying, Greece is heading towards the right direction

Do you know much about Austria?

Are they as bad as Germany?

This is what I like to see

I'm scared to go on twitter and see all the retards praising Syria strikes

I can't keep my mouth shut on twitter lmao

>wants to fight for freedom
>bombs country who's about to win against ISIS

>allies with Saudi Arabia in this attack

To threaten Syria to stop with muh chemical gas

Russia–USA peace went down the drain yesterday

Trump is a retsrd

Me too apparently because I can't even spell

Close to Damascus I guess idrk

Trump changed his stance completely it seems from 2016 to 2017–2018

I thought he wasn't a total shill for Israel

Doesn't make me think.

Niggas hate trump and so do border jumpers, and apparently, 44% of the (((**white Aryan master race**))) hate him too.

Hitler, come back.

They are both degenerate

One actually does something tho. The other just REEE

Tbh niggers need to make wakanda a reality so I won't feel bad when we decide to deport them all

Cuz tbh I'd feel bad for kicking out a bunch of niggers so they can go drink ass crack water with the rhinos. If they were hard working Americans, why deport?

Have you been in the south?

We need to focus less on race and more on illegal immigration. Blacks are capable of assimilating but the retarded ones with 60 IQ we need to boot

Kill all gang members, profit

When I say focus less on race, I don't mean to become progressive retards

It's obvious race and culture are mixed but black families who actually assimilate and further America should be kept

I just think deporting everyone because of race is autistic. Of course, blacks on average commit higher crime but that's because of ghetto shit

Fuck it. Deport (((them))) and everyone else

I genuinely wish wakanda existed

And that blacks had an IQ of 100

So they could actually be worth a shit

And not have to drink ass crack water next to the rhinos

America needs to become isolationist

And I agree with that

>stay out of middle eastern conflicts

But we know how much Jews like to get into wars

These Mongolian Jews aren't even biblical Jews anyway

I've been getting red pilled lately on who the actual Israelites are

Paul called the Romans and Corinthians Israelites wtf

I do find it funny people say Jesus was a Jew and that somehow discredits him. For one, modern Jew =/= 2000 year old Jew and his whole religion was against Judaism πŸ€”πŸ€”

And cuckservatives take bible verses out of context and say Israel is muh chosen people

Maybe the tribulation is about exposing the (((fake))) Jews (revelation 2:9, 3:9) and leading the lost tribes of Israel (possibly modern Europeans 1 Cor. 10:1–5, Romans 9:7, Romans 11:1) back to god and destroying the disbelievers

The Bible talks about race mixing believe it or not

God said the Israelites were to not race mix

The Old Testament is called the Tanakh; the Torah is the five Books of Moses (aka the books Jews read but don't take literally)

Jews are retards but no, Jesus came as a fulfilling of the Old Testament. Judaism actually existed after Christianity.

Judaism was a political and spiritual revolt against Christianity.

In the Christian Jews' minds, the Old Testament never endedβ€”it continued on into thee next part of the story: Jesus.

Judaism started after Christianity was popular in Judea. They wanted to destroy Jesus because they thought he was blasphemous. Then the Talmud goes on to say that Mary was a whore and that Jesus is boiling in human shit in hell.

Our greatest ally

California is putting forth legislation to ban the Bible

I wonder (((who))) is behind this

Jews don't care about the 2A

I don't even think an atheist would push for this shit

But a Jew might

This is just sick

I know the nwo is seen as tin foil hats and conspiracy theories, but wtf look

I think the pope has something to do with it too

Lmao I watched the left behind movie a long time ago with Kirk Cameron and the anti christ was a russian

And yeah I think I've heard of this before

You wanna be red pilled on t he Bible?

Germany is still cucked

Tbh a lot of people sleep on the bible

Prophecies n sheeiit

Anyway, watch that vid and be red pilled

Revelation is about the modern Jews being exposed for lying to the real Israelites about the modern Jews being the real Jews (revelation 2:9, 3:9

The person or the nation ?

God shoah'd both of them since they split

into two kingdoms

Idk if that's historically accurate but they hated each other and worshipped other gods

Anyway, modern Israel is totally different than ancient israel

From now on, for confusion purposes, let's call modern Israel (((Israel))) and ancient Israel… Israel

You have to understand the historical context in which it's written, though.

It was ripped off of an earlier translation and the New Testament was rushed

It's more informal

Holman Christian standard bible

If you need help understanding somethin, just DM my sorry ass

But be red pilled by that video I sent first

Because the definition of a Jew has changed thru the centuries. I'll dm u

you misspelled "starves their own people"

Juche triple gay

Communism is classless, stateless, and moneyless society. No country on earth matches that definition.

But it depends on what def you use

Why support korea at all?

Just let them solve their own problems instead of deciding which one doesn't have jews

America has turned into tyranny

Bombing Middle eastern countries cease muh democracy

Benevolent leaderships are different than malevolent dictatorships

we need to not bomb iran

Iran are our brothers

We cannot let their aryan blood be mixed with Semitic arabs

Destabilizing Iran will thus cause that.

they need to become Iranian Empire or somethin

Iranians and Northern Indians used to be pure Aryan. Islamic conquest has basically shifted on their genes

Now Arabs have taken over some of their gene pool along with africans

Ideal Empire: all the stans combined with iran

Not realistic but whatever

I don't know the ethnicity of all those stand

Shoah them all and make Iranian women have 30 babies across all the empire with racially pure iranians

Just kidding about that but Iranian empire would still be interesting

Kum junk un is a retard. Change my mind

I hope this is ironic

I understand the USA has lied to us before but DPRK isn't some utopia

North Korea is so close to having Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein FΓΌhrer down, but Fascism doesn't look like a goal of theirs


DPRK was good when it didn't exist.

Yeah, when I was on twitter and I was debating shit hole African countries and I mentioned Haiti. Then they were like "Haiti is Caribbean lmaoooo πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ"
Anyway, I was referring to the people, not the geography and they kept straw manning tf out.

I don't mind Liberals

I mind the Anarcho-Communist Leftists

Neoliberals are degenerate

I'm asking a serious question here and I don't know much about how Israel does what to Palestine but from what I've heard is that the Jews actually were fine with e Palestinians having land but the palestians kept denying because they didn't want the Jews to have any

So what is actually happening?

Africans are still here because Jews wanted them here

All the slaves came on Jewish ships; most slave owners were Jewish.

Abraham Lincoln was conveniently killed by (((John Wilkes Booth))) after wanting to have africans sent back and after he established his own dollar

Jews are behind everything. Damn ii

I mean not every little thinf

But most things major are Jewish

Black pilled is being pessimistic and prophesying catastrophes over something that may be an exaggeration or unrealistic

>they have basic knowledge
They have no knowledge


@alejator i understand wanting to slaughter Jewish bankers and communists but random Jews?

That's retarded

Gassing Jews in the middle of war, especially when fighting Russia, is a dumb idea. You could do what Bolsheviks did starve millions of people.

Judaism and Christianity don't have common heritage.
Jews don't even believe the Old Testament. They need retarded Rabbis and the Talmud to tell them how to think. A common myth is that Jews believe the Bible except the New Testament. False.
Jews use the Talmud which was apparently passed down orally through Moses till now and it says some pretty autistic stuff like Mary was a whore, Jesus was a bastard, Jesus is boiling in human excrement in hell, he deserved to be crucified, Jews take full pride in the practice, and they say Emperor Nero was a good dude and a Jewish convert. You don't know how he was? He beat his pregnant wife to death, castrated a young boy and made him dress up like the wife he just murdered, he burnt down Rome and blamed it on the innocent Christians, and slaughtered and persecuted Christians with the help of the Jews and committed some of the most horrific acts ever.

"B-But I thought Jews believed the Old Testament -- just not the New Testament. I thought they believed in the Torah. Well, they may rape children but, hey, they're still the chosen people. ;))"

**donates shekels to (((Israel))).**

The House of Joseph were the chosen. The Jews weren't! I don't understand what is so complicated about that.

Judeo-Christianity is the cause.

The Jews back stabbed the romans anyway

And small al, the house of Joseph was chosen because he was the most pure

Judah sold him into slavery and had sex with his step daughter and had multiple prostitutes

All the Israelites were chosen but the abrahamic blessing was given to Joseph's sons Ephraim and Manasseh. That blessing was that his descendants were to become fruitful and forgetful (Ephraim and Manasseh's named **literally** meam fruitful and forgetful) and spread across genetically into the world. After the fall of the Israelite Kingdom, the lost ten tribes fell into Assyrian captivity

The abrahamic blessing was not to try and preserve your heritage like Jews do and have always done, so much that they commit incest

Judah lied to Jacob-Israel and told him that Joseph died

Horrible brother

We shouldn't help Jews steal the name even more than they already have

Kinda undecided tbh

Europeans originate from the Mountains of Ararat.

Which are actually different than Europeans

So you're right

They are called Japhites

They built the Indo-Europeans spanning from India to Europe

western europe*

well it depends. If they are Judahites, that doesn't change the fact they were still never chosen

Either way they are not chosen

Japheth was a son of Noah, so was Ham and Shem. They came from the Mountains of Ararat which is where people have said Caucasians came from

Edomites came from Jacob's brother Esau

Some people say Jews.

Modern Jews are the edomites

That's what some say

But basically anybody who says they are descended from the Hebrew Israelites call everybody else Edmoites

It's became cliche tbh

The actual orthodox before Jews corrupted churches was that Noah's sons became the Caucasian race

Which spans from the Egyptians, Europeans, and basically everybody worth a shit in society

who have created things.

I mean, maybe. Not rlly sure tbh

Need to read up on it

Not all of africa

But northern africa

Again it's just a theory

Shem went on to produce the Semites who included Arabs, Hebrews, Israelites, etc

The Europeans are really the only Aryans nowadays because the Aryans previously in the Middle East got mixed with Arab blood because of Islamic conquest

Well not the Middle easr

But iran and India area if that's also called the Middle east

that's why northern Indians and southern look so different

But tbh, look at English. From where does it come?

We use a Semitic languge

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