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how does ome get vetted?

We wuz samurai

Asuka needs to be the leader of the 4th Reich

Andre Anglin is mai nigga

Is this man white?

Nice Alt right women

Im 15 and virgin

42069 year old virgin. Im Sotha Sil

Not Vivec

Adopt? Is @melly an Askenazi?

Mix Babies need to be

Nigger babies I don't give a fuck

Best OS for older PCS

Apparently that guy T claimed that he banged a white girl

To troll Spencer.

Fokin based for a Black Guy, I mean a Black Pinochetian living in Dixie. BASED!!!!

Is that Ron Paul? Lol, Obsidian are all Paulites, I knew It!

I've created an upstart server. It is for ancestry, not specifically AR @everyone

Oy vey stupid goyim, donate to this 3% jews hatreon

In that case, Greeks aren't white

Whatever, I'm Anglo. For me, it doesn't matter

<:jew:346824292287119361> = white


how does one take a picture?

Do I send it?

@MCmaddawg I was on the r/altright server, the /v/identitarian [before the moon men (((shut it down)))], 14 words,, Safe Space Part 3, British Isles Chat and finally this one

@TexasVet Remember that kid who was on your server? You probably know me know.

54 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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