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Ril tyrant hanging hrs, whom up


I am blisteringly happy that this server has been created.


Yes brothers yes.

I like my Lifts how I like my Tyrants: Dead

๐Ÿ…ฑig ๐Ÿ…ฑ๐Ÿ…พ๐Ÿ…พg Gainth

SC bois whom up


I heard about that! I don't have a lot of spare funds atm, but I might go just for the sake of getting to meet other boogboyos

Anyone else going?

I'm definitely leaning towards going, so shoot me a friend request and we'll keep in touch. Plus it's good to make connections with the local boog'ers

Fucking hell

Roger Doger, Laddingtons

Honestly, trustworthy or not, it's a good idea to get stocked and locked anyway

@Schadraquetor me too honestly. But the past is gone, all that's left is to hustle now and grab as much as we can.

I just started taking Jiu Jitsu classes - should've started years ago, but at least I'm doing it now.

Lean Jiu Jitsu Kings!


Nice. I still need to get mine, I admittedly, and shamefully only have a handgun atm - my close friends are stocked, but I need to get my own shit.


What's the consensus on Bows? I started building one off a super in-depth tutorial on YT - obvs not comparable to a rifle, but I think it's still good to have. Thoughts?

Oh fuck that it's not for style points, I just want it as a backup. That's why I'm building it for dirt cheap instead of spending gun money on a weird single string guitar.

@Mjolnir Spartan big agree. We all have to be prepared to do what's necessary, no matter the cost. "We willing martyrs will die to grant our people better days."

What could be better than a Glorious Death?

Ideally, but I was more referring to being prepared to die. Obvs it'd be stupid to unnecessarily put yourself in a situation you're not coming out of.

2020-03-15 14:13:22 UTC [Boojahideens of Liberty #memes]

2020-03-15 14:14:10 UTC [Boojahideens of Liberty #memes]  

Sic semper evello mortem Tyrannis, my friends.

They posted on here?

Ah thanks

Greetings Laddingtons, since we'll all likely have to carry a lot of shit around during the Revoloogaloo, it'd be smart to train your capacity to walk around with heavy shit. On the micro, things like hiking with weighted vests. On the macro, Farmers Carries, barbell Zercher Walks, Yoke Walks, and hell, even just picking up a log and seeing how many 20ft laps you can take it for. I believe this type of training would have a very large benefit in tha context of the likely future. Cheers buds.

@everyone who all is going to the Duncan Lemp rally on the 21st?

How? I am a discord noob


@Mjolnir Spartan why haven't you added your state initials to your handle? Are you a fed?

I'm slightly suspicious

He didn't say no



Gotchu. Just warry as we all should be.

On a completely unrelated note, I'm a construction worker and I was thinking of starting a boog instagram with info about building walls, barricades, shelters, etc. Do you guys think that would be valuable, or should I not bother?

RiP jobberino

Damn that sucks.

And thanks for the input guys. What would you guys be interested in seeing first? Shelter, Barricade, or something else? Suggestions super welcome.

Aight, I'll make two tutorials - one for moderately portable Barricades, and another for permanent fixtures.

Should be up in about a week - gotta buy the lumber, concrete, etc.

Not sure if sarcasm...I JUST WANNA HELP MY BOOG BUDS

Here's the page if any of you guys want to follow

Made a post about the tools we'll need to complete the boogstruction projects, hope y'all niqqas find it useful.


Also, I'd really appreciate likes, follows, shares, etc. to anyone you think could use the info. I'm sincerely not trying to be a shill (for instance I would fucking never pimp my personal account), but I want to help as many people as possible - all of us could use a basic understanding of building.

Thanks guys, I love my boog family <:peepoheart:682342402564161537>

Any of yall necros know a good ammo distributor? Seems like the local shops are running low.


First tutorial, cutting stakes. One of the basic skills relevant to building things from the ground up. Barricade tutorial is up next.

I hope this info helps y'all necros โคโคโค

@Mjolnir Spartan I'll add it to the list! These will all take me a while to get out, but I will get to them as quickly as I can!

This is why you keep a chest freezer stocked with beef and cheese


Yes, King

My man

So when we doing a southeast meet up?


Honestly if you've never been bane'd from FB are you even a ril niqqa???

Good day, Laddingtons. Remember to keep those chiseled chins up, and keep crushing! No one is having more fun than us <:EZ:682342304786415616>

*throws up hands* That's it, I'm Boog'n!

Pissening <:EZ:682342304786415616>

Construction page is growing, big thank yous to all of you that have liked and followed, as I've said I just wanna help as many people as possible, and the better the page does, the more good I can do.

I don't use the Zucc hive. And I've done a few different things, but foundation work has been primary for a while now.

Absolutely! You'll be super valuable to your crew

2020-03-28 19:00:16 UTC [Boojahideens of Liberty #memes]  


2020-03-28 19:00:24 UTC [Boojahideens of Liberty #memes]  

Big old keks

I'm drunk af and I love you all โคโคโค keep crushing, Patriots, I'd die for all of you



Honestly I'm looking forward to roughing it in the mountains with the gang. It's gonna be tough, there's gonna be pain, but it'll be for THE TRUTH, and JUSTICE. I'm excited as hell.

Holy shit those exist?

How do I obtain those

I think the main reason people are mocking him is because he didn't actually do anything, he just talked a lot and got arrested - unless I'm missing something?

@King Bob-Omb rouge has good quality, relatively cheap barbells. I believe mine was about 200-250 and has lasted me years.

Hey folks, after a damn month of having neither the time or money to get the supplies to do the barricade tutorial, I've finally picked them up! Expect it in a couple days.

Big thanks to everyone who has followed the page and been patient - gotten a lot of positivity from tha community โค


Barricade tutorial is up! For some reason insta blacked out the thumbnail which will likely hurt its feed results, so please share this info with whoever you think would benefit from it. I spent a lot of time and money working on this. Big thanks again to everyone, I love you all.

@jaguarknight simple and solid - that way it's easiest for inexperienced boog builders to get their hands dirty! Glad you like it โค

@TAH-HE-TEE thank you bunches, glad to be of service โค


@jaguarknight raw strength will be extremely useful for setting up compounds, building walls and barricades, etc. We need movers! I'm not great with guns or tactics, but we'll all have our own rolls to play!

Okay, I know this is jackassery, but I re-uploaded the Barricade Tutorial. Instagram decided to Black me with a blank thumbnail, which murders search feed interaction. I want this info to get to as many as possible, so I felt obligated to re-upload. I don't want there to be an empty pinned message, so please remove the previous pinned. I understand if you don't want to pin this one, I know it's getting silly.

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