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Pretty damn curious about it all too. I cant find ANY sources with pending charges, a mugshot, arrest warrant, etc. Literally anything that's found under public records

Depends on what plates youre running

Go with the usual sapi and you're shattering the ceramic in that area so with enough in a concentrated area will go through but that leaves it all to chance and your aim

Center thigh or left/right of pelvis for arterial

If youre not worried about return fire then literally aim 4in above the dick and shatter the pelvic bone

It'll spiderweb the pelvis

Unless youre a godly shot, T box is out of the question

But if youre that close then go for it

Are you speaking unkitted regular guy off the street?

Never gets old

Depends on the state then

Some states you really have to kill the person or the entire situation will be deemed as lethal force wasnt necessary and you're now charged with assault with a deadly weapon/attempted murder

Shit you not

Cali, ny are two of those type of states

Id imagine illinois is prob included as well

Nothing is valid there unless it comes from them

Although I THINK it might be different under their transportation laws

VPN? Nah. Carrier pigeons

I'd honestly trust the Ukrainians, Russians before them

Could just be bad experiences though

But little by little, piece by piece. Trade off is time but it's cheaper than buying all at once. Helps if the lower needs to be milled out

How many of you guys have basic medical knowledge outside of pressure bandages, tourniquet placements and splints?

Might not be a bad idea to toss some info on it around

Abortion is an iffy topic in general for most

Tampons are good for periods and nose bleeds. That's about it

Someone should've told my master gunner instructor that getting shot in the neck was bad for his health

@mcguyver123 ish. His team had to drag him off the gun from my understanding. Just kept laying down the hate

Weinstein is gonna commit suicide. Calling it now

Furries are on the same level as bronies.....

Funny thought of the day: during the boogaloo, the gov wont be able to bring back any military currently outside oconus without serious world implementations on other countries that might actually lead to a real ww3

Outside conus*

We withdraw from the med, middle east, africa and Pacific. China fucks Japan's, guam's, philippines worlds up. Austrailia gets involved because of threatened shipping lanes, china now has a solid foot hold in northeast africa controlling the Suez threatening more shipping lanes. Israel is own their own again. Middle east and africa insurgency skyrockets because no us presence. Russia backs china

They cant

They leave any of those high risk areas then it literally gives way to a very plausible ww3

Hell, we pull out of the U.N. and it crashes within 24hrs

24 being the side of error. Realistically it's a hell of a lot less than that

Security Council, funding, who, G_ committees. All fine in less than 24hrs if we pull out

All gone*

And all it takes is one civil war to do. Course the other downside is also a very possible world market crash

Although.....if anyone wanted to "persuade" the Venezuelan gov to leave and correct that gov into a free market while selling and putting a fuck ton of oil on the market for slightly higher than priced amount, you'd make a killing for generations

What kind of dumb ass leaves his shit just laying there

That whore was my main bitch. Hated carrying her but she always put out

Probably the only system I actually enjoyed cleaning

Nah. We be bush suited here

I almost got my 240 manufacturer clean after 2 weeks of 8 hr days. It was beautiful

Not gonna admit that I used clp as lube to Jack off that night

Thanks. The initial burn only lasts about 5-15 min but if you can get through it then youre golden

Well thats a shitty bet

If youre not cheating then youre not trying. Mix it in with an old veg omelet mre next time

Heated to really get the aroma effect

Like Batman says, really seals in the flavor

An order that'd surprise you.....ass, mouth, vag

Mayo, sriracha, liquid smoke, cayenne, chili powder. Best spicy mayo mix on the planet

Just show up with a holo sighted flintlock and stare at them in eyes

Triangle bayonet attached obviously

Crestview, FL has 1500 yd range if you want to drink on the beach during the day and buy shine at night

By buy I mean its gifted to you. Illegal to buy shine but legal to gift it to someone down there

The white lightning with put some hair on your chest and send fire out your ass

I like apple and cherry pie best though. I like the fruitier shines for some reason

Is a .50 covered under the class 3 license?

Anyone have the time or money to get their license?

Sounds like an okay-ish way to stockpile

I'm assuming you'd still "have to" report the makings

Go full math nerd and serialize them as prime imaginaries then

Quickest way to have nationwide luau is to vote Bernie into office

I'm pretty good on all of that and then some. Refresher doesn't hurt though

Doubt actual comms will be a major onsite presence. Brush up on your hand and arm

Stock up on pots, rubbing alcohol, cigs, q-tips, coffee filters and elbow length latex gloves

Weaponzied nicotine

Or rather concentrated nicotine crystals

Brush them on a surface that'll have high skin traffic and the nicotine is absorbed through the skin. Contact in low doses gives you a nasty case of nicotine poisoning. High doses results in death

Touch the stuff while youre straining it in the filter and you might as well start drinking heavily and kick up your feet next to a bon fire

As far as disabling police mraps and bearcats, unscrew the a/c screens in the back, cut the ventilation tubing, pour bleach and ammonia in the tubing, put it back together and wait. Extremely crude version of mustard gas that'll pretty much just knock out anyone in the vehicle or burn/irritate the living fuck out of the skin and lungs

Prolonged exposure breathing that shit in can cause mild URI to deadly pneumonia

Shit. If you guys could hear the stuff that comes out of any of the 4 guys we have for sheriff and deputies here then you might start asking yourself if theyre actually cops or not๐Ÿ˜‚

You'd be surprised how many boog boys are in metro and some state agencies

Yeah you're on your own there

Little different in southern regions

One of my old neighbors was city pd that purposely moved outside of his jurisdiction just so that he couldn't make any arrests outside of actual public endangerment. Was a pothead through and through until he joined pd. As long as he didnt see it, it never existed. Old frat boy pothead turned k-9 but turned blind eye to victimless crimes as long as it wasnt directly in front of him in public. Pretty decent guy

I'd have to agree with that on the majority of the time. You'll still have those few that are up there

Thats a pit in the middle of the street with a cig in its mouth. My buddy is really confused on what to do

Hell to the no. That dog is more likely to rob you after asking a dollar for meth

Not because it's a pit, because of the area

Side quest for enlisting IRA members in the new england area for the boog?

Meh. Dont see why not

Or get old guard involved....

Lead the way at the rally, guys

I fucking hate florida with a god damn passion

If you get charged with any offense relating to driving and put on probation then you have to pay the court, probation office and the DMV for that charge. So if its a ticket that results in a suspended license and youre put on probation that costs $100 then youre paying each separate entity that $100 so you end up paying a total of $300

And the cherry on top is paying for the state to prosecute you

Anyone hits florida before me and I'll cut off their balls, pan fry them and eat them right in front of them while staring them down to establish dominance

Florida in its entirety is mine. I'm king of the swamp cats and meff men. I am all that is American outback. I. Am. Florida Man

But no really. I'm 3 six packs away from making deep horizon look like a kid's waterpark

735 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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