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2020-02-26 22:17:00 UTC

So what is everyone’s preferred EDC

2020-02-26 22:21:40 UTC

Rn running S&W shield 2.0 compact

2020-02-26 22:22:34 UTC

EDC (((SAD NYS RESIDENT NOISES))) baton (makes me a felon) and sog field knife

2020-02-26 22:24:55 UTC

I switch between 4. Glock 19 w/tlr8 , Glock 43x w/tlr6 , a sig p320 x carry w/inforce and a M&p m2.0 9mm with 4in barrel and 17rd mag. I want the M&p compact 15rd model

2020-02-26 23:25:17 UTC

Glock 17. Ol' reliable

2020-02-27 00:11:53 UTC

Glock 19 gen 5

2020-02-27 00:17:49 UTC


2020-02-27 00:18:57 UTC

G26 because im a tiny guy

2020-02-27 00:22:10 UTC

Ive had good luck with my xds

2020-02-27 01:18:46 UTC

Alright, so let's talk. JHP vs FMJ. What would be better? JHP generally mushrooms out against armor, would FMJ work any better? Talking pistol cals here, I know most of us with Armas will have green tips

2020-02-27 01:20:01 UTC

Depends on what plates youre running

2020-02-27 01:20:06 UTC

Neither would penetrate armor. So to deal damage stick to JHP unless you are poor like me

2020-02-27 01:20:33 UTC

I run fmj in my kit and hollows in my edc because hollows are expensive

2020-02-27 01:21:03 UTC

Most tyrants will be running AR500 I bet. And same here Ramrod, but I have a bunch of FMJ for my pistol as well.

2020-02-27 01:21:20 UTC

Go with the usual sapi and you're shattering the ceramic in that area so with enough in a concentrated area will go through but that leaves it all to chance and your aim

2020-02-27 01:21:41 UTC

Just go for the legs with the sawed off

2020-02-27 01:21:44 UTC

In minecraft

2020-02-27 01:21:55 UTC

Of course, FlansMod

2020-02-27 01:22:17 UTC

2020-02-27 01:22:19 UTC

Center thigh or left/right of pelvis for arterial

2020-02-27 01:22:31 UTC

Cap da PP

2020-02-27 01:22:44 UTC


2020-02-27 01:22:51 UTC

If snipers can get an armpit, that would work too.

2020-02-27 01:23:01 UTC

Generally plates don't cover that area

2020-02-27 01:23:21 UTC

At least none that I've seen in minecraft

2020-02-27 01:23:56 UTC

lung shots, head shots, leg shots. Try for the arterial wounding because center mass killshots are out of the question

2020-02-27 01:24:30 UTC


2020-02-27 01:24:38 UTC

This is pistol caliber talk but it applies across the board

2020-02-27 01:25:26 UTC

Hollowpoints would give a better chance of hitting an artery when going for areas like that I suppose

2020-02-27 01:25:37 UTC

If youre not worried about return fire then literally aim 4in above the dick and shatter the pelvic bone

2020-02-27 01:26:02 UTC

I was always taught target 1 is the Tbox , target 2 the heart , target 3 the hip

2020-02-27 01:26:02 UTC

It'll spiderweb the pelvis

2020-02-27 01:26:18 UTC

Unarmored subjects take a fucking neat ventilation sometimes and keep going. Imagine an uparmored subject with the element of surprise. Hes got momentum, speed, and adrenaline pumping after the door goes down

2020-02-27 01:26:47 UTC

Unless youre a godly shot, T box is out of the question

2020-02-27 01:27:28 UTC

But if youre that close then go for it

2020-02-27 01:27:36 UTC

Yea endless your face to face, but remember most self defense shootings with a handgun happen within 5-10 feet

2020-02-27 01:28:16 UTC

Now in the defense of freedom you could be farther , with a rifle center mass endless your hear a ping, then air for the legs

2020-02-27 01:28:17 UTC

I hope not to be that close. I'm only good in a sniper position in COD

2020-02-27 01:28:20 UTC

Are you speaking unkitted regular guy off the street?

2020-02-27 01:30:04 UTC

I think in this case he is

2020-02-27 01:30:22 UTC

But I'm talking, defense of liberty situation

2020-02-27 01:30:38 UTC

Depends on the state then

2020-02-27 01:31:54 UTC

Some states you really have to kill the person or the entire situation will be deemed as lethal force wasnt necessary and you're now charged with assault with a deadly weapon/attempted murder

2020-02-27 01:32:15 UTC

Shit you not

2020-02-27 01:32:30 UTC

I've heard the horror stories.

2020-02-27 01:33:10 UTC

Cali, ny are two of those type of states

2020-02-27 01:33:27 UTC


2020-02-27 01:33:57 UTC

Id imagine illinois is prob included as well

2020-02-27 01:34:19 UTC

My CCW isn't even valid in Illinois. Fuckin commiea

2020-02-27 01:34:24 UTC


2020-02-27 01:34:44 UTC

Nothing is valid there unless it comes from them

2020-02-27 01:35:27 UTC

Although I THINK it might be different under their transportation laws

2020-02-27 01:36:33 UTC

2020-02-27 01:36:49 UTC

Hello fellow ice hut dancers

2020-02-27 02:04:03 UTC

2020-02-27 02:04:10 UTC

My humble kit

2020-02-27 02:04:21 UTC

i aint got no bump helmet

2020-02-27 02:04:25 UTC

Lv3 steel plates tried and tested.

2020-02-27 02:04:34 UTC

Get you one at the mg shoot

2020-02-27 02:04:40 UTC

but i got the carrier

2020-02-27 02:04:58 UTC

Got mine for 60 at the fudd booth in valley station next to christies

2020-02-27 02:04:58 UTC

ima order some .45 simunition and blap you with it

2020-02-27 02:05:11 UTC


2020-02-27 02:05:41 UTC

Cant hang out with this guy

2020-02-27 02:05:50 UTC

Dont wanna get the blap blap

2020-02-27 02:05:50 UTC

you think people would pay to be able to shoot each other with simunition for fun

2020-02-27 02:05:58 UTC

here in louisville

2020-02-27 02:06:09 UTC

Las Vegas gunfights style

2020-02-27 02:06:21 UTC

Zeissman range on knox is always looking for opfor volunteers

2020-02-27 02:06:31 UTC

i know

2020-02-27 02:06:36 UTC

Simunition vs local pigs and mildudes

2020-02-27 02:07:25 UTC

You got all this stuff and I'm over here tryna find ways to sneak my love for halo, and God into my kit.

2020-02-27 02:07:36 UTC


2020-02-27 02:08:15 UTC

2020-02-27 02:08:39 UTC

@O/K/ie Voluntaryist needs massa cheifs getup

2020-02-27 02:09:03 UTC

I'd be ok with a marine getup that had been made of kevlar

2020-02-27 02:09:30 UTC

It would be cool

2020-02-27 02:09:42 UTC

2020-02-27 02:09:43 UTC

2020-02-27 02:09:58 UTC

Someone memes the future me right here

2020-02-27 02:10:00 UTC

Im offended

2020-02-27 02:10:06 UTC

Wut, that a templar with a energy sword?

2020-02-27 02:10:11 UTC


2020-02-27 02:11:34 UTC

I'll prolly find a way to get this as a patch

2020-02-27 02:12:07 UTC

@FloridaManBoohajideen. Get this man a patch hookup

2020-02-27 02:12:32 UTC

How many?

2020-02-27 02:13:00 UTC

Oof, I'd only need one. I get paid next Wednesday tho

2020-02-27 02:13:07 UTC

Yeah I’m the marketing manager for TBL lol

2020-02-27 02:13:28 UTC

BRUH i need the Boojahideen patch

2020-02-27 02:13:32 UTC

This makes sense

2020-02-27 02:13:53 UTC

I’ll get some shipped up this week

2020-02-27 02:14:13 UTC

I gave @Ramrod1992 the one I wore in VA

2020-02-27 02:14:28 UTC

Yep. I'll trade back for the bulk ones when they get here

2020-02-27 02:14:40 UTC

But for now i gotta rep the boojie

2020-02-27 02:14:40 UTC

This is the REAL exclusive shit

2020-02-27 02:14:47 UTC

No shit

2020-02-27 02:14:50 UTC

It is

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