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It is me new Inductee into the booging

Who dat



2020-02-27 05:37:00 UTC [Boojahideens of Liberty #memes]  


2020-02-27 05:37:09 UTC [Boojahideens of Liberty #memes]  


2020-02-27 05:37:27 UTC [Boojahideens of Liberty #memes]  



2020-02-29 18:27:42 UTC [Boojahideens of Liberty #memes]  


2020-03-01 19:35:11 UTC [Boojahideens of Liberty #memes]  


2020-03-01 22:05:00 UTC [Boojahideens of Liberty #memes]  


i neeeeeddd it

2020-03-05 14:53:18 UTC [Boojahideens of Liberty #memes]  


Morning you beautiful bastards

i require micro gun

Its been killed apparently

2020-03-05 18:55:29 UTC [Boojahideens of Liberty #memes]  


I am the gamer boi


Is this a bot?

So who am I supposed to write in for candidate?

Rhett E. Boogie?

If gud meme I do the like, if not then I don’t but there is no bad meme only gud

Im more of a “get the dynamite and some boys, were gunna raid the armory for whatever we can find” kinda man


I want to commit the boog

It is not peak effectiveness yet

It must either be spread around the country in small doses or concentrated heavily to where either can’t be ignored

I want angry play doh


i should stop talk or i may be kicked for be "reactionary"

no i should stop talking or no i wont be kicked?


mk night

but its "radical and reactionary"

many militia groups kick out people like that

im assuming some be in one

i just dont want to say the wrong thing and get the boot

i feel like im too invested in this

like i want this

and idk why

somedays i feel like rebellion shit is what i was born to do, because im shit at everything else but this stuff comes naturally

every now and then i just get the feeling that this is my purpose but it could always be the whole"right skills, wrong placement" thing

should i be proud that i could be really good at stuff like this? not even just illegal but rebellion stuff in general?

i dont want this stuff to happen but i feel like i would jump at the chance to start it

or at least take part in it, too earnestly

im uncomfortable with leading anything, i prefer to follow and keep the light off of me but i also want credit for the work. im just not sure what im supposed to be doing honestly, am i like this because i haven't found the thing that im good at and i strive for action or am i supposed to be some badass rebellion leader? sometimes these are day dreams but other times it genuine thoughts

i gotta ask what a combat carl is

but people tend to is what i mean

i always find myself in positions of opinions needed and stuff like that as well as important advice but while i can do stuff like that i only get comfortable with leading if im pissed at someone doing a shitty job

im not very good with the whole church thing

i dont want a cult but i get the increasing want to create an army

i think im tired

tired of things not working, tired of people not doing the right things as well as promises that are constantly being failed to be kept by those who are elected to fix such things, only for the cycle to repeat itself


cool because legal means only travel so far

if the COS doesnt work then we only have one option


and i guess my best skill is logistics

id just mill my own

Ready to commit ‘Merica


*With tar, feathers and matches*




Yea but I’m too “radical”

I like that line of thinking

Not my fault I want 2+1/2 ton trucks outfitted with tank cannons and 100 or so okay armed bois to storm the senate and forcefully retire everyone

Make lobbying illegal and consequential under the same name of treason

Like I said I’ve thought about this a lot

My eyes do the bleed

I actually can’t look at it

Yeet knowledge

The waters get stronger everyday

2020-03-11 15:39:05 UTC [Boojahideens of Liberty #memes]  


Everyday I get just a little more erect thinking about it


Can you trust them


shit turn thay bitch up to *11*

Every time I hear some shit about disarmament I’m gunna up my mm size of casing up .25 don’t be surprise if by the time the boog happens I have a Gustav railway train

i am board

can i make chat where i draw plans and shiz?

we can call it *Boogy Town*


but i want a cherry finish

so it looks good covered in blood

*wait someone reacted with wholesome to my suggestion*

i suggest the first place we boog is to remove any standing un areas

can i has taht channel

i believe its in denver so we go there and liberate the place and since its technically U.N. sanctioned territory and not us owned land we can create a standing line to form off of

i want the plan channel

it shall be named *Boogy Town*

but we should legitimately write out our ideals and goals

i require 10,000 rounds

*10,000 rounds of 30mm*

How true is this


The fuckin meme


They better be paying me for this shit if it happens

I’m welding I quite literally can’t do shit online

At this point it’s possible

I have a mighty need for literally any kind of weapon at this point

Booby trap the fuck out of everything

Pungi sticks

Anything quick and silent

As well as light triggering

I can already do that

You’ll be amazed what soda cans, some strips of steel and petroleum jelly can do


Quite literally can’t here

Let’s just say I have a whole book on things that are kinda illegal like soda can box mortars

What oh no I was thinking of that episode of king of the hill

Wondering how many dumb fucks didn’t watch all the way through and probably gassed themselves

Ima bet at least 100


But it’s a safe bet then

I have one called the spoiler


And now I don’t have class for a week .-.

2020-03-13 12:44:37 UTC [Boojahideens of Liberty #memes]  


2020-03-13 12:44:37 UTC [Boojahideens of Liberty #memes]  


Hey bois I found a thing

Look in armory


I’ve got liquor and matches I’m set until I *Liberate* some freedom from a tyrant

He is the step forward

We about to be serving some nice warrants of freedom

“Single string guitar”

I wish we had more time me boog brothers

However I did like actually being around like minded people for the time

*Time to boogy on out then*

Quite literally everyone here at this point to just give us a reason

I’m afraid I would burn down half the state

I have no outlet so all that energy kinda just builds

*its been building up for 15 years*


Oh no we do

We can’t just burn everything

So my energy will be a decisive chisel **WITH THE POWER OF A JACK HAMMER**

If it becomes strong enough I most likely seeing us occupying small towns and fortifying them and just either arresting the local police force or kicking them out, military comes along we fight back until either they give up or we can’t give up

I’m aware of the possible civil war within the military

It’s still a precaution we have to take and understand

We have to ready ourselves mentally and physically for any outcome

In any case we have to assume, until proven otherwise it is us against everyone

If we do that then at least put them in regions

So why don’t we make channels of the homeland security regions

“Welcome to the corn fields motherfucker”

Anywhore it’s up to the admins to decide


No plz

I wish I had the money to purchase glockachu’s


New role

God I’d love to trade but I quite literally don’t own anything the best I good do is probably learn how to make a home made reloader and start shipping those out to the bois

*while we still have a postal system for public use*

I’m just very angry so

Tends to happen when you have the blood of literally every angry fuck on the planet

I just want to start hunting people with a Viking axe

Fuckboi:”You’re under arrest for treason”

Me:”Bullshit I eat bacon and whiskey”

Fuckboi: one steps too close and triggers proximity

Me: Beared Viking ax’s flies through air and impales a gash across the fuckboimobile


I really want one of those mossbergs where someone attached an axe head to the barrel

It seems stupid at first but if the gun is completely fucked just remove barrel and you have axe

Here’s two

I tend to scare people I know because when they ask what I want to do I tend to say that” I have a sudden urge to go hunting with an axe and kill something with my bare hands and throw it over the fire and eat the meat whole”

Sometimes I have cravings only extreme violence and cooked meat can satisfy

Thank you Boojahaqueen

But I wish more around my age were like da queen here

But everyone drinks GODDAMN STARBUCKS

*i just had a wonderful terrible idea*


I got the sudden idea for a coke can trip wire

The motto or

Cool I need a channel I have tons of this shit

So I wonder if Yeetus will grant it

The area doesn’t define you the people around you do

While I want to, I’m in mission


Let us know how it goes though

Holy fuckin shit

I’m still waiting on that channel and I found the name for it


Did they shut it down because it shows up on google but every time I try to access it, just responds with network connection was lost

I mean, I’m in a shitty area with crap internet but I search anything else and it pops up

Shit we joined this server, as soon as that happened I bet we were already popped on one

Turn us into more Duncan’s, come on you fuckin fed cucks. You about to say “when” on that boogy time

I accept my mortality, I am comfortable with death. To a degree I welcome it, but if I die I’m taking a shit ton of these fucks with me

I’ll end up wherever it is that I need to be, above or below. I have questions that need answers and I see no reason to keep em waiting, I’ve received no calls no responses. Im comfortable with meeting that end as long as something arises from it. I don’t want to live long, only a life worth living and if I’m here much too long I’ll become frail and vegetable like, I’ve told my sister already that if I get too old to take me out back and finish it. I refuse to sit back idly and watch the world eat itself while I can’t do anything to change it.

Why do y’all need my mindset?

Wouldn’t that be detrimental to most people ?

As well as relationships

Not the introspective stuff

I mean my mindset thing


And thank ye queen

From the Rhett e boogie group on FB

Not a fan of doxing people but here

Don’t threaten people needlessly

Is all I’m gunna say

There’s also the MCPD apparently did the work

Again try not to threaten people needlessly

200mm gustav

A glorious life

I don’t want people to die for me

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