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Boojahadeen memes in the house. Flags for days motherfuckers

Hes 6ft 20 fucking killing for fun

@mcguyver123 unless its nremt-p

@mcguyver123 dont hate I make more money. Now drive the car bitch

I see you in here out of my server

Bet you didnt know he was a boog boy

Im so glad I found an accepting group of people. We just want to be left alone uwu

I know furries that can and do operate harder than you

2020-02-27 18:15:00 UTC [Boojahideens of Liberty #memes]

@mcguyver123 its funny how a meme got everyone riled up

oh i got a reaction

it was the one i expected for a "freedom" movement alot people want control over others

@Rolph, Son of a Shepherd if you think any thing I ever post online is me you might be fucking retarded

Those are coins

the Task Force Igloo is coming but the PVC takes awhile I have to make the mold

and my vinyl print head cutter has to be replaced so I have about a 1000 things going on

there posted

its already done

@mcguyver123 Ive made over 200 straight to DVD and USA original movies. I think that speaks for itself.

2020-02-27 20:12:34 UTC [Boojahideens of Liberty #memes]

All numbers are real except numbers at that arent

@Mjolnir Spartan when I did commissioning of wind turbines we did 16hr days for 2 or 4 weeks at a time. that shit will wear you down

"That standing armies in time of peace are dangerous to liberty, and therefore ought to be avoided."

Yet we have standing armies in the form of ""Law enforcment"
There are 17,985 U.S. police agencies in the United States which include City Police Departments, County Sheriff's Offices, State Police/Highway Patrol and Federal Law Enforcement Agencies. With nearly an estimated 1 million officers and support personnel. Thats a standing army no matter how you cut it.

Well fuck

@ThaOGKB big furry dick head has separation anxiety when I leave

Anyone running an Olight on their poor set up?

@ktm556 BFL creator gonna run a budget vs a gucci in the same course of fire.

@mcguyver123 I got a kydex guy who could probably do me one

2020-03-01 14:45:56 UTC [Boojahideens of Liberty #memes]

Feds talk alot of shit for someone in pocket sand range

I knew i should have bought 2 or 3 Romeo 5's when they were on sale

@ktm556 BFL creator i need to put a new optic on my 9mm carbine and im kicking myself for not buying 2

amzon has it for 135 but I had some coupons or something when i got it at borwnells or PSA and it was only 105 I think

@mcguyver123 yeah im still gonna scoop it just wish i had saved the extra cash thats more ammo

@ktm556 BFL creator They full on told my page to fuck off and blocked us when I had the " Fuck with milspin" contest

They wont. We asked for just a plain igloo and got turned away

Its hydro dipped

It was our first

he jumped out a 2nd floor window and broke his paw

@MetalViking I have to make my kids a new PC the power supply sounds like the first race in fast and furious

car/truck window stickers 4 in or 5in?

@mcguyver123 if i had to guess its because hes a fucking asshole. he got himself stuck in my room and the window was the next option of escape I guess. it was cracked so he had to nuzzle it open

its a side sliding one

if he hadnt of saved my life a few times id still love him but shit is he dumb

will you trade a betty white sex tape

2020-03-05 17:30:25 UTC [Boojahideens of Liberty #memes]

these are about to be engraved

im super stoked

Guys did I get a deal

It's a boomer pawnshop

So I asked him if they do an FFL transfer they said yeah what are you looking at I said well as Smith & Wesson M&P 15 like all we got one right here I'm like yeah but I found the same one with a k and a couple magazine and read. For 5:45 so no

Then they kick me out

@O/K/ie Voluntaryist Boojahadeen memes has Aloha Fuckface lowers coming

this is the other option

Jesus poopy pants I just want to drink green beer and act a fool

I like the people that claim to be pagan but they really just watched charmed and wanted to bang fake wiccans

I was married to a stripper that shot me stabbed me and set me on fire. sex was good though

She shot me in the back but I had a vest on was getting ready for work ( Security forces which is like the infantry of the AF)

stabbed me through the arm with a butcher knife

and sprayed hairspray on my leg and set it on fire

2020-03-07 04:44:44 UTC [Boojahideens of Liberty #memes] (OK) maybe on the next batch

He speaks for the trees but holy shit their screaming in Vietnamese

anyone have video of the Rallys or videos of training they want to share to be included in a video we are making

you can send me the link direct

if its youtube or drive or whatever ill download it

What's an ak17

Yep it was a good day. @[KC MO]Scottyboii glad we got to meet

Your guys orders are shipping

@Gunslinger people bitching about everything

@ThaOGKB I coined the term cranky dippin dots for tannerite

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