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so Im guessing its autism awareness month already

Im the kind of boomer you want

weaponized autism armed baby boomer

autistic train

Not Boomer enough to be 1911 2 wirld worz fudd Boomer, old enough to barely be considered one

Technology retarded I think

well im making homemade chicken cordon bleu

bruhhh...dick wiggle....

in a strange way but aroused nonetheless

@O/K/ie Voluntaryist you were talking gear. You mean like this?

I'm getting another plate, new rig, drop leg holster, 45 degree offset rails, rail risers but I gotta find someone with some bangers

Improvise, adapt, overcome

I already have 3 smoke grenades

@Radmini must obtain. For it is my prime objective

@Radmin am I timpler now?


holy man on dog homosexuality

its over rated cringe

a christian as osama bin lade suckling upon demon peen

you got the itch?

oh so she made you get in and out of a closet

congrats, now throw her out and start over

isnt that a declaration of war?

is this for Virginia though or national?

lol, surprise bitches, most counties have 100+ man teams that have cops and vets

let me pass this on to a couple former COs that operated in VA

they operate in PA and SC

google christian yingling

goats do that

VA militia for 1 county

this is just enlistment day

not unless your aiming to be meat shield

dont call your gf to help u there beefcakes

well I dont get my hardcoreness from PUBG

means I dont play pubg so idk bree

worked with pigs but never heard them go bree

fucking pig farms are obnoxious

pig wrestling makes them sounds too

Who wants to fuck up a chomo. I know the guy. He's a total fuck up and a stolen valor too. Don't worry about the "cruiser", it's decommissioned and was auctioned off to him so he plays pretend @everyone

Well the article says child. Not a minor

The guy lives in Killeen Texas. Name is Herbert Brandon Taylor. Drives (maybe still) a decommissioned cruiser

Outside hood. He's a stolen valor pedo. Manic liar. He goes to church twice a week and live streams it via his fb. The dude got busted on impersonation of a LEO, felony carry as well

He may be with his dad again

Yeah he's also a washout from the guard (after 8 days). I know the guy. I'm calling for his excommunicado

A real piece of work that has gone to far for my forgiveness.

Let's see lol

Lmao niiiice

Looks like a lizard

you are sonny

chill out moses

fine if he gets his prescriptions refilled

at least mine aint white

fuck worrying mugshots, youll still get shot at in the boog

looking at getting a sig saur p226 in a month or 2

Creed needs a special title only for him and him alone. Elder Templar

Im a poor for now. $18 for a week

good luck. Imma whore myself

northern calistan

your still north california imo

pffft fuck idaho, place dull as fuck

even if you stay, your land will be reaquirred for the better welfare of the state

you do realize, all it takes is to get your IP address and google map your ass lol

the words like boog, boogaloo are key flag words now, they take the IP, find the resident(s) and kick in the door for sedetion charges

this is a really old video of mine from back in the day

Dump ice water on him

Birth control?

@everyone found the video that sums up rhe goal of every booji boi and gurl

mine gets me better armed


mine houses turban people

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