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2020-02-27 03:52:50 UTC [Boojahideens of Liberty #new-members]  

2020-02-27 04:04:55 UTC [Boojahideens of Liberty #nsfw-memes]

2020-02-27 06:27:26 UTC [Boojahideens of Liberty #the-armory]  

Opinions on a P226?

2020-02-28 00:41:19 UTC [Boojahideens of Liberty #the-armory]  

Idk but I've thought about getting one.

2020-02-28 01:12:04 UTC [Boojahideens of Liberty #the-armory]  

Telegram is great.

2020-02-28 01:12:10 UTC [Boojahideens of Liberty #the-armory]  

I'm in some groups on there

2020-02-28 01:12:56 UTC [Boojahideens of Liberty #the-armory]  

I've never heard of signal but I'm going to check it out now

2020-02-28 06:10:11 UTC [Boojahideens of Liberty #the-armory]  


The Old Chap one is 10/10 taxed


What in thenfuck


Dobt threaten me with a good time

I want to get a vasectomy

2020-02-29 03:59:36 UTC [Boojahideens of Liberty #the-armory]

2020-03-01 19:37:39 UTC [Boojahideens of Liberty #memes]

Alot NatSoc and Fascists are joining the boog movement.

I'm inside a group and brought it up and the only reply I got was BIG SIEGE.

And everyone else agreed.

When the boog kicks off these guys will start a mini race war or at least that's their plan.


Ah okay.

>Greentext dont work here

Lol tru

>Mcguyver is ripping you a new asshole

If enough people get infected the Corona virus for sure.

Division 2 style boogie? I'm fucking erect.

Jails and prisons would be completely fucked.

But that means alot of good shit in there too.

Only normie autists were doing that.


The virus needs to hit major cities in order for it to really get some spread.

I'm in the suburbs.

My lease is coming up soon and I'm already looking at ranch houses in the middle of nowhere.

You dont even have to tell me lol



You dont need to rub it in lol

I'm actually considering moving out East to NC

Well that plan went out the window fast lol

The west coast states are getting fucked by Californians moving to neighboring states and turning them into cali as well.

2020-03-04 00:08:30 UTC [Boojahideens of Liberty #the-armory]  

That's sexy

It's easier said than done.

My ex wife is making my daughters like every other girl.

Putting chokers on them and exposing them to the degenerate shit Modern teenage girls do.

5 and 7.

I'm like what the fuck are you doing.

I'm a Maintenance Technician for an Amazon site.

Pays pretty good. I'm going to start going into PLC's and Mechatronics.

Fixing conveyors and 15,000 dollar robots.

I'm in California. She will hype up the story was than what it really is.

And screw me over more.

Idk how that works tbh but I'm waiting til my kids get a little bigger and let them make the decision themselves.

Yeah lol I cant afford a better one tho.

That's the plan. I'm just waiting to get my PLC or Mechatronics certs and then tackle the next thing.


Building workouts?

2020-03-04 02:46:00 UTC [Boojahideens of Liberty #boog-market]  

Holy fuck that price is unreal.

2020-03-04 05:01:23 UTC [Boojahideens of Liberty #boog-market]  

Well....its only 45,000 dollars.

We would also have to go for NY too.

Just the cities? Theres alot of liberal cities in Cali.

And we just have to start over with NY.


Napalm fixes everything

Blood Eagle all of the cali politicians.

2020-03-05 23:04:18 UTC [Boojahideens of Liberty #memes]

2020-03-06 04:57:17 UTC [Boojahideens of Liberty #memes]  

Yall play any games?

Smooth brain monkeys. Im taxing tf out of that

Couldnt agree more.

Find the book and post it here. You got my curiosity


Looks like you wifed the right one.

The best pussy is always attached to a crazy woman and that's a fact.


I have my crazy ass ex right next too me.

She has told me that although she loves me so damn much she wants to be single for a while because she wants to work on herself for us.

And even though she is single she doesnt want any other dick than yours truly.


This damn woman can cook like you have no idea.

Snu snu?

English please

2020-03-07 04:43:37 UTC [Boojahideens of Liberty #memes]


Yes I understand

Sorry, sometimes my IQ is as high as room temp water lol

2020-03-08 01:18:29 UTC [Boojahideens of Liberty #memes]

Lucky fucking bastard

I'm trying to buy that flag

2020-03-10 00:04:21 UTC [Boojahideens of Liberty #nsfw-memes]  

Holy fuck I love it

2020-03-10 00:04:23 UTC [Boojahideens of Liberty #nsfw-memes]  



No you wont be kicked.

I'm falling asleep

I had a long day at work and forgot to type out the rest of my sentence

We are all in here for the same thing. Why would you be kicked for simply talking about it freely?

I wish. I should stay awake as it's only 6 o clock.


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