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anyone here in VA

Yeah with an AK pistol and a extendo AR with no optics

and literally the cheapest bullpup rifle you can buy

This is false

I had one for 3 days and it was so bad I gave it away for free

The only keltec I will ever associate myself with is the sub2000

Yeah KSG is ass too QC is spotty as fuck

Some work fine with no malfunctions some canโ€™t cycle a whole tube without 6 failures

Iโ€™ve had every KelTec except one of their pistols

The sub2000 is the only one that shoots with no malfunction

and Iโ€™m talking about the gen2 not gen1

The gen1 was just as bad as the rest of their shit line up

Yeah gen1 jams like a.bitch and the barrel shoots itself out of alignment

I wouldnโ€™t say weakness is the issue. I ripped it back so hard trying to clear a jam one time that I broke the plastic connecting the pump handle to the bolt.

Iโ€™ve let almost all of my friend shoot it I never leave the range without it broken somehow in a completely different way each time

and it jams the WHOLE time unless Iโ€™m using Aguila minis shells

My RFB and sub2000 gen2 are the only keltecs I still have

and I havenโ€™t shot the RFB yet

Iโ€™m really wanting a IWI X92

With the geiselle upgraded bullpup trigger

I shot one and it was absolutely sex

X95 my mistake

Sounds like I need to shoot RFB then

As soon as you have the numbers to take and defend it

Iโ€™m absolutely down for some hood rat shit

Iโ€™m not returning to any fuckin woods Iโ€™m staying in my bumfuck hick town and participating in old school urban guerilla warfare

Anyone remotely close to Northern VA? Looking at organizing a meetup/attending a rally here soon for all those looking to join the party.

yikes looking up pictures of furries to post on a forum for a reaction?

I think I just cringed

Uhh no one was trying to demonstrate control over you they were just calling you a fag

itโ€™s kinda what happens when you have a weird kink and post about it online

Do whatever you want in the bedroom but the second you post about it online donโ€™t be surprised if people start cookin you ๐Ÿ˜‚

Oh I forgot Iโ€™m just supposed to start off assuming youโ€™re fishing for attention with everything you say. Thatโ€™s all my fault.

Do you have a dad? I feel like you grew up not getting the positive male attention young people need to thrive.

Yeah what he said pussy boy

Did I do good though dad

How much more would it cost to color it

There we go

We need a fucking purge

I was just on Facebook and the sjws allowed in this group are getting out of hand

the group is just 100% bitching about other peopleโ€™s opinions

Yโ€™all better hurry and close this group before it goes to shit

The Facebook page is absolutely INFESTED with people trying to divide us, start fights, and reporting shit. It was nice while it lasted but I think weโ€™re over run. Letโ€™s keep this discord private with the members we have in it. Weโ€™ve started a good dialogue, shared important information, and are already coordinating meetups. No reason to risk infiltration and breach of OPSEC by accepting sketchy new members.

All I can ask for. Thanks buddy.

Yโ€™all DM me if youโ€™re using WICKR and Telegram? Iโ€™m interested in joining.

Not sure I believe that yet

a weapon with a less than 2% mortality rate?

unpopular opinion of the day: I stand with my local sheriffs office, theyโ€™re the only form of law enforcement outlined in the constitution, and they held a press conference on live TV saying that they would all quit before they violated their oath.

I fuck with them niggas

but I also live in a small town in the sticks so your mileage may vary.

Thatโ€™s what Iโ€™m saying itโ€™s the same way here. They all drive illegal trucks, get in bar fights on the weekends, take their licks, and go home without getting anyone else involved. Theyโ€™re heavily involved in the community. Theyโ€™re the most down to earth, good guys youโ€™ll meet. Theyโ€™re literally normal guys with a badge. Itโ€™s really how it was meant to be.

but fuck feds and state police all the way up the ass

If they are, itโ€™s not near me. Iโ€™m in NoVa, so that means Fairfax and DC.

My town has 16,000 people in it and weโ€™re about an hour outside of Fairfax. We regularly and routinely are fucked by state police.

Thatโ€™s how all cops should be. I feel like that attitude is more common with sheriffs and deputies, cause most of the time they grew up in their jurisdictions, and know EVERYONE. Most of the time, state, county, and city cops arenโ€™t even from the area.

2 fucking seconds after bitching about how state police are all faggots

91 in a 60 so jail is on the table apparently

Wrote me for 79 so I didnโ€™t even get a reckless just simple speeding

and I guess Iโ€™m eating my words because he gave me a compliment on my dont step on snek Sticker

heโ€™s like yeah man I like your sticker

and my shit is filled with stickers so I said which one

and he said the one with the retarded lookin snake ๐Ÿ˜‚

he said thatโ€™s supposed to be the gadsen rattler right

I said hell yeah and he said he might have to buy himself one

Where is this meetup

Impulse decision needs to be made

Springfield wait for $800!

I ordered a pof instead

Fuck all that Springfield Jazz

I donโ€™t buy from boot lockers

One google search was all I needed to know about Springfield

I asked them what it stood for

National Fire Academy ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

So no lynching today unfortunately

My local pawnshop is fucking loaded

Has the same if not better selection than my gun shop

I guess some fire fighter bs

Pawn shop mosins are the shit

Always super fucking cheap

They were selling them for like $200 even a few years back and they had RACKS of them

or a cheap ak like a wasr

You can find them for $600 all day


They literally are

I told yโ€™all a few days ago the page was raided

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