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Hello my fellow whites, I have arrived

I bring beverages

I feel really bad for the Nords

I probably shouldn't use that to lump swedes and danes too

I hear they're all very Germanic

Isolated for long enough to have separate genetic imprints tho

We are all stronk Serb

Haha Siberia isn't Serbia, I'm a retard

I watch a lot of StJ

That image isn't StJ, I only saved it for a funny joke that I now realise doesn't work

I understand that 3rd cousin breedings are the most fertile

Some reason I'm not getting notifications for this server unless I'm pinged

Why we all turbo?

Is it like turbo cannibal knuckle-dragging rockheads?

I'd rather be turbo Lorax tbh

My old name in a few servers was chink butcher

Not a name I gave to myself

Basically christniggers

Skyrim is for the Nords

Willkommen in Auschwitz

@Pirate Headcrab Bitte genieรŸen Sie Ihren Aufenthalt

I will send a picture of my feet

Ah yes, very nice

Very strong feet

2% sub saharan

mixture of a tan and dirt, been doing yard work in thongs

I tried to hide that

How the fuck did you notice?

It's cringe bro

Nuggets aren't that bad

Pc is gay and nerd

TRS have their own website with podcasts, you should cop that

Every song btw ^

Play a computer game stinky

Needed to get one for tafe assignments

But fuck playing games on it

The only good games are on iphone anyway

How could you tell?

Perfectly balanced

@Justin Burger (Major-GA) may I please request a library channel?

I have about a million books in pdf

And if you guys enjoy that I might upload Evola, Goebbels, Hitler, James Mason, etc

The essential stuff

Those codes look extremely foreign to me

Fruit is an excellent source of sugar

Good sugar tho

Fibre isn't necessarily essential but it does help you do nice poos

Uhhhhhhhh, periscope?

Sorry to be late to the truck and bike convo but you know bikes can have off road or even hybrid tyres, right?

Days gone is a good example of this

@Alpaca13 ohhhhh, that's right. You're a computer nigger

Dw, console exclusives suck anyway ๐Ÿ˜


You what tho?

Stfu technofaggot before I unplug your gizmodic ass

Justin added me outta nowhere

And posted the link in some cool pics

After vetting

The I will give the Indian peepee pics

But only if they're high caste aryan invaded indiams

Street shitters don't get peepee

I give the street shitters violence

I'm 27, you're good

I might later

I haven't started a garden yet

5,279 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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