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Anyone see that there is a bunch of money allocated to build the wall now?

So further than bump stocks?

Yikes. No I have not heard that. Link?

Yikes. Thanks for the link.

Is this the general chat room for the show? I'm not sure how this server works very well. It seems a bit complicated.

Are most people in the call in waiting room?

The voice one?

What's the difference between this room and "quiet call in waiting room"?

What if I just want to chat and don't want to get on the show?

Ah ok. Thanks.

I'll go there then.

I feel like I didn't move rooms...

I did. I show up in the quiet call-in waiting room list as muted with the other folks.

Ah ok

Guessing there just aren't a lot of people that chat in the room that are listed.

lol I thought that was awesome.

It's amazing that they can't quickly reason how that would work out.

What numbers are you trying to get?

lol Yea it should have been instantly.

It just shows he is extremely far removed from reality to take a year.

I have my live stream a few minutes late.

Can't hear them very well at all.

@Matt Christiansen - Can barely hear them.

I've heard that you should only spend 1/4 of your income on your living space. So that tends to do a good job at helping a person decide what their income needs to be depending on where they live at.

Vernaculus does a good job at describing the actual paradox of tolerance talked about by Karl Popper. The USA already has the rules that fixes the issue as Popper describes.

It basically says you tolerate the speech, not the violence or government overthrows type of actions. The exact same types of provisions that the USA already has with free speech.

@BroteinBar - I can help you out with the paradox.

Yea, that's cool. I sent you a message with vern's video.

I can also help explain it a bit too.

Tom, I think you go into the roll call area and do the roll call thingy.

OR you become a patron I think.

You likely won't get on this time, but at least figuring it out will help you for the future.

Ah ok. Thanks brotien.

@NeoSeraphi - I would. Send me a private message. Please include the reddit thread link.

Understand, but I like voice chats and the conversations I tend to have are long.

JDM - Are you working with sargon to create this discord or where did this come from? I found it because someone dumped a link to the server into my server.

JDM, thank you for doing so.

Looks nice so far.

Red Pill Black, Candace Black, said "I've never been an SJW" which is clearly a lie, so that's why I don't trust her.

What a time to be alive that Trump is a president and we get to read JFK files

Anyone here?

2017-12-01 02:35:10 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

Sargon is live with Jean-Francois Gariepy:

2017-12-02 20:37:56 UTC [Sparta #voice-general]

2017-12-02 20:42:44 UTC [Sparta #voice-general]  


2017-12-02 20:43:14 UTC [Sparta #voice-general]  

@Deleted User - So, uh...

2017-12-02 20:44:46 UTC [Sparta #voice-general]  

Get in the choppa!!!

2017-12-03 06:20:33 UTC [Sparta #voice-general]


2018-07-01 23:09:48 UTC [Sparta #general]  

Anybody know of a news outlet database?

2018-09-11 19:00:01 UTC [Sparta #general]  

Anyone want to chat?

2018-09-16 17:02:59 UTC [Subverse #new-member-alert]  

2018-09-16 19:22:19 UTC [Sparta #general]  

When is Jim actually going to do his thing? This is lame.

2018-09-16 19:25:56 UTC [Sparta #general]  
2018-09-16 19:26:13 UTC [Sparta #general]  

@Binary_Chant - Jim seems rattled

2018-09-16 19:26:33 UTC [Sparta #general]  

@KingOfCringe - An hour in and that hasn't happened yet...

2018-09-16 19:31:12 UTC [Sparta #general]  

He's not doing well with the retorts.

2018-09-16 19:31:22 UTC [Sparta #general]  

Maybe he's tired.

2018-09-16 19:31:44 UTC [Sparta #general]  

Yea... mostly weak sauce. I'm looking for spicy sauce damn it.

2018-09-16 19:32:49 UTC [Sparta #general]  

Why a shame? Metokur doesn't go to mythcon

2018-09-16 19:37:35 UTC [Sparta #general]  

So... two years on a game is a lack of commitment? Bilking is where you refund people now?

2018-09-16 19:38:36 UTC [Sparta #general]  


2018-09-16 19:39:17 UTC [Sparta #general]  

Meh Anonomous attack is fine. Who gives a crap if we know his real identity. A middle age fella isn't going to really change how I view his behavior.

2018-09-16 19:40:15 UTC [Sparta #general]  

Does Metokur not think that an anon effects people in real life when they troll them and blackmail them?

2018-09-16 19:40:52 UTC [Sparta #general]  

lol Yea

2018-09-16 19:42:23 UTC [Sparta #general]  

Certain foods produce more face grease than others. Also helpful to really wash your face with soap. Also, the covers on the pillows you sleep on is important to wash often when you are having facial skin problems.

2018-09-27 03:42:06 UTC [Subverse #bot-commands]  


2018-09-27 03:42:42 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Is there a tim pool sub-reddit?

2018-10-11 01:48:18 UTC [Call-In Show Server #general]  

Who was that just talking on the show?

So uh... Sargon caught up in doxing?


And that matters to me because why?

Alright animal rapist.

@M4Gunner - Alright, that was funny. Kudos


@M4Gunner - ```skeletons can support themselves``` Hm... Interesting conceptual issue... Does the skeleton support itself or do the muscles? It seems like both are required and the full body with the active mind to make them function.

@Fitzydog - Can we train monkeys to throw things at feminists? Like visually apparent feminists?

@Fitzydog - Yea, that's the safest bet.

@Fitzydog - Maybe the stupid things they chant would also be a trigger.

YAY it's starting:

lol I love when people think insults mean things.

There is no spoon.

You put capes on people?

Ralph hasn't even said anything yet... It's vee and jim talking so far.

I'm excited to see what happens with that sunday stream

I have a feeling it's going to be a nothing burger like last time he tried to pull one on sargon.

I cook and play video games and such while listening to streams.

```he's trying to trick even his haters into following him by wondering what he'll do next``` You think he's smart enough to think that far?

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