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dont think so. I still think the dems get a small majority in the house

dems going to get the house, I think that it would be a miracle for the reps to get it

dems gona take the house

blue wave is here

house is gone

Dems might win Texas

dems going to pull ahead at some point

don't celebrate, the west coast hasn't called in yet

dems are catching up

by by house

by by house

did anyone really think the Reps would keep the house? really?

time to paint the house blue

common sense

the house is gone, i think we should accept it now

you guys are acting like the dems when Trump won. Seriously calm down.

and the house was projected to flip blue

I think you are delusional at this point @Deleted User

and so it ends

house is gone

isnt the house already gone?

it in fact, does not

Jim is nothing but a worthless troll

a very arrogant clown

yes please. the salt must flow

"Fuck you Ralph"-Sargon

"there isn't a combination of words in the english language that you can assemble to offend me"-Sargon

the one time Sargon is good a debating its against trolls

"no you"-Ralph basically

this is actually hilarious


so much better

you are **Garbage**

to be fair Sargon has lost alot of weight

it was glorious

Sargon makes normal content all the time. Jim stuff is against the norn

rewatching the whole thing. Jim got destroyed.

Its nice to see Jim get destroyed for once

Sargon actually kept his cool

and making fun of a dead baby is just plain wrong

which stream?


I wouldn't even laugh at them. Wait no, thats a lie.

the fact that Sargon kept his cool this time made it even better

"Next time Sargon, next time!"-Jim probably

Honestly Sargon took it like a champ.

ive been impressed on hoe he has handled this situation.

62 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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