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2018-03-27 18:41:19 UTC [Sparta #general]  


2018-04-09 03:32:36 UTC [Sparta #general]  


2018-04-09 03:33:01 UTC [Sparta #general]  

I want to talk to a <@&372509267690782736>

2018-04-09 03:33:53 UTC [Sparta #general]  

I would like to forward a request for an AMA with Sargon of Akkad.

2018-04-09 03:34:39 UTC [Sparta #general]  

Is it in the Discord? His site?

2018-04-09 03:35:13 UTC [Sparta #general]  

I also want to let him know that Michael Knowles from Daily Wire is interested in getting him as a guest.

2018-04-09 03:36:59 UTC [Sparta #general]  

Would you guys be interested in joining a MAGA Discord? I am a mod of New Right Network.

2018-04-09 03:37:28 UTC [Sparta #general]  

@Baraban I know Michael Knowles Daily Wire email

2018-04-09 03:37:54 UTC [Sparta #general]  

I am a fan of Sargon.

2018-04-09 03:38:07 UTC [Sparta #general]  

I would classify Sargon as Right of Left

2018-04-09 03:38:54 UTC [Sparta #general]  

Let me answer u one at a time

2018-04-09 03:39:38 UTC [Sparta #general]  

@Baraban Michael answered a question where I referenced Sargon as a "YouTube Intellectual".

2018-04-09 03:39:53 UTC [Sparta #general]  

He said that he really wants to talk to hi.

2018-04-09 03:39:56 UTC [Sparta #general]  


2018-04-09 03:40:48 UTC [Sparta #general]  

New Right Network is a Discord wanting to promote conservative and MAGA people in order to bring more motivation towards the midterz

2018-04-09 03:42:03 UTC [Sparta #general]  

We do AMAs with candidates as well as singnificant figures such as Roaming Millennial, Austin Petersen, Kassy Dillon, Dr. Oliver McGee, and many others

2018-04-09 03:42:41 UTC [Sparta #general]  

@Deleted User Left leaning, but not crazy like SJW left.

2018-04-09 03:42:52 UTC [Sparta #general]  

He is pro abortion

2018-04-09 03:43:53 UTC [Sparta #general]  

@Baraban VC open?

2018-04-09 03:44:14 UTC [Sparta #general]  

I can change my headset real quick

2018-04-09 10:15:20 UTC [Sparta #general]  



2018-04-09 10:18:22 UTC [Sparta #general]  

Just woke up

2018-04-09 10:18:30 UTC [Sparta #general]  


2018-04-09 10:18:37 UTC [Sparta #general]  

Going to work.




btw, doing an email rn


@touchmystuffIkillyou how do we confirm selctions?

B) , H)

touchmystuff is muted

you "play" the letter you prefer

or play a or b



OH... i think you click on the choice u want with the reactions placed by the game

since u want A, click the A reaction

underneath the choices


2018-05-07 22:18:36 UTC [New Right Network #announcements]  

@everyone Gretchen Smith AMA is about to start. Please submit your questions to <#443168669057679370>

2018-05-27 01:26:20 UTC [New Right Network #announcements]  


2018-05-27 01:26:31 UTC [New Right Network #announcements]  

@everyone ^^^^

2018-05-27 01:26:44 UTC [New Right Network #announcements]  



2018-05-27 01:26:48 UTC [New Right Network #announcements]  



2018-05-27 22:30:29 UTC [New Right Network #announcements]  

@everyone New Right Network California Dream Weekend Movie Night starts at 7PM EST!

2018-05-27 22:30:56 UTC [New Right Network #announcements]  

1st Movie


2018-05-27 22:31:07 UTC [New Right Network #announcements]  

2nd movie


2018-05-27 22:31:16 UTC [New Right Network #announcements]  

@everyone ^^

2018-05-27 22:32:54 UTC [New Right Network #announcements]  

@everyone here is the link to view the movies https://lets.rabb.it/ruCPAZISgN

2018-06-23 00:48:01 UTC [New Right Network #announcements]  

@here Michael J Knowles AMA is about to start in less than 15 minutes. ask questions in <#459879865697435668>

2018-06-23 00:48:23 UTC [New Right Network #announcements]  

@everyone ^^^

2018-07-05 04:58:21 UTC [New Right Network #maga-jukebox-bot]  


2018-07-05 21:51:02 UTC [New Right Network #maga-jukebox-bot]  


2018-07-05 21:51:07 UTC [New Right Network #maga-jukebox-bot]  


2018-07-05 21:53:19 UTC [New Right Network #maga-jukebox-bot]  

!q clear

2018-07-05 21:53:23 UTC [New Right Network #maga-jukebox-bot]  


2018-07-05 21:53:58 UTC [New Right Network #maga-jukebox-bot]  

!q !happy

2018-07-05 21:55:27 UTC [New Right Network #maga-jukebox-bot]  


2018-07-05 22:08:19 UTC [New Right Network #maga-jukebox-bot]  

!play !happy

2018-07-05 22:08:53 UTC [New Right Network #maga-jukebox-bot]  

!q remove

2018-07-05 22:09:04 UTC [New Right Network #maga-jukebox-bot]  

!q !Trump Happiness Montage

2018-07-05 22:09:26 UTC [New Right Network #maga-jukebox-bot]  


2018-09-02 22:25:34 UTC [New Right Network #voice-chat]  

@rsashe1980 did u reset the server?

2018-09-02 22:26:58 UTC [New Right Network #voice-chat]  

@everyone voice chat

2018-09-02 23:09:30 UTC [New Right Network #voice-chat]  

I'm in a public place rn.

2018-09-02 23:21:28 UTC [New Right Network #voice-chat]  

@rsashe1980 . It's Fatz

2018-09-02 23:21:35 UTC [New Right Network #voice-chat]  

Fatz Cafe.

2018-09-02 23:25:20 UTC [New Right Network #voice-chat]  

BRB.... Eating food.

2018-09-03 22:23:59 UTC [New Right Network #voice-chat]  

@here voice chat?
@everyone ?

2018-09-03 22:34:26 UTC [New Right Network #voice-chat]  
2018-09-03 22:34:37 UTC [New Right Network #voice-chat]  

i'll brb

2018-09-03 22:58:39 UTC [New Right Network #voice-chat]  

I'm here

2018-09-03 22:58:46 UTC [New Right Network #voice-chat]  

No worries @J-Bird

2018-09-03 23:06:57 UTC [New Right Network #voice-chat]  

Hey @J-Bird can u hear me

2018-09-05 14:53:33 UTC [New Right Network #voice-chat]  

Hi guys. πŸ˜ƒ

2018-09-05 22:01:25 UTC [New Right Network #voice-chat]  

@here Voice chat... it seem barren today....

2018-09-05 23:51:14 UTC [New Right Network #voice-chat]  
2018-09-06 02:43:25 UTC [New Right Network #voice-chat]  

I'm out driving. Made a stop at a grocery store rn.

2018-09-07 18:33:01 UTC [New Right Network #voice-chat]  
2018-09-07 21:27:32 UTC [New Right Network #voice-chat]  

Thoughts on Ben Shapiro? Joe Rogan? Dave Rubin? Glenn Beck?

2018-09-07 21:27:44 UTC [New Right Network #voice-chat]  

Daily Wire is a California company.

2018-09-07 21:30:35 UTC [New Right Network #voice-chat]  

Thoughts on "Lost Cause" districts/states?

2018-09-07 21:47:40 UTC [New Right Network #voice-chat]  

@rsashe1980 I have other plans... I'll be listening to the post record

2018-09-07 23:58:15 UTC [New Right Network #voice-chat]  

@J-Bird hello

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