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2018-08-07 18:35:50 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

2018-08-08 16:05:03 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

2018-08-08 16:07:53 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

Hello, Dankie Chappie

2018-08-08 16:11:36 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

Noting much at The Fleeb. Just having a look and seeing what's happening on the opposite side of the scales ....

2018-08-10 09:54:12 UTC [Nothing Left #pushback]  

2018-08-10 11:02:46 UTC [Nothing Left #pushback]  

Hello at Skiddy ... I can't see anything either. I get the message but when I come to the thread, its blank?

2018-08-10 11:04:21 UTC [Nothing Left #pushback]  

Yes, now I can see the chat history.

2018-08-10 11:05:43 UTC [Nothing Left #pushback]  

@AcidOverride Thank you.

2018-08-10 15:25:23 UTC [Nothing Left #pushback]  

I am. Dusty Malone.

2018-08-10 20:58:38 UTC [Nothing Left #pushback]  

@AcidOverride I must be missing something ... I can't seem to sync my Patreon account to discord. Gone into Patreon settings and connected .... am I missing something? Help please (I'm a bit useless at this kind of stuff πŸ˜‚) Thanks, Dusty

2018-08-11 00:28:25 UTC [Nothing Left #pushback]  

2018-08-11 08:59:00 UTC [Nothing Left #pushback]  

@Jerm not a problem at all
... I'm also a bit (a lot actually) of a tech peasant. I'll say hi when I've found my way into the secret chamber. Have a good day πŸ˜€

2018-08-11 09:10:31 UTC [Nothing Left #pushback]  

@Scribbly_G morning πŸ˜€. Did you find your way to the room? It's so secret I can't even see it on the menu - just #pushtalk and am directed from Patreon page to this thread ....

2018-08-11 09:14:58 UTC [Nothing Left #pushback]  

@Scribbly_G πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

2018-08-11 09:19:01 UTC [Nothing Left #pushback]  

Diary, 25 November 1922.
WIth trembling hands, I made a tiny breach in the upper left hand corner... widening the hole a little, I inserted the candle and peered in... at first I could see nothing, the hot air escaping from the chamber causing the candle to flicker. Presently, details of the room emerged slowly from the mist, strange animals, statues and gold – everywhere the glint of gold. For the moment – an eternity it must have seemed to the others standing by – I was struck dumb with amazement, and when Lord Carnarvon, unable to stand in suspense any longer, inquired anxiously "Can you see anything?", it was all I could do to get out the words "Yes, wonderful things" (Howard Carter on King Tuts tomb discovery)

2018-08-11 19:28:29 UTC [Nothing Left #pushback]  

Good documentary - very informative and nicely filmed.

2018-08-11 19:38:56 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

2018-08-11 19:50:40 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #info-wars]  


2018-08-11 19:51:20 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #info-wars]  


2018-08-11 19:52:00 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #info-wars]  


2018-08-11 19:52:37 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #info-wars]  


2018-08-11 20:05:33 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #info-wars]  

No-one can HEAR ME! Dammit!

2018-08-11 20:05:55 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #info-wars]  

And now I cant hear you! I think I must have a flat head

2018-08-11 20:06:56 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #info-wars]  

@RaRi I have lost voice and audio!

2018-08-11 20:14:48 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #info-wars]  

@Guss you are LEGEND!

2018-08-11 20:15:07 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #info-wars]  


2018-08-11 20:16:12 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #info-wars]  

@RaRi - yeah he got dropped on the head and uses his ass to smoke!

2018-08-13 08:21:31 UTC [Nothing Left #pushback]  

@Jerm his attitude towards woman, anti climate change stance. His brash and childish way with Twitter. His attitude to Peurto Rico, Charlottesville, guns ...

2018-08-13 08:44:07 UTC [Nothing Left #pushback]  

The locker room talk ... sort of. A one off incident is no big deal. His comments 're dating his own daughter, rating woman's bodies, ad hominem attacks, calling them pigs, comments made about reporters face still bleeding from cosmetic surgery ... mockery of disabled people ... I know many woman voted for him. But many woman stay with men who beat them ....

2018-08-13 08:52:14 UTC [Nothing Left #pushback]  

@Roovdwalt I fully appreciate that. I do think msm cherry picks / edits to suit their narrative. I'm going to expand on this when my bloody PC stops asking me to pick squares with cars to get into discord. Using phone atm which is a hassle.

2018-08-13 09:12:49 UTC [Nothing Left #pushback]  

Roovdwalt - yes, the lock room talk is certainly normal - I dont think one can have an issue with that as a single incident - but tack on his other comments and there is a bit of a pattern - he's a mans man and his personal character is abhorrent to me. I dont think much will change my mind on that one. However, your point about MSM cherry picking is 100% correct, and that I dont follow US politics all that closely, that I am asking what I am missing - what makes Trump so appealling.

2018-08-13 09:15:14 UTC [Nothing Left #pushback]  

@Jerm I think you have a point there - Barry was far more palatable and affable. I do think that if Trump was less abrasive, he might not inspire such a massive divide in opinion and people would focus more on what he is DOING and not what he is SAYING.

2018-08-13 09:27:28 UTC [Nothing Left #pushback]  

@Jerm @MikeyMike @Roovdwalt - I can see the merit in your points. I read the art of the deal, liked Trump in the Apprentice. He has brought businesses and himself back from the brink - so from that perspective, it would be wrong to say is an idiot - I am just saying that as a person I find him repulsive, I find his employment of his family a bit dodgey, should a president still have such close dealings with his businesses whilst in office? Are Huckabee and Guilliani really good reps for his case? I dont know. Like I say I dont understand American politics - right now my main concern is SA. And a shared concern that MSM everywhere has an agenda - which is one of the reasons I support alternative media sources becuase they are not obliged to jump to tunes that they dont agree with.

2018-08-13 09:36:40 UTC [Nothing Left #pushback]  

@Roovdwalt I appreciate that Trumps win was a good "up yours" to the opposition. But there is the question that he didn't win the popular vote? I personally wouldnt have voted for Clinton either. Its times like these that I think Roman of the Renegade Reports beliefs in anarchism / self determination are spot on.

2018-08-13 09:45:32 UTC [Nothing Left #pushback]  

Thanks @Roovdwalt - that an excellent point and one I have thought of. I think that if Trump tweaked the way he delivers his messages, tones down / fine tunes his tweet storms, this point will be the focus of his presidency, not SNL skits with Stormy Daniels for eg, or Melania's choice of "I dont care jacket". Again I am not a fundi on American voting system - but the disparity between the electoral college and pop vote was disproportionate this time around. As for the popular vote in SA ..... eish! That is a can of worms all on its own . Lastly, yes - self determination is time we dont have .... things are becoming very claustrophobic in SA .

2018-08-13 09:46:21 UTC [Nothing Left #pushback]  

@Jerm - impressive - usually items from China take a lot longer πŸ˜ƒ

2018-08-13 09:53:35 UTC [Nothing Left #pushback]  

@Roovdwalt - I am entering uncharted territory here . I genuinely do not have enough knowledge of the US/Trump other than the odd bits here and there, and a personal dislike of him as a human - I really just wanted to know what was so great about Trump. I asked because , for instance for years I have dismissed Afriforum,, dismissed @Jerm for e.g. as a load of kooks and just read my MSM news like a good girl. In the last year I'd say I am now a lot more open to people whose opinions differ, and find myself agreeing with what might be called alt-right / far left similtaneously - reading all sides of the story and making my own mind up instead of having it made up for me.

2018-08-13 10:07:58 UTC [Nothing Left #pushback]  

@Jerm - yes. That's whats inspired me to become a Patreon. I like authentic people, who are uncompromising on their own values and principles - and come from an educated place (ie all factors considered) and I like people who are brave enough to put their voice out their and not be ashamed of it.

2018-08-13 10:13:06 UTC [Nothing Left #pushback]  

@MikeyMike - 100% agree re: MSM - alternative media. @Roovdwalt you and I are on the same page. Its been good having a talk - I think its really important to engage! That said I have some work that I need to start engaging else that loaf of bread will fail to reach table shortly. Have a good day all.

2018-08-17 00:30:29 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

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