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I wonder what you guys think of this video.

anything else?

and any opinions on the rehabilitation as an offered solution in this video? (cause I currently think it makes the most sense; since locking drug addicts up isn't gonna solve much)

Yeah, and who knows maybe if Trump gets woke enough he might at least legalize weed.

Lets hope for the best

O ye also on an unrelated topic: Voting reform wew https://ncase.me/ballot/ although people applaud Justin Trudeau for finally legalizing weed he was too pussy to reform da ballet, still makes me sad man.

Cyall later cause its gettin quite late here

2018-07-05 03:08:28 UTC [Sparta #general]  

i don't know where to place this video as its mostly food for thought so I geuss I will place it here.

2018-07-05 03:11:16 UTC [Sparta #general]  

its all the more interesting as the uploader usually strays away from political stuff. I think this video though does not strictly apply to politics so thats why i placed ithere

Go to sleep

2019-04-26 18:19:04 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #race-issues]  

@Techpriest So you agree with the Chineese on that one

I see someone is finally practicing the one true idelogoy


2019-05-13 03:15:53 UTC [US Politics Debate #πŸ‘‹-welcome]  

?rank social liberal

22 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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