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a texan city banning chick fil a

nah talking about this

banning business in cite of social issues


true that link dont look right

i do sometime get frusturated when they dont open on sunday

but what can we do 🤷


I think it's just virtue signaling probably

Get to say no because they dont open on sunday

and say u are pro-lgbt


it's such a big doubt cuz i know chick fil a doesnt discriminate between sexuality

well at least in CA

eh i hear that shit

Too old to learn a trade

Too young to start a career

nah 18 I should have took a trade to learn instead of going to college


Yeah I feel it's just a win-win on the city council

cant blame them

i agree

(in 2017)

as well

which city

oh right ur not old enough (yet)

next one in my state is coachella

that's the one that everybody tends to sing about in pop radio

The only problem I have with LGBT

is that they're branding all the letters into one community

Despite the 3 oxymoron in LGBT already

no like

Bisexuals don't want to be grouped into LGBT

"lol wtf we just wanna enjoy more than one gender"

Bisexuals are more of a

Sexuality is a choice

Lesbians and Gays are more of a sexuality is a lifestyle(rather than a choice)



and then the last oxymoron is that the transsexual don't exactly get along into LGBT communities


They would rather form their own sub-community


Bisexual despite being able to have a preference for two genders

seems to be really off about the transgender

and lesbians and gays have their own separate morals as well

so the letters in LGBT are already oxymoronic

Hitler was an incel

everybody knows this

he got rejected by a jew girl

got rejected by art school which was led by jew dean

dont forget that hitler was shorter than the avg height of jews in germany

It's no wonder he wanted to put them away

Anyway, the LGBT Community however doesn't include

the Intersex community

that's my problem


I have heard extensions of the LGBTQIA


The intersexs however don't really see themselves as LGBT

Because most of the laws meant for LGBT

doesn't exactly provide to the intersex community

"can't discriminate based on sexuality"

well intersex can be straight and gay



You basically have an extra sex organ to play around with

You're not exactly bisexual(by default).

yes sort of

it's really fucky

We can't say it's a mutation for political correction

But it's essentially

Sometime there are people with extra chromosome

(no not down syndrome extra chromosome)

So you got XXX

Sometime you get XXY


Or even XY but got messy with hormones

so most of the time

they are really stuck on who they really are

For XXX, no problem

You're more feminine than normal girls

But XXY?

am i a dude or girl?

But im not transsexual

gtfo with that shit

Is how intersexs usually act

So while intersex like being in LGBT (to be protected)

They don't exactly associate themselves as LGBT because laws meant for LGBT don't apply to them most of the time

pretty much

I mean being gay and lesbian is like..

PG-appropriate btw

It used to be rated adults in the '80s-'90s for lewd acts in movies

Now if you want to introduce a lesbian/gay kiss, that's a PG movie


but you cant exactly represent intersex in movies

"oh i have a vagina and a dick"

instant rated Adults

and that's my issue with the LGBT

It's exclusive and inclusive at the same time


Nothing wrong with people in the LGBT

but LGBT as a whole seems flawed to me

yes if u are in the lgbt what r ur thoughts

however @Hammerskin

you are bilingual correct?

or in the process of being one


you live in america no?

learn spanish then

I see most of my friends who don't speak any language beside English never get hired

it's a fucked world

You gotta be bilingual nowadays to be competitive

you dont need a seal to speak spanish

You just need to demonstrate you can speak it fluently enough in a working environment

ah dw about that

everybody learns a new language thru the 1 2 3

eating their food
buying/selling at their markets
reading their newspaper


This is one of the more less-restricted server

can get away with more stuff than usual with what you say


I like to think God is actually a collective entity

of beyond our 3D dimensional meaning

just fucking with us by manipulating our physics engine

Just like how we can fuck with the 2D physics right now

I already talked about my topic an hr ago

which was whether or not the LGBT Community is inclusive and exclusive at the same time.

When you mention the acronym LGBT, you assume it is being inclusive to almost everybody.

But then it seems to be really exclusive once you start analyzing the letters in the LGBT.

Laws meant for LGBT don't exactly apply to bisexuals.

Bisexual think of their sexuality as a preference.

and so on and so on

I already mentioned it in the shitpost channel

Won't repeat myself again

Even LGBTQ+ is insulting

because it seems only the LGBTQ is the "most dominant" one

And then the + is just the whoever

You can also tell LGBTQ is biased as fuck

3 synonym: Lesbian, Gay, and Queer in one acronym

carrot donuts are disgusting

But that's all I have to say.

They seem to be inclusive, but yet exclusive at the same time.

Carrots and Donuts are by definition not a race.

One belongs to vegetable, one belongs to starch food.


lets be honest

journalists write opinion pieces

yet people will cite them in articles as facts

2019-03-23 06:05:32 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #gender-issues]  

draft woman

2019-03-23 06:05:36 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #gender-issues]  

force women into selective service in america

2019-03-23 06:05:40 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #gender-issues]  

then we'll talk about gender equality

2019-03-23 06:06:30 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

Trump goes for the redpill

2019-03-23 06:06:33 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

and hits his main audience

2019-03-23 06:06:53 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

The minority audience will always try to sway the majority opinion with their local governments

2019-03-23 06:10:24 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

There is literally nothing wrong with making jobs

2019-03-23 06:10:55 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

but if having to address social issues that only affect 1% of the population is higher priority than addressing creating jobs which affect all Americans

2019-03-23 06:10:57 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

then there is a joke

U mean

Communism has never been practiced

Then u can say capitalism has never been practiced as well

I have a better idea

Good leaders make good governments

Bad leaders make bad government

Indisputable universal truths

Dont forget

We can just zero the debt

Just initiate a coup in the U.S. government

Not to mention debt is somewhat important in a government like the U.S.

The U.S. can never be a creditor nation in its current status



When ppl get to say a majority opinion are leftist and progressive

But they deplatform a lot of the righties

Alex Jones

Never forget

Cuba will die


Castro is dead

Once the most prominent leader dies

The country is bound to fail

Altho in china's case, the prominent leader is the mandate of heaven


One oil price goes down

At least the Nordic countries had a brain

And were able to predict the oil prices going down

Because those two are mutually exclusive

Nordic countries fund their social programs on two means

Selling their oil and u.s. military

As long as U.S. military base are in EU countries

They dont have to spend as much military

People in Haiti just had a major earthquake

U dingo

Why do u think the debt in america spikes by a shit ton when there's a hurricane in the south-east

Venezuela eating "proper food"

So dogshit?

Dont forget their currency is less valuable than WoW gold


They are crunchy

But not tasteful

Like "popcorn"

And venezuela is suffering

The fact that a coup is trying to take place

Should tell u about the situation

"Are happening"

You mean venezuela denying imports of food

Because muh self-sufficiency

By your current government

They would rather starve to death than import "foreign" food


By Venezuelaian form of government

Since u keep pointing to venezuela

Must assume u are a part of that country

This is by CNN

When both politics claim Venezuela does not want to import food

It makes u wonder

Who is the real ((puppet))

Cuz does not work


What the fuck do u think

They are trying to do

"Muh self-sufficiency"

"Fuck foreign companies"

So a few people starve


Man is a political animal.

The government exist before man

100% bullshit

If you follow monkey hierarchy

They all follow the guy who can provide the food

Just like wolves and dogs

They work collectively together under an alpha dog

Just like ants that work collectively under its Mother

"If i need bread"

And who will give it to you?

Who is this they

Why dont u go beg on the street

And see how ppl react


Ok you are shitposting me

how radical r u



i have no hard feelings on trump

no actual real reforms in his administration

just like last administration

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