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I thought Bob Semple was a Kiwi tank

ah, souka

isn't Anime Maru a satire site?

๐Ÿ‡ด ๐Ÿ‡ด ๐Ÿ‡ซ

they get a stat buff too from the shield

Omar has lower approval rating than AOC though

commies are worse than fascists, change my mind

in recent years we've learned quite a lot of Allison Mack's secret world

\>PSA: if you want to "greentext" in Discord with the new faggy formatting system, use \ to escape the formatting, \ > without the space in between

but what if that is the part they don't like?

the irony of a muslim running around with crucifixes

I burst out laughing in the theater when Kylo took off his mask

took my by complete surprise since I didn't know who Adam Driver was before that

\>can stop a blaster bolt midair, takes bowcaster bolt for no reason

he should have some level of precognition from his force training

TFW you have no Y-wing, B-wing, or K-wing for your space bomber role

and have to use some utter garbage

the space battles in 3 were bad

at least in the original trilogy they were ripping off good war movies

nah, Disney learned nothing

they know *something* went wrong but I don't think they know what exactly

bold prediction meowzers

has JJ Abrams ever concluded a story?

he always sets shit up and bails

he didn't do 3 though

and JJ Trek is trash

it's bad

even as generic scifi they would be terrible movies

people have died from sticking their dick in a vacuum

don't do it lads

dragging an object around the solar system big enough to do more damage than a nuke would be a long process

and cars

2019-08-04 18:39:19 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

gang violence obviously added to the US number but not anyone else, seems legit

are they trying to hijack smuggies now?

9/10 is being very optimistic


oh ok

schoolgirls are more dangerous anyway

2019-08-13 04:01:04 UTC [Athens #tholos_general_news]  


2019-08-14 02:41:55 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

but with so many people getting paid off why would the autopsy not get compromised too?

2019-08-23 23:59:03 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

the trick is to let them do it without killing the rest of us in the process

*flat is justice*

put a paper bag on AOCs head and maybe she's okay

that autism gif synced up perfectly with the song I was listening to

when was it good?

I guess Lend-Lease and strategic bombing don't count as helping the USSR

most commies hate communism

frigates tend to be lighter than destroyers

I say tend because the next gen frigate for the US Navy is going to be heavier than some types of destroyers

not right now, but ships will need more power for lasers and rail guns

huh? the Zumwalt class has a large **surplus** of power available


and inside

no u

anyone who successfully rapes gets thrown out of the squad for not being celibate anymore

they are a thing, just wait until sex *androids*

IX will make a billion, but not two billion like VII did

Rogue One is also trash

Rogue One makes no fucking sense as a prequel to IV

Vader nearly boarded the fucking ship the plans were on, why is he playing so coy when he catches them in IV?

that's only true in the mainstream entertainment ManAnimal

it's fake

>in Xenoi
>complaining about xenos

irony is lost on me, my detector broke years ago

the pinnacle of gun based ship technology

and what exactly does her age have to do with a perfectly normal illustration?

not completely, but enough to be excommunicated

*South* American feminists

black stool = lay off the oreo cookies

when you spend your evolution points on an off meta build

is 2086 the last boomer?

the cutoff for boomer is what, 1964? they'd be 122 in 2086

that's a man, man

>fights for Imperial Germany
>constantly called a nazi

you know about the hero that killed Hitler?

that's right, Hitler

if only

why does this never happen?

I haven't trusted *any* of those in years

looks like a piston punched through the cowling?

was at my granparent's house with most of the extended family, had fun conversation topics like dead relatives and how much their funeral cost, food poisoning and norovirus, hats made of feathers, and my uncle's war stories of sailing around in a submarine during the Cold War

this is just your imagination

spears were so prevalent that charging them was sometimes unavoidable

best cost/effectiveness ratio to be sure

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