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Twitter: @rightflugel (but I rarely use it)

Also Rudolfvonflügel on the forum.

I hate Guillermo del Toro. He's like a Mexican Peter Jackson that never lost the weight.


Knee-deep in buttplugs.

Hey fellas, guess I'll introduce myself to the people who don't know me already. I'm Rudolf von Flügel on Twitter and the forums. I've written a handful of articles for TRS and the Stormer and designed the McFeels/Halberstram '88 t-shirt. RIP FTN

Thanks guys

@northern_confederate We can only hope.

This IS autism.

Oh damn. That's good.

Are either of them gonna be at TRSlemania?

Nice. He's a great guy.

Not surprising. Those people probably have more infighting and countersignalling than we do.

"extreme moment"

Hopefully they'd be able to tell by the physiognomy.

@Zorost "Staff Development Day" lol

A bit redundant.

Start going to those and doing fashy slam poems.


@Asgardian117 "What does Israel have to do with anything" lolol

Are you trying to convince his fapboys to come to the dark side?

>When you live in an age where a buttplug isn't enough to do that.

Always hated that guy.

Also, 'Nazi' is almost unsalvageable as a term (as far as normies go). Might as well burn him with it if it hurts.

I'll be honest, I have a few friends who watch and share all of the Alt Lite stuff but every time I try to tip them to our side they just...shut down. I don't get it. They won't admit to certain things.

I just want to BrEaK tHe PrOgRaMmInG

"Heh-heh-heh. Swastika."

@Asgardian117 were you on an episode of Intersectional Alt Right?

Dude I listened to that one on a plane squashed beside a fucking Mexican and a giant mongoloid snoring with his mouth wide open.

I was T R I G G E R E K T.

Tried it, fam. These people are just too dumb to make the connections.

"Yeah, sure whites built everything of value really, but...muh hip-hop."

Nice shorts.


Warlock Blade.

I didn't get banned. But I also never use my twitter.

>drawn on cardboard

Bet they invented that too.

Is that before or after the gondola evolution?

@D'Marcus Liebowitz I'll be on later. Gotta head out momentarily.

This push to talk thing is not working out fellas.


@D'Marcus Liebowitz Me either nigga

Its statement: I am gross. Kill me.


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