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2020-02-04 18:58:43 UTC

So what's everybody running? And how can we roast east others gear.

2020-02-04 18:59:28 UTC

You can roast my gear because I have none yet πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

2020-02-04 18:59:39 UTC

A shitty airsoft rig and a PASGT helmet lmao

2020-02-04 19:00:53 UTC

I have a PWS MK116 mod 2 for a rifle and a pst gen 2 vortex scope on it and for a pistol I have a fnh 509 tactical

2020-02-04 19:01:42 UTC

Shitty condor PC, Hoplite lvl 4 ceramic plates, aero precision 10.5” upper on an 80% lower with an SBA3 and a Sig Romeo5 red dot, magpul flip up irons. Concealed carry is a p80 glock 26, boog sidearm is a glock 17. I have a pile of guns, but those are my go-to

2020-02-04 19:02:11 UTC

Next purchase is def a plate carrier

2020-02-04 19:02:37 UTC

Also recently did a camo paint job on the 10.5, I’ll find a pic. Highly recommend to anyone interested. Looks way better than I expected

2020-02-04 19:02:55 UTC

2020-02-04 19:03:12 UTC

How's the condor plate carrier?

2020-02-04 19:03:22 UTC

I've heard mixed reviews about that brand

2020-02-04 19:04:04 UTC

It works and seems tough, but my buddies crye jpc just fits so much nicer. I would avoid condor if you can afford better

2020-02-04 19:04:15 UTC

New upgraded PC is in the future for me

2020-02-04 19:04:20 UTC

2020-02-04 19:04:42 UTC

Aero precision 10.5 gang

2020-02-04 19:05:04 UTC

Radian adac lower

2020-02-04 19:05:06 UTC

I love the folder 😍

2020-02-04 19:05:33 UTC

Me too law tactical is pricey theres another company making them now

2020-02-04 19:06:04 UTC

What light do you have?

2020-02-04 19:06:30 UTC

2020-02-04 19:07:16 UTC

I have a surefire scout 600df with switch wired 12 o'clock

2020-02-04 19:08:35 UTC

Dont mind my fudd gun in the center

2020-02-04 19:09:36 UTC

Also in the plate side if thinks I'm looking to get a ferro concepts slickster or a spiritus systems

2020-02-04 19:09:45 UTC

Lmao I have a 1911 too, I think they’re fun, obviously not a gun i carry.

2020-02-04 19:10:18 UTC

2020-02-04 19:10:42 UTC

Also, disregard the grip. I made that years ago 😬

2020-02-04 19:11:02 UTC

Yeah first gun i paid for @ 14 ati 1911

2020-02-04 19:11:50 UTC

I like it though what p80 is that?

2020-02-04 19:12:43 UTC

P80940sc I think is the name. Glock 26 size frame

2020-02-04 19:14:14 UTC

Nice I cant do that small a grip

2020-02-04 19:15:29 UTC

Yeahi feel that. if I can put on some lbs I’ll start carrying the 17. But I’m too skinny to conceal that rn

2020-02-04 19:20:33 UTC

That 1911 grip is kinda nice ngl

2020-02-04 19:20:39 UTC

I love my 43x most comfortable

2020-02-04 19:20:58 UTC

19 is pretty easy to conceal still

2020-02-04 19:21:47 UTC

I'm a skinny lad so I might cc a G17 when I'm 21

2020-02-04 19:24:49 UTC

My next handgun will probably be a cz75b. Gotta get outside the glock comfort zone πŸ˜‚

2020-02-04 19:25:28 UTC

Dude po7 instead

2020-02-04 19:25:36 UTC

So nice to shoot

2020-02-04 19:27:01 UTC

Never shot a po7. For sure will try it out before I purchase though. The CZ is far down the road. I need a lot of other stuff before that

2020-02-04 19:35:38 UTC

Yeah nods plates and most of all ammo and training

2020-02-04 19:36:17 UTC

I recomend a 34 if your going to get a 17

2020-02-04 19:38:48 UTC

@Boog Toomsen do you want to add those events or let me

2020-02-04 19:41:08 UTC

You can go ahead

2020-02-04 19:41:32 UTC

Or does it not let you?

2020-02-04 19:41:41 UTC

Doesnt let me

2020-02-04 19:43:28 UTC

Heck, just a sec

2020-02-04 19:47:01 UTC

Okay try now

2020-02-04 19:47:05 UTC


2020-02-04 19:50:48 UTC

2020-02-04 19:51:00 UTC

Kalash life

2020-02-04 21:39:27 UTC


2020-02-04 21:40:03 UTC

Smol pp ak

2020-02-04 21:40:13 UTC

Give me your K number

2020-02-04 21:40:18 UTC


2020-02-04 21:40:22 UTC

He has come for me

2020-02-04 21:40:23 UTC


2020-02-04 21:40:26 UTC

r u n

2020-02-04 21:40:31 UTC

2020-02-04 21:40:40 UTC

2020-02-04 21:41:21 UTC

My ak boi may be smol but he do the deffen and breathes the fires

2020-02-04 21:41:34 UTC

Ah yes

2020-02-06 05:17:53 UTC

what holster should I get for my glock 17

2020-02-06 05:18:18 UTC

Do you want an extra mag

2020-02-06 05:19:13 UTC

If not the trex arms raptor, or the txc holsters are the best imo

2020-02-06 05:19:38 UTC

If you want the extra mag go fo tier 1 conceal or standard co

2020-02-06 05:20:28 UTC

Txc has a extra mag option but I've never used it. The trex extra mag doesnt flex and I found that very uncomfortable

2020-02-06 05:20:40 UTC

This is my duty holster

2020-02-06 05:20:44 UTC


2020-02-06 05:21:02 UTC

Do you have to have active retention?

2020-02-06 05:21:28 UTC

And do you run a weapon light

2020-02-06 05:21:52 UTC

I'd like active retention and I'm looking at which one to get

2020-02-06 05:22:00 UTC

Either an x300 or a tlr1

2020-02-06 05:22:15 UTC

I love my 300s I have both a and b

2020-02-06 05:23:06 UTC

The trex arms ragnarok is passive retention and wonderful which is what I have but otherwise safari land is king

2020-02-06 05:25:05 UTC

I was thinking safariland.

2020-02-06 05:25:24 UTC

Know which model for an RMR and an x300

2020-02-06 05:26:33 UTC


2020-02-06 05:27:37 UTC

One moment

2020-02-06 05:29:18 UTC

Shes pricey but this I probably the best

2020-02-06 05:29:36 UTC

I would not use this strap set up thpugh

2020-02-06 05:30:49 UTC

Ubl midride is where its at

2020-02-06 05:34:42 UTC

Yeah this is the holster I've been looking at

2020-02-06 05:34:53 UTC

Optics planet has them for much cheaper though

2020-02-06 05:35:12 UTC

kind of hit or miss for availability but I'm thinking I'll try that

2020-02-06 05:35:15 UTC

Yeah I just sent cause it was first example that came up

2020-02-06 05:35:23 UTC

perfect. Thanks

2020-02-06 05:35:40 UTC

Yeah steve pinkman runs his fast af and hes had it for years

2020-02-07 04:48:32 UTC

Any suggestions on holsters for a fn 509 tactical? Left handed. Concealed and duty. Never used a holster so don't really know the first thing about em

2020-02-07 04:49:20 UTC

Same companies I mentioned above i think all make left hand options

2020-02-07 04:49:39 UTC

Odin holsters is another good company

2020-02-07 05:01:53 UTC

πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»thanks man

2020-02-07 05:07:52 UTC

2020-02-07 05:08:23 UTC

I'm scared they heard us talking that's creepy af

2020-02-07 05:08:31 UTC

Ok that got me wet

2020-02-07 05:08:44 UTC

Yeah that's a little weird..

2020-02-07 15:26:35 UTC

lmao real operators duct tape their tokarev to their thigh

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