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2020-02-05 01:24:55 UTC

2020-03-12 21:55:40 UTC

Holy shit

2020-03-12 21:55:53 UTC

I didn't realize boog currency was so cheap

2020-03-12 21:56:27 UTC

A big thing of salt in only 55 cents

2020-03-12 21:56:49 UTC

So I got one of iodized and one of non-iodized

2020-03-12 21:58:53 UTC

Also does anyone have any recommendations for cast iron cookware? Is the cheap stuff at walmart good or is there a specific brand I should buy?

2020-03-20 06:42:19 UTC

Lodge is one of the better brand cast iron

2020-03-26 23:49:36 UTC

@Boog Toomsen I was walking around the forest in my horse pasture today and there were some good spots to camp. We should spend an overnight there sometime soon.

2020-03-26 23:50:13 UTC

I'm down

2020-03-26 23:52:16 UTC

Awesome. I'm gonna check the weather but maybe Sunday night? i think it's supposed to stop raining by then

2020-03-26 23:53:02 UTC

That sounds good actually

2020-03-26 23:56:59 UTC


2020-03-27 18:39:21 UTC

I got some cast iron pans today and I'm excited to see how well they work

2020-03-27 18:39:46 UTC


2020-03-27 18:43:09 UTC

Cast iron is awesome, I love mine

2020-03-27 18:44:08 UTC

Im super excited

2020-03-27 18:44:20 UTC

Are they lodge?

2020-03-27 18:44:48 UTC

No I think they're Ozark trail

2020-03-27 18:44:56 UTC

They were fairly cheap

2020-03-27 18:45:18 UTC

Either way lol make sure you season them very very well

2020-03-27 18:45:54 UTC

They say they're pre seasoned

2020-03-27 18:48:02 UTC

They arnt seasoned enough trust me, my lodge skillet took about 3 heats to season well enough to be "none-stick" if they are rough on the inside they need to be heated and some flat seed oil spread across the surface and baked at about 450 for an hour and repeat that 2 -3 times and it will be alot better

2020-03-27 18:50:40 UTC

Ok. Would canola oil or vegetable oil work?

2020-03-27 18:50:57 UTC

It would but it smokes at alot lower temp

2020-03-27 18:51:27 UTC


2020-03-27 18:52:06 UTC

I used avocado oil my first time and it smoked the place out lol so just make sure windows are open and you have a fan

2020-03-27 18:52:56 UTC

Ok thanks. You said that flat seed oil is what you recommend?

2020-03-27 18:57:01 UTC

Ok. Thanks for the advice!

2020-03-27 18:57:53 UTC

No problem, I have alot of very random but sometimes useful knowledge that I learn from the Youtubes

32 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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