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I have a PWS MK116 mod 2 for a rifle and a pst gen 2 vortex scope on it and for a pistol I have a fnh 509 tactical

I'll be trying to go gotta take off time from work yet

2020-02-04 23:06:17 UTC [Iowa MKII: Cornfed Boogaloo #general]  


2020-02-05 04:30:42 UTC [Iowa MKII: Cornfed Boogaloo #general]  

Don't have tv where I live so negative

I go around my house and dry fire at light switches and the corners of the wall and ceilings so you get movement as well

Any suggestions on holsters for a fn 509 tactical? Left handed. Concealed and duty. Never used a holster so don't really know the first thing about em

πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»thanks man

Ok that got me wet

Yeah that's a little weird..

Extra info on the rally on the 27th for parking and such. Also I'll post a link about letting the IFC know you are attending. You don't have to but I think they just want numbers on how many to kind of expect to see as hard data

Helps that the boss man is on the IFC boardπŸ˜… he says he'll keep me updated with any events that are going on for it from now on, and I'll pass that info to you guys

Who didn't you get to talk on the phone with?

Negative and thanks for the no dox lol wait unless there's another guy from work that's on the board but I doubt that but I could be wrong

Ok so just got done talking with the boss again told him that that me and some buddies where going down to the rally but some of us had some questions about the actual objectives of the rally if there's any real main points and what not. He told me he would ask one of the head guys on the IFC if he could give me his email to bounce these questions off of. Hopefully that happens and I can get a collection of any questions we all have

Yo @everyone we would like to get a rough number of people that are planning on attending the rally on the 27 so we can get a meeting place set up to accommodate all of us comfortably. Please let us know and if anyone is coming with you we just need numbers

Yes it's a 2A rally

Ctrlpew said he would come to the coffee shop before hand. If you don't follow him on insta you should



25 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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