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2020-02-01 18:40:13 UTC

2020-02-03 14:14:36 UTC

Just ordered a UV-5R 😁

2020-02-03 14:14:46 UTC

Hell yeah!

2020-02-03 14:15:15 UTC

I’m going to upgrade my holster to a kydex one then it’s time for the radio

2020-02-03 14:16:02 UTC

I know nothing about HAM radio so it’s gonna be a learning experience for sure

2020-02-03 14:18:50 UTC

Yeah. There’s loads of resources on it though. My friend just got one so he can help my dumb self through it

2020-02-03 14:24:09 UTC

It should be interesting. Are you planning on getting licensed or nah

2020-02-03 14:25:24 UTC

I am. If only for the educational/liability merits.

2020-02-03 14:26:01 UTC

Do you have that figured out yet? Gotta be able to do it online I would think

2020-02-03 14:26:48 UTC

Yeah I’m sure you could. Just google ham radio license and it should give you what you need.

2020-02-04 23:24:37 UTC

I am in the feng gang but I dont know how to use the damn thing

2020-02-04 23:25:00 UTC

I figured out how to use CHIRP and have successfully loaded channels

2020-02-04 23:38:08 UTC

2020-02-04 23:38:10 UTC

Long shlong antenna

2020-02-04 23:39:24 UTC

I have one coming on Friday. I’ll definitely be trying to figure it out as soon as I get it

2020-02-04 23:40:10 UTC

I just leave mine on 462.425 all the time because it's a public channel

2020-02-04 23:40:25 UTC

It's what me and the boys use for when we do the things

2020-02-04 23:40:48 UTC

What do you use it for? Just chatting? lol

2020-02-04 23:41:15 UTC

We don't use them that often tbh

2020-02-04 23:41:19 UTC

Airsoft lol

2020-02-04 23:41:41 UTC

Only like two people in my group have gotten these yet

2020-02-04 23:41:45 UTC

It sucks

2020-02-04 23:41:58 UTC

They're dummy cheap tho

2020-02-04 23:42:11 UTC

I need to set up a day to study to get the certification shit

2020-02-04 23:42:22 UTC

Mine was $20

2020-02-04 23:42:24 UTC

Eeeeeeeeeeeehhh pfffftt

2020-02-04 23:42:57 UTC

They can't make me get a license to make air wiggle at high frequency

2020-02-04 23:43:11 UTC


2020-02-04 23:43:26 UTC

Or however radio works lmao

2020-02-04 23:43:38 UTC

I'm actually a dumbass btw

2020-02-04 23:44:14 UTC

But yeah I still don't know all the bells and whistles my unit has

2020-02-04 23:44:51 UTC

I just listen to Rock 108

2020-02-04 23:45:10 UTC

I forgot you can listen to fm

2020-02-05 20:39:06 UTC

Y’all, should I get a uv-5r? Or is there a more high quality affordable alternative?

2020-02-05 21:01:33 UTC

I bought a uv 5R. I can’t speak to it’s quality yet though

2020-02-05 21:02:27 UTC

Aight. I know they’re Chinese cheap radios but I feel like I should have something. I don’t know enough about radios to get into a $300 radio

2020-02-05 21:17:22 UTC

My thinking is for $20, it’s probably a good learning tool

2020-02-05 22:17:37 UTC

I'm planning on getting uv 5r

2020-02-05 22:17:52 UTC

With better battery and a few other advantages

2020-02-06 03:27:19 UTC

So idk much about radios but issac botkin of trex arms just did a live video and said to check out these

2020-02-06 03:27:28 UTC

2020-02-06 03:28:05 UTC

Sweet, I’ll have to check it out

2020-02-06 03:28:39 UTC

The jsa8 radio idk anything about it but he said the capability is worth looking into

2020-02-06 04:12:56 UTC

Yeah that’s where I don’t know enough yet to know what to look for in a good radio

2020-02-09 01:27:21 UTC

2020-03-19 21:29:21 UTC

They still got the cheap boys

2020-03-19 21:29:56 UTC

<@&673212566465675264> I know most of you still need comms\

2020-03-20 01:01:32 UTC


2020-03-20 01:01:44 UTC

Im now 2011 Toyota Camry LE

2020-03-20 03:23:13 UTC

Do we have a designated operating channel?

2020-03-20 03:52:46 UTC

How do you mean?

2020-03-20 03:54:39 UTC

Has someone done the analysis of the available freqs and chosen one for us to operate on?

2020-03-20 03:54:50 UTC

In the event other comms go down

2020-03-20 03:55:27 UTC

Me and my boys have been using I think 452.425

2020-03-20 03:55:36 UTC

I may be wrong on that

2020-03-20 09:03:09 UTC

I was wrong, it's 462.425

2020-03-20 09:03:30 UTC
2020-03-20 12:44:18 UTC

Thanks. Probably wont be to relevant unless im buggin. Im to far away for my poor chicom radio to pickup.

2020-03-20 13:06:48 UTC

Yeah same

2020-03-20 13:07:31 UTC

I got some boys that live near me and we're gonna try to set up a little network

2020-03-20 14:13:31 UTC

Yea as soonas the uv 5r 8 watts are back in stocm imma buy one

2020-03-27 17:38:07 UTC

Anyone have a link to a good radio

2020-03-27 17:41:03 UTC

BaoFeng BF-F8HP (UV-5R 3rd Gen) 8-Watt Dual Band Two-Way Radio (136-174MHz VHF & 400-520MHz UHF) Includes Full Kit with Large Battery

2020-03-28 02:08:43 UTC

2020-03-28 02:08:58 UTC

What are you guys' thoughts on this radio?

2020-03-28 02:11:50 UTC

I have 2, they are good for the price

2020-03-28 02:12:40 UTC

Awesome. My bank account is never going to recover from buying prepping gear but it's ok

2020-03-28 02:15:26 UTC

Lol liquid funds are good but in this day and age the dollar depreciates fast

2020-03-28 02:15:40 UTC

Thats my thought

2020-03-28 02:21:42 UTC

I lost a bunch of my stuff going through some pretty rough times and I just starting getting stuff again about 3 months ago when this hit and it's been a killer. I'm just glad I have a good source of gear and info.

2020-04-11 21:15:01 UTC

Just nabbed these

2020-04-11 21:15:12 UTC


2020-04-11 21:15:16 UTC

$80 earpro for $40

2020-04-11 21:15:41 UTC

They have an audio jack too so I'm gonna see about getting an adapter for my baofeng

2020-04-12 03:41:56 UTC

That's what I have, they also have a walkie attachment that I wanna try out

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