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what happen tothe united right discord

k so how many groups are gona use this?

Identiy Europa, united right, Tradworkers

>tfw you get added to that nazi discord that Vice and CNN warned you about

ya prob be nicer to give the full name on the text channels


@AltCelt(IL) who u with?

<@316667735021191168> u too

there fixed


i didnt wana post this cause someone might leak it but heres a permenent link, (i think)

if your friend have that link it should send them here

skirnir who you with?


kk fixed

oh u can change ur nicknames for each server, so u can have what ever the other guys know u buy instead of a bunch of numbers

or i can just set your nickname if u say it insteadof finding the setting urelf


no as skirnir42, but i mean if ur guys know u as dave markus or something we can change it to say that name for the server


@RiskyMcdanger which groups u with?

@Deleted User c31f1829 u too whats ur role


@everyone check if u need any

-added Privantua to Virginiaryans


Hey IE, you guys know Modern Clarity? he was in IE but then "he left"

this guy

anyone know him?

hes an EX identity Europa member

hes been counter singnalling us hard, he had us shill for him but then turned around on us, i just wana know why he left Identity Europa, cause he seems kinda toxic if hes leaving groups like this after getting their support

@Deus Volt hey i noticed you didnt have a role, u in any of the groups, ill add u

im worried hes dishonest and that hes using groups to try and gain followers while shit talking the people he just asked to shill him

he was using groups to gain followers, but then would shit talk the people that helped him, as if to make his new followers like only him or something weird

and since hes in alot of IE pictures, but they kicked him or he left, so i wana know if he did the same stuff

he was coming into discords and "joining" podcasts to gain followers and recognision, but in other ones, he would say "oh those guys, there degenerates" or "oh their shills for jews"

something like that, plus while he was with us, he had the same behavior, constantly shittalking others saying their degenerate or not good for the movement

maybe for the youtube bucks

he would purity spiral against every single leader like shit talking heimbach, saying he shouldnt lead, then the next week hes shit talking spencer, then Enoch

naw man i was just wondering if anyone from IE had the story of why he left

ya maybe, hes got the whole, fitness/nofap/testosterone facist thing going, going for that look you know, so hes constantly downtalking everyone and has us shill him, but then we saw all what he was doing and obs werent comfortable with him doing that, shit talking heimbach and Enoch and the others

ya hes openly like this, is any of the IE guys even on the discord? did they get the invites

"Enoch has a kike jew wife, he obs is lying to us, he cant be a leader of the alt right he should step back and allow others"

"heimbach is a fat fuck he be a leader of the alt right he should step back and allow others"

basicly the same line

X is Y and shouldnt be a leader of Z and should step back and let others take over

his purity level is so high, u gota lift, be involved in physical activism, not date non whites even in the past, do the NoFap stuff, its alot

He wants everyone thats not 100% to not get involved though

like wanting heimbach to step down till he got more fit


Becuase they are just vaguely "pro White" and "right wing" and aren't ideologically NatSoc or even Fascist
Or desperate for a leader so they cling on to whoever is there presently
Many are simply unaware since they don't follow these things(edited)
I've spoken with people who never knew that Mike Enoch was married to a marxist Jewess and that he had her on his supposedly anti semitic radio show
Many simply don't know

this is an example

before he jumped

pound bois are basicly neo cons

>as long as we donate to israel and have open borders and the 2end amendment everything will be fine

as long as ur not in like all black it looks good

all black looks less like a party and more like a gang

plus its hard to see you in the bodies of antifa

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