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Yo yo yo

Hoxhaism, isn't a thing as it never caused a real ideological spilt from Marxism-Leninism

Okay and it didn't break from ML thinking

Pointing out Revisionism isn't a break from basic ML thinking

Well MLM can be considered an addition to ML thought as it does offer some real rifts from original thought but Hoxhaism doesn't really do the same

A real difference and rift needs occur between ideologies for them to be considered different

Well yes Maoism isn't universally-applicable especially with his idea of New Democracy which is used to bring states from Feudalism to a somewhat Capitalist state run by the Proletariat with the Peasants along side the petty and national bourgeois. That is completely unnecessary in a nation that has already Capitalistic and thusly you can end the Capitalist stage through State Capitalism with the Party apparatus taking over the economy and then afterwards having the transition to socialism. And the other difference is Mao didn't believe that the Proletariat needed to be the head of the Proletariat Revolution if there weren't many Proletariats, while Hoxha believed that the Proletariat should always be those at the head of a Proletariat Revolution and if a state doesn't have many Proletariats then a strong Vanguard based around them needed to be made.

Personally through my firm belief in Historical Materialism I find what Hoxha talked about more Dialectical as Capitalism is necessary to remove tribalism and feudal concepts but at the same time the combination of Cultural Revolution and New Democracy can do the exact same thing

Most Socialist States have zero direct taxes but there are still some taxes. And they can mainly do that because they sell goods to foreign markets they can use that money and through tariffs


Taxes would no longer be necessary to run a governor

Giving people who aren't depressed anti depressants would make their happiness worse as the positives for anti depressants are that become with clinical depression can live normally. You would only see the negatives in normal people i.e. the possibility of the drug making your hormones unstable and making your emotions worse

The Scandinavian Countries just have good treatment for mental illness

So yeah

We don't treat mental illness that well

We have a huge sigma about it

Also we don't have as much liberal appeasement as the Scandinavian countries do

Well Khrushchevite Revisionism is shit and Hungarian Revisionism is shit

If they would of kept with hardline ML no Rebellion would of happened

Stalinism isn't a real thing

It's a slur for ML used by Trots and Anarchists

You gave me cancer

I didn't even know someone could be that dumb

I seek death


I don't even attempt to talk to someone like that

It's a waste of time

I would

The amount of ignorance you need to say stuff like that will just lead to you being dumbed down by being near them

A sane and intelligent person couldn't say that

And "they said that socialism was communism" is something an orthodox marxist would say so that's not as bad

And illiterates

Fucking NazBol

By the way I help run a ML YouTube Channel and Discord known as the United Leninist Front if anyone wants to join our discord

Maoism is a part of Marxism-Leninism. I thought the same way but Mao introduced the idea of New Democracy in which a Capitalist stage would occur guided by the Proletariat with help from the Peasantry, Petty and National Bourgeoisie. With Cultural Revolution it does everything to void Feudal Culture and Hierarchy move into Capitalism and after that make it easy for moment into Socialism.

Hoxha applies is the industrialized world while Maoism applies in the pre industrialized places of the world

Mao did have the country turn into Socialism, New Democracy was very brief. Deng brought the Capitalism through pushing for special economic zones which were massively increased by Zimmin. Deng would describe what he did as a Capitalist stage with Two Stage Theory making it while Maoists would call it Revisionism. Maoists hate modern china and seek revolution.

I personally believe Deng did what was necessary to advance Industrialization and make the West dependent on China. I also see Xi Jinping's removal of all possible rivals (which are all of Zimmin's faction), his massive consolidation of power, and his father being one of Mao's closest allies to all be signs of a possible return to Maoist policies seeing that he would need China to be unified and need massive amounts of power to insure that none of the Capitalist Billionaires and Party Members loyal to them could try to stop this return into Maoism.

That's MLM

I could just be me being optimistic but I don't see any real reason for Xi to seize so much power and influence just to keep the status quo

Could be

He's already purging people

And part of Maoism is cultural revolution which with his current powers he could do. And purging lots of the Party could be done if he gained enough influence and removed heads of any opposition as he is doing

Well you should be skeptical as should everyone but I honestly don't see why he would take risks, remove rivals and possible opposition who are all part of the faction that made China extremely Capitalistic, and gather so much power into himself without planning on doing something huge such as the return of Maoism

Bruv you're anti Semitic

Fuck off

My bad must of been the other people who were p bad

We banned the people who randomly joined and started being reactionary

My apologies

Firefly you can literally suck my cock. You are anti dialectical, the people who got banned were Nazis and so we weren't taking risks. Go back to your arm chair

Same here hence why we ban NatSocs

Wait you support having NatSocs

In your server

Oh my god you're a reactionary shill

You're not even a Marxist

Ay yo @Deleted User you in the PSL?

Yeah I applied and I'm becoming a candidate member next week

They are a little iffy but that's mainly because they are in the first world and they are trying to gain as many members as possible for a national strategy to have a real national party

Full agree

"@Chairman Jack What do you mean 'real national party'?"
A party that exists in every state and is a national party.
"@Chairman Jack would you mind explaining how it works to me? like when you enter your info on the website do the email you?"
I applied with my email and all that then after 4 days I got a reply email with their number asking to call them to plan and I talked for 20 minutes and now I'm getting some stuff to read and sometime next week we're going to talk again and I'm going to become a candidate member

It's p easy, the wait is the worse part. Btw you're a candidate member for six months to insure that you're not some reactionary and that you actually care about the party. But anyway I really want to be the person who handles applications so people can get quick responses and shiz

"they send you stuff they want you to read?"
They are sending some important stuff they are planning on doing and shiz @Deleted User

"through the mail?"
Yee @Deleted User

Also rad ะ˜ะพัะธั„

Well email

I meant email lol

I haven't gotten anything in the mail and the guy I talked to said he was sending me things through email

Also all this spam is getting annoying so you can Dm me

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