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She has "leadership" because she makes shit happen.

No, what it is is a bunch of autist getting butt hurt because someone to them NO.

You guys give them the likes, don't blame anyone else


Seems like it would be too hot.

No, people don't want to post due to the rampant retardation.

Blah blah cuck blah womenz, blah bull whip.

Nobody is staying quiet out of fear of a short Italian chick. And if they are they might want to check for their balls while they are cowering.

All I'm saying is that Erika ran the other server and did a boat load of organizing for char1.0, same as she's doing here and she hasn't been anymore ornery than she was before.

White Sharia b.s. gave dudes the idea that they could talk down to women when they themselves don't work nearly as hard for our people.

These people in charlottesville are fucking crazed

Are any of you faggots watching the live stream from charlottesville? Do you have any actual fucking idea what we are fighting for down there? Or are you here to larp about "principles" you got from a god dann podcast?

All of you want participation award?

Look at me I showed up I can be fucking worthless now.

If you knew you wouldn't needlessly attack our own people then.

Grow up.

Fuck off with that, only a Jew shit.

@Blake sounds like kike talk to me fam.

It's beautiful tradition goyim.

That's why they had to be deloused.

2017-06-08 22:00:33 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #news]  

It's a steady pay check rural areas.


This is worse than anime.

There is no oven hot enough, no camp concentrated enough for this level of degeneracy.

Are we getting Medieval in Charlottesville? All you MD guys know jousting is our state sport right?

Which means we can all joust by virtue of living here.

Baltimore, Eye of Hell

Redpill living my friend.

Oh shit, no parking over there.😂

Yeah, lot's of right out of college kids over there.

Muh boyfriend and muh dog types.

My normie friends are all liberals. Pushing won't work.

@Athena Marie It's all Kosher, don't worry.

I have it on good authority that some of the speakers will be presenting as both BLACK and FEMALE that day, so we cool.

Ironic, isn't it?

I'm going to start the white sharia discord where we can sperg on all sides of this without wrecking other servers.

Mostly it will be me calling everyone a nigger, just a heads up.


We all can and should.

After the swastika march.

I have no idea, was just joking.


@Athena Marie I won't be speaking as a woman, white sharia and all.



the ethnostate will be founded on cages and shitposting

The serious need not apply


Watch the "civil rights" marches, when they got the beat down, a lot of the blacks kept some composure and could be portrayed as sympathetic. This guy just looks pathetic.

They where trained by their commie handlers to react that way to maximum effect.

Either win the fight or look sympathetic. As our own people have been taught to think of us as pure evil, we need to win as we won't get sympathy.

Human redpill fascist.

Johnny's first Fasces.

@Athena Marie back in your cage woman!

@Munich tis true lad. She is real and crazy.😂

@HipToTheJQ if this isn't how you carry, you are doing it wrong.

Alright, here's what we do. We get whips, call them Islamic love strings, and say that we are showing Allah's love by whipping people. It will be islamophobic to oppose us.

We will be unstoppable literal white sharia.

You mean open whip carry muslamonazi March on D.C.?

I know, I was offering my twist on it. Islamonazi march for love and unity 2017.

We can carry korans and guns and yell about 'muh constitution.'

Look at that dank Muslim with a swastika maga hat. FUCKING BASED!

just be all white power ethnostate, btw the way we're Muslims.


Christian Identity but make it Islamic identity.

We Wuz Arabs and sheeeiit.

Yep. Ethnostate in no time.

Are you asking him to whip you? Degenerate.

@Charlemagne MD Heard you guys had some trouble up there, everyone alright?


Let me translate:
"Feel free to rape and murder my loved ones, just please don't call me 'racist.'"

Let's use our children to hurl profanities at strangers!

Parenting 101

@Munich this should go in general,it isn't shitposting.

True, but this channel is apparently only for dog poasting.

@Uilliam Cionnaoith - MD No brah, dogs are great!

These tweets should tell you everything you need to know about the oathcucks. For those who don't know, TheLibertyLamp is a poor man's Daryle Jenkins.

Frankly, if you're not skipping with girlish glee across the country, you're probably a black or something.


Squeegee Boy Nationalism

Logic and history have just been BTFO'd.



It is the living redpill ain't it?

@MadDimension Says the link is broken.

It has gotten noticeably more crowded in the whole 95 corridor area from DC to Baltimore. Maybe importing millions of foreigners has something to do with it? We will never know. The ghettoization of the areas surrounding the city is part of the government's "move to opportunity" program, aka we'll sue you if you don't take section 8 blacks.
"The county executive at the time made keeping blacks out a central policy goal of his administration. Real estate agents were at one point actually instructed to inform the police chief if they sold Baltimore County homes to blacks."

@tom (twp) It's still ok up north, but below 90th street, it's turning into Baltimore south.

@everyone Effort post from the desk of Goldstein.
1. What kessler meant by antifa are the surj fags, who obviously are not actual antifa.
2. The idea of letting the alt-lite see that they are the same to the left as we are is a good idea.
3. Using the term bait was bad, The PB should fully know what they are getting into with this. They have proven quite willing to fight, so the point must be redpilling, not actual fighting.
4. Almost all of you are raging autists. Goldstein for the win.

@V I T A L I T Y Then just read number 4.

@Nicklis - OH ask eli mosely

I can't find the article about the somalis throwing chicken bones on the beach then claiming racism when they got a citation, then getting arrested for assaulting the police.

All of you are kike shills to me.

I'm a future pharoh mutha fuka

We need this as a emoji.

I hope all my future medical care is delivered by antiWhite immigrants

I'll be the immigrant

Me, irl in the future.

I'm not the soldier though, I AM THE EXOSKELETON.

WWAJD What Would Alex Jones Do?

Pretty much. I used to spend a good amount of time down there as a kid, wasn't like that at all.

@Hand Banana So what you are saying is we must burn down all the forests? I can get behind that.

Should we take the acid before or after we do this?

@tom (twp) digital harbor right?

Idk, I think the mo's are less dangerous than the nogs.

No good choices.

Diversity is our strength and shit.

So much great food! And you can eat it if you don't get killed on the way to the restaurant.

I think they are tearing that down to replace it.

@Americana - MD lead sandwiches for everyone.

I'm game though.

@@Boru far north oc is still cool. More expensive, keeps the trouble out.

@Rhoodie#3382 doxxed for fed.


@tom (twp) just do pickups up north.


(((...most likely)))


We'll have to coordinate this, it is a big safety issue.

@Hand Banana Ahhh you beat me to it. This article is a pretty blackpilling but necessary read imho.

The left's ability to allow space for each group in order to up the numbers of participants is something I've been thinking about since the oathcucks choked out our guy in TX. As long as the groups don't attack one another, we all should be able to rally together, kind of like retweets don't equal endorsement.

It's almost like the left knows, at least subconciously, that they are in the same boat. We on the right are infected with a virulent strain of Libertarian 'muh induviduality' and purity spiraling on both the far right and the moderate right the doesn't allow for use to be in the same space at the same time.

There are only 2 garages in the area.

UHaul cargo van would be cheap and could hold a good number of folks, it's not like we will be traveling far.

This shows the dimensions better.

@Nerv - VA 6/17/17

@Americana - MD it has been true until recently and we still need to do more of it, i.e. getting together with the alt-lite.

If you look, antifa openly states their hate for liberals, but still work with them.

Yeah, that's why we need to get normies on our side, they have money. That's part of the reason for the constant talk of "optics." All rightwing symbols have been declared evil by the establishment, which then uses the media and schools to reinforce that view. Normies have been taught to be scared of Nationalism, we must help them break the conditioning.

This time it's personal......

Start the race war with some smooth, cold, Colt 45.

@MadDimension could rent uhaul vans

Posted it in another channel.

@MadDimension pretty much. We wouldn't be traveling far after all. And the vans are basically passenger vans without seats.

@MadDimension Those are the kind of vans i'm talking about.

Idk, those fucking trannies/queens are pretty unstable.


@Hand Banana Looking through its posting history, it does use that term a lot. Doesn't seem very serious.

New Anarchist and First Time Protestor Looking for Advice by entropy1701 in Anarchism
[–]DragQueen_Eclipse 3 points 23 hours ago
Oh, you have to deal with "Indivisible Iowa"...
Well, Mask Up, bring propaganda if you want to pass it out, flyers, stickers, pamphlets etc
Bring supplies and nourishments, coconut water hydrates you more efficiently than regular water.
Follow Bloc advice and information
Take action, Be ungovernable, agitate,*** light it up!***

White Supremacists are holding an anti-Muslim rally tomorrow in Atlanta! Racist Senator Michael Williams will be attending! We need to stop them! by JustAStupidLeaf in Anarchism
[–]DragQueen_Eclipse 1 point 6 days ago
Against Alt-Right and Anti-Muslim Terror: June 10th
Light it up...

We all know nothing much in terms of antifa violence happened on the 10th in ATL. Just leftist lingo I guess.

@80D Are you going to the rally on the 25th

@ManWithTheHand We don't need to get the cucks to endorse WN per se, I think halfway would be getting them to openly acknowledge the anti-White nanture of things. That way they can claim that they don't agree with us while redpilling their fellow normies.

Even based chopstick man has done a couple of tweets to that effect.


Our public discourse should be kept focused on our shared enemies. As far as antifa are concerned, Proud Boys, normies, and us are all the same. All we need to do is point out the anti-White hatred of the left. Seeing that fact play out IRL will redpill more of our people than anything else.

What's wrong with being frugal goyim?

@PrimitveXaoc isn't that Emily thing a dude?

Baltimore area.

@PrimitveXaoc says it's trans in its Twitter bio.


IE guys will be there too.

Why don't we have a picnic on the downtown mall? We take the space and don't give shitlib shops our shekles.

Checkered cloths, baskets, real trad stuff.

Frankly I'd rather have our women preparing food off site instead of at the rally. They can come in if things aren't crazy.

And if they are we can meet them some place else to eat.



2017-06-19 00:09:01 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #news]  

Are there any white beaches left on the east coast?

2017-06-19 01:51:15 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #news]  

```Rebel flag wearing niggers who use the word nigger```

Fixed it.

Stormer Book Club

I think.

We've been infiltrated!

One is never enough.

@@ManWithTheHand. @@MadDimension that was mentioned on r/anarchism

@Hardrada are you on the June 25th server?

@Erika How many times have I told you to wear sensible shoes to these things? You always need to be able to run.

Oh, I see someone already mentioned it, my bad.

6 gorillion.

2017-06-27 20:10:39 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #news]  


@Commander Davis (TWP) I'm having Daryle over for chicken wings and grape drank.

AIDS has killed more degenerates than Hitler. Just saying.

This is the helmet I had in dc.

@Nicklis - OH No respirators, va's mask laws won't allow it.

There are tough about that down there. Should put a damper on antifa though. Goggles for sure.

The helmet I posted above has face shields available.

And it flips up.

Rei has a whole section of custom strap supplies.

I'll be there Friday afternoon.

We shall! You know, doing psd, I never actually got to see lee park. @Erika

Cernovitch is the human pinata.

@Athena Marie discord is more fun, no normies to fuck with though.

Alex Jones is the only prophet of the last 500 years who understands that chemtrails are turning the jewish lizard people gay and that is how they become interdimensional pedophiles who did controlled demolitions on 9/11. **IT ALL MAKES SENSE!!!!!**

Alex Jones Alex Jones Alex Jones
Alex Jones Alex Jones Alex Jones
Alex Jones Alex Jones Alex Jones
Alex Jones Alex Jones Alex Jones

This will be the first server to replace shitposting with Jones posting.

I blame the chemtrails.

The frogs are turning the pedophiles into intergalactic globalist.

Binders full of globalist.

I guess we aren't going back to Miller's.


Autism is Magic.


2017-07-06 15:07:51 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #news]  

Well said.

They say you shouldn't mix memes, but I disagree.

2017-07-06 18:23:47 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #news]  

One guy did.

@Nicklis - OH This channel is for non-Jews only.

2017-07-06 18:28:19 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #news]  

A black cop is still a cop, no need to needlessly pissoff the police.


2017-07-06 19:06:08 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #news]  

It's still a bad idea to piss off the police, they have guns, backup, and jails. How niggerish they act doesn't matter.

2017-07-06 19:08:49 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #news]  

The point stands and I'm right. Hell, we can go down the inner harbor and I'll give you $20 for each black cop you call a nigger. See where that gets you.

@Tyrone Did you just call Dr. Duke fat?


I heard @Athena Marie claimed ownership of the child because it set foot on her property. #AnCap

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