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2019-07-14 17:02:37 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #general-polls]  

Viking conquest is better when it comes to gameplay though

2019-07-19 22:29:55 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #announcements]  

For all warhammer fans.


2019-07-27 02:09:04 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #general-polls]  

(thalmor are πŸ€₯)

2019-08-15 01:55:36 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #general-polls]  

@everyone tbh you should really read his recent tweets as he starts to notice more things about (((them)))

2019-08-21 00:47:16 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #general-polls]  


2019-08-21 00:47:29 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #serious-discussions]  

Let's be honest, no media is reliable

2019-08-21 00:48:07 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #serious-discussions]  

Private media most of the time spew out the agenda their owners want

2019-09-11 16:37:18 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #general-polls]  

Was 9/11 an actual terrorist attack?

2019-09-13 08:38:30 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #memes-shitposting]  


2019-09-13 19:09:11 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #announcements]  


2019-09-15 01:25:09 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #walls-of-rome]  

Just a quick purge don't mind it

2019-09-15 01:26:15 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #serious-discussions]  


2019-09-15 11:43:53 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #walls-of-rome]  

Unofficially yes I would say

2019-09-20 21:09:21 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #auto-roles]  

!rank leaderboard

2019-09-20 21:09:30 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #auto-roles]  

!help rank

2019-09-20 21:09:45 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #auto-roles]  

!help rank

2019-09-23 23:31:16 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #walls-of-rome]  

Who pinged me and why is the ping gone

2019-09-23 23:31:21 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #walls-of-rome]  

Was it nihil again

2019-09-23 23:32:56 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #walls-of-rome]  


2019-09-28 19:09:12 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #memes-shitposting]  


2019-10-02 20:11:36 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #walls-of-rome]  


2019-10-02 20:11:52 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #walls-of-rome]  

By the fbi itself

2019-10-02 20:14:17 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #walls-of-rome]  
2019-10-05 00:47:47 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #walls-of-rome]  

I found it interesting that you can actually see it for yourself that the English version was recently edited

2019-10-06 10:36:17 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #walls-of-rome]  

>imagine supporting Israel

2019-10-09 21:29:26 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #walls-of-rome]  

Knights templar cartel seems pretty based

2019-10-09 21:29:40 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #walls-of-rome]  

It's suspected they castrated and crucified a pedophile

2019-10-09 21:49:49 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #walls-of-rome]  

I mean south america pretty much yeah

2019-10-09 21:50:00 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #walls-of-rome]  

Not in ***the*** west

2019-10-10 17:22:40 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #walls-of-rome]  

@anthr0pos they don't castrate pedos in western countries, it's too 'inhumane'

2019-10-10 17:23:18 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #walls-of-rome]  

Why do we keep many others alive, questions science can't answer

2019-10-10 17:26:12 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #walls-of-rome]  

Most religions need to get wiped, simple as that

2019-10-11 01:29:32 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #walls-of-rome]  

Furries are degenerates

2019-10-11 22:45:32 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #walls-of-rome]  


2019-10-14 01:14:45 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #serious-discussions]  

This was aired on polish National television

2019-10-14 10:15:42 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #walls-of-rome]  

Nihil sine deo - The forky chronicles

2019-10-18 17:42:57 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #walls-of-rome]  


2019-10-18 22:36:41 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #walls-of-rome]  

Sounds nice tbf

2019-10-18 22:37:35 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #walls-of-rome]  

@Traveler alcohol is very pleasant for a nice evening too

2019-10-18 23:48:52 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #walls-of-rome]  

And sing cor the travlers gone

2019-10-18 23:48:59 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #walls-of-rome]  

Far away in fR away lands

2019-10-18 23:49:19 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #walls-of-rome]  

Fucking cbar

2019-10-19 00:24:10 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #walls-of-rome]  

being alone is realxign

2019-10-19 16:19:44 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #meme-competition]  


2019-10-20 12:47:11 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #walls-of-rome]  

Imagine being a 13 year old communist

2019-10-21 17:21:18 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #walls-of-rome]  

@Taddesse continue sendig messages in Ethiopian and I'll jail you

2019-10-21 17:21:53 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #walls-of-rome]  

British government was always jew controlled

2019-10-21 17:24:32 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #walls-of-rome]  

British school is literally filled with propaganda making british look better

2019-10-21 17:27:11 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #walls-of-rome]  

It's not about bbc though

2019-10-21 17:28:16 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #walls-of-rome]  

British government always helped jewish interest

2019-10-21 17:29:08 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #walls-of-rome]  

I deleted it I dislike when bot says shit in middle of chat @anthr0pos

2019-10-21 17:29:33 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #walls-of-rome]  

Britain was a save heaven for rich jews

2019-10-21 17:29:45 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #walls-of-rome]  

Now its only a puppet

2019-10-21 17:32:38 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #walls-of-rome]  

About education, if you take history in school you can easily see the propaganda, if your teacher is good he'll also tell you the reality

2019-10-21 17:33:12 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #walls-of-rome]  

UK rn is literally corrupted and rotten and all you need to do is live here to notice

2019-10-21 17:33:31 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #walls-of-rome]  

Also Anglo

2019-10-21 17:33:45 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #walls-of-rome]  

Don't get me wrong I'm not shitting in Britain or its people

2019-10-21 17:34:09 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #walls-of-rome]  

I'm shitting on the ruling elites and the jews behind them, same as in most western countries

2019-10-21 17:49:50 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #walls-of-rome]  

I agree

2019-10-24 17:00:24 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #walls-of-rome]  

Death to turkey

2019-10-24 17:12:31 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #serious-discussions]  

@The State They passed in few states like last month most people won't do shit

2019-10-26 20:50:44 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #walls-of-rome]  

>be me
>Playing gta online
>Doing a heist
>Prison heist nearly done
>Finish by landing on the beach
>Friend rams into rocks on parachute
>Fails and people leave

2019-10-27 17:00:30 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #walls-of-rome]  

What you wanna say? @tela

2019-10-28 01:05:15 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #announcements]  



2019-10-28 01:05:27 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #announcements]  

Allegedly list of mossad agents with their info

2019-10-28 01:05:40 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #announcements]  

~~fuck yeah spread it~~

2019-10-28 14:39:48 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #walls-of-rome]  

@tela yeah you can post it

2019-10-30 13:07:17 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #walls-of-rome]  

Israeli diplomats are being sent home

2019-11-06 16:41:23 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #walls-of-rome]  

Smuggle weapons through middle East as refugees

2019-11-06 20:54:46 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #announcements]  

@everyone if you had an ironmarch account msg me

2019-11-13 12:17:17 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #walls-of-rome]  

God I hate the jews

2019-11-16 16:53:17 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #announcements]  

@everyone Happy Birthday to Oswald Mosley

2019-11-18 23:15:00 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #walls-of-rome]  

The guy in blue looks like sylvester stallone

You can assign roles to yourself pretty sure @The Desert Fox V

But awarded

2019-11-23 12:52:13 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #walls-of-rome]  
2019-11-23 12:53:24 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #meme-competition]  
2019-11-24 01:37:51 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #walls-of-rome]  

I've lost it

2019-11-24 01:38:01 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #walls-of-rome]  

I fucking lost all faith in women

2019-11-24 01:44:39 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #walls-of-rome]  

I think they're just beyond understanding

2019-11-24 01:44:51 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #walls-of-rome]  


2019-11-24 01:45:02 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #walls-of-rome]  

In this context it actually makes a shit tone of sense

2019-11-24 01:57:27 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #walls-of-rome]  

Saw this thread on a fb group, a girl posted pictures in her lingerie in the comments

2019-11-24 01:57:33 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #walls-of-rome]  

And nowadays that's normal

2019-11-24 01:57:53 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #walls-of-rome]  

But if anyone does any digging, she literally got married this year

2019-11-24 01:58:29 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #walls-of-rome]  

Not even a year in marriage and she's posting pictures of herself under a fucking fb post like fucking hell

2019-11-24 02:05:54 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #walls-of-rome]  

Sad times we live in

2019-11-26 16:08:00 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #walls-of-rome]  

Who let him in

2019-11-29 01:33:56 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #walls-of-rome]  

Boomers transmit aids

2019-11-29 01:34:37 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #walls-of-rome]  

Reading their comments about Israel is literally worse than being in proximity of an aids hauling plague rat

2019-11-29 01:40:42 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #walls-of-rome]  

Some based, some cancer

2019-11-30 02:33:31 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #walls-of-rome]  

Gernan defence minister is literally a prime example of why women shouldn't be in power

2019-11-30 02:36:09 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #walls-of-rome]  

The old one and the new one

2019-11-30 09:11:59 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #walls-of-rome]  

Her overall actions over the years

2019-11-30 09:13:07 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #walls-of-rome]  

Like distancing Bundeswehr from wehrmacht to the point where even places named after WW2 figures were changed and old memorabilia were prohibited

2019-12-01 18:38:02 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #walls-of-rome]  

https://youtu.be/VCrE9OtyLXo totally not propaganda

2019-12-02 10:44:34 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #walls-of-rome]  

@_Hussite are you british?

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