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2019-07-11 10:25:34 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #general-polls]  

@everyone Should the Iberian Peninsula become one state?

2019-07-13 07:31:14 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #general-polls]  

@everyone is autocracy the only efficient government system?

2019-07-14 07:55:00 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #general-polls]  

@everyone if King Michael's coup never happened, would Romania, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, and Hungary have been saved from Soviet takeover?

2019-07-15 08:27:30 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #general-polls]  

@everyone will Area 51 actually get invaded?

2019-07-22 10:25:51 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #general-polls]  

@everyone Do you think premarital sex is degenerate?

2019-07-22 15:43:21 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #general-polls]  

@everyone βœ… or 🚫

2019-07-23 17:57:25 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #poll-suggestions]  

Fascism is compatible with anything that allows men to have a spiritual connection

2019-07-24 12:30:31 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #poll-suggestions]  

Who gives a fuck, discussing religion is retarded. Don't, especially not here

2019-07-24 12:41:44 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #poll-suggestions]  

Unironically discussing which faith is the best is indeed retarded, you can't back up them

2019-07-24 13:17:31 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #general-polls]  

@everyone is the m33 a cool helmet design?

2019-07-26 09:54:15 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #general-polls]  

@everyone Should the Carphatian basin become one state?


2019-07-27 07:39:31 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #general-polls]  

(the empire is based)

2019-07-27 20:05:17 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #poll-suggestions]  

Nah, you're not slav @Traveler

2019-07-27 20:05:27 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #poll-suggestions]  

We joke that's all

2019-07-27 20:05:42 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #poll-suggestions]  

Who's the race mixer btw

2019-07-27 20:05:54 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #poll-suggestions]  


2019-07-27 20:06:13 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #poll-suggestions]  

Even worse



I suppose that is a real new

2019-07-28 09:50:23 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #general-polls]  

@everyone is Croatia a legitimate country? βœ… or 🚫

As an Euro

I appreciate it

And approve

2019-07-29 10:10:29 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #quotes]

2019-07-29 12:28:16 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #announcements]  

@everyone Happy 136th birthday Mussolini

Well that completely depends what your basis for Christianity is

And since it is a faith it has a very important section called subjective dimension

I can't change your mind to believe one kind of Christianity is more christian than another one because such thing depends on personal experiences and various other subjective variants

That is of course unless you have a specific, universally valid objective argument

Which I genuinely doubt because of what I said earlyier @π”Šπ”’π”¬π”―π”€π”¦π”¬π”°

2019-07-29 20:04:25 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #auto-roles]  


2019-07-29 20:04:41 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #auto-roles]  


2019-07-29 20:04:57 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #auto-roles]  

I miss my level 50

2019-07-29 20:05:44 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #auto-roles]  

I'll probably never get to 50 again

2019-07-29 20:05:51 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #auto-roles]  


2019-07-29 20:06:25 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #auto-roles]  

And beginning september its foundation @Deleted User

Some quality memes right there @Crusader

2019-07-30 20:08:29 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #auto-roles]  

@Federal Investigation Bureau you forgot an "i" in socialist

2019-07-30 20:08:38 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #auto-roles]  

Between c and a

2019-07-30 20:09:13 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #auto-roles]  

Gave you the role

> inb4 kike admits he has a small pp

2019-07-31 15:19:45 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #general-polls]  

@everyone Do you believe that non-whites can achieve the status of being honorary whites if they do great things for the cause of the white race?

I'll act like I didn't see a shitpost about southern italians not being white for this time

Do not make me regret it

In a real world situation all those women would have took their distances from such person @Deleted User


@Deleted User yes, but the other allied nations as well


alone in the dark

was the best

2019-08-01 20:51:48 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #general-polls]  

@everyone are sandals gay?


This is a joke right? @Deleted User

I don't want to

@Vorot bruh

@Deleted User no, I'm in a crowded space

@Notso hey nigga, can I into your mc server?

@Notso k, tell me when it's good

2019-08-02 19:03:25 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #general-polls]  

@everyone do you watch movies regularly?

@Deleted User I'll take that compliment

@Traveler they aren't

@Deleted User are you πŸ€” to me?

They are different in the only sense that they are the same thing slightly distorted by the storic and cultural differences between the countries

@Deleted User I was asking why? "πŸ€”"

@Deleted User you are the next step after autism

I like how you get insulted and agree with the person that insulted you @Deleted User

@Traveler I can see why you think so

Tfw stop being retarded, who gives a fuck about this

No, no, no. You insulted discord Christians and @Deleted User sperged about it

Now stop cause it's pointless

No u


@IliasSpook amirite


@Deleted User that's a good fucking counter argument


2019-08-04 12:34:01 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #general-polls]  

@everyone should Brittany be independent?

Accurate Eurofag

I should start saving politically incorrect memes and out them in a collection

Ok now this meme has very questionable quality

Oh God why


@Deleted User that'a going into my saved memes

2019-08-04 20:12:25 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #poll-suggestions]  

Ngl that's pretty based

2019-08-04 20:34:37 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #poll-suggestions]  

No I was talking about his position on the US thing

2019-08-04 20:38:41 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #poll-suggestions]  

Das rite

2019-08-04 20:39:26 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #poll-suggestions]  

But I do think Germanic countries were cool in almost any time periods

2019-08-04 20:40:15 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #poll-suggestions]  

And the ones in which they weren't cool are all of the ancient era, victorian and ww1 era

2019-08-04 20:41:13 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #poll-suggestions]  

Like, wtf Austria

2019-08-04 20:41:40 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #poll-suggestions]  

Anyway move to <#604498877231529985>

@Deleted User does that political compass meme only apply for Americans?

2019-08-05 09:12:03 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #general-polls]  

@everyone is 4chan a retarded social network?

I got pretty colse last time I did it

Was a little more on the north


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