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oh ok

2017-07-13 04:18:58 UTC [/leftypol/ International #english]

lets kill the rich

anyone here an egoist?

Do you believe an egoist can support a fixed idea or spook if he sees potential benefit in it for himself?


i doubt it

if the individual gets pleasure from supporting such concept or spook then there should be nothing wrong with it


you could join isis if you find pleasure in doing so

well people define their own morality

and shouldnt accept a morality thrusted upon them by others

2017-07-13 13:55:32 UTC [/leftypol/ International #english]  

@Deleted User I also find whites to be attractive

"commies are heroes" lol

grow up

communists are no heroes by any stretch of the immagination

many people still died

because of ideologically driven psychos


the holodomor alone is a couple mil

still it was because of communism in the ussr

their policies led to the holodomor


stop being a tankie

the bolshevik revolution alone was massacre of the nobility

if you can justify shooting the entire royal family

then youre retarded

shooting children for muh stupid ideology

when their country is in ruin i dont think they are going to make them monarchs

not to mention all the gulgags and camps for ideological dissidents


thats bad

the stat is pointless

it doesnt prove that people had good lives

i can have a slave colony have the same stats


having increased production doest mean people live good lives

happy lives arent measured by material wealth

>free healthcare


that doesnt have anything to do with free healthcare

if efficiency in material production is your goal in life that go for it but what i know is that people dont live meaning lives in societies where they certain ideas are seen as threats and exiled

idc about albania

any system that censors people is oppressive and limits the individual

i know

and thats why all states must be fought against

im an anarchist but if someone enjoys being part of the state and if that gives them pleasure

let them go for it


just fuck off then

2017-07-13 21:31:39 UTC [/leftypol/ International #english]  

all semitic languages sound like shit

2017-10-16 18:11:00 UTC [Realism #general]  


2017-10-16 18:11:29 UTC [Realism #general]  

Star of chaos

2017-10-16 18:11:41 UTC [Realism #general]  


2017-10-27 07:09:10 UTC [Realism #general]

2017-10-27 22:36:06 UTC [Realism #general]

2017-10-28 00:12:38 UTC [Realism #general]  

how does it feel

2017-10-28 00:12:47 UTC [Realism #general]  

sitting here in a online server

2017-10-28 00:12:57 UTC [Realism #general]  

circlejerking about muh ideologies

2017-10-28 01:12:15 UTC [Realism #general]

2017-10-28 02:23:34 UTC [Realism #general]  

im not a communist

2017-10-28 05:02:09 UTC [Realism #general]  


2017-10-28 05:02:38 UTC [Realism #general]  

@rebekka888 how do your parents feel knowing that their child is a total fuck up

2017-10-29 00:50:40 UTC [Realism #general]  

im a god




2018-07-03 05:03:24 UTC [Sparta #general]  

this is where the alt right hangs out correct?

2018-07-03 05:04:47 UTC [Sparta #general]  

@Black Mage We are everywhere and no where

2018-07-03 05:05:58 UTC [Sparta #general]  

@Deleted User We are not white

2018-07-03 05:07:01 UTC [Sparta #general]  

looked through yesterday's messages

@Deleted User you ready to bash the fash

2018-07-03 17:30:38 UTC [Sparta #general]  

You guys are faggots

2018-07-03 17:31:09 UTC [Sparta #general]  


2018-07-03 17:31:32 UTC [Sparta #general]  

Im not jewish

2018-07-03 17:32:12 UTC [Sparta #general]  

Are liberalists suppose to be anti racist

2018-07-03 17:32:39 UTC [Sparta #general]  


2018-07-03 17:32:47 UTC [Sparta #general]  

Im going to dox all of you

2018-07-03 17:33:08 UTC [Sparta #general]  

Gay people are individuals

2018-07-03 17:33:37 UTC [Sparta #general]  

I was sent here by share blue

2018-07-03 17:34:17 UTC [Sparta #general]  

I get paid a decent wage

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