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My family hated the tzarist regime as well as the communist regime

Not sure which one was worse

My father worked hard to undo all the propaganda Russian boys ,who emigrated to USA, went through.

Communism in its real form denies God denies religion and destroys individual life

Communism kills many people and isn't sufficient for a majority of people.

What is this chat actually for?

I'm a centrist

Are you communist?

Or socialist?

OK so what do you actually believe

The name seems like a joke

So it's a bit ambiguous what you believe

I have alot of chutzpah and that's only according to some political leaning tests I've taken

Plenty of those in my family were rebellious to the governments in charge of them

We didn't follow the government

I follow what needs to be followed

Not what they want me to

I don't care I'm not a snowflake nor do I submit to one particular party

I say what I believe

So what

I didn't come here for some kind of safe space

Or echo chamber

I like to see both sides clearly

Hold on let me grab a link

If this link helps anything

Not quite centrist but sort of in the middle

In practical terms I lean more to the American right than left

Lol I can't take that test

@America Billiards what about religious rights?

Also how much laizze faire?

@Anthly chutzpah is good as long as it isn't insulting and as long as the person receiving it isn't a liberal snowflake that easily falls apart

So should a religious person have to make a lgbt wedding cake as a private institution?

Hence private institution not public one which has publicly traded stocks

I can't say any because it's a case by case basis

I do believe more in hard work than someone giving you a hand out and usually if you are in a bad situation you can get yourself out of it

Yo who supports executing that parkland shooter?

@Mr. X can we execute him?

The shooter

I want to execute him because there is no doubt he killed those people in cold blood

The only reason a suspected killer should sit in prison is if there is doubt he murdered

Why pay for a proven psychopathic killer

To live

The only reason he should be allowed to live is if there is doubt if he committed the crime

You can't cure him as evident by many killers who get out of prison early

Psychopathic criminals usually can't be fixed

Especially a school shooter

Execute him that's that

Study the brains of the ones who could be innocent

You are too soft

Kill some of them

Some don't kill

If it's legal in your state he should be executed if it isn't study their brains

For a cure

Since Florida allows execution

He should be

There are plenty to study

He happens to be in a executable state

Study the ones in non execution States

Ugh shucks

The only reason why I'm against the death penalty is because of cases where people were executed wrongly because of new evidence. @Mr. X

But if there is no shadow of a doubt he murdered

Well execute him

Eh you think it's pointless I believe you get rid of more criminals who are beyond help

Eh execution used to be done much more often

So put them in prison and provide for them for the rest of their lives even if there is no cure?

These crazy people come out of prison and do it again

Prison is a criminal training camp

Terrorists and murderers who walk free again will do it again

Prison won't help them

Eh we need more execution maybe not electric chair torture style but quick fast and with a needle

I believe there is a difference between not making a cake for a nazi and a gay wedding

There is good reason to refuse the gay wedding cake

Not the nazi cake

Also the prisons are just a big business

More people in prison means more money for certain politicians

Gayness isn't an ideology

Yes it can be chosen to act upon

You can be attracted to the same sex doesn't mean you have to act upon it.

When a married man in the street sees a pretty girl that isn't his wife he has a tendency to desire her but he holds himself back

Just because you have a tendency to do something doesn't mean you should always act upon it

Acting upon it is a choice

A choice many disagree with

Desiring the same sex is ok

But once it leads to gay marital relations then that's a problem

I may not like how gays have sex but nothing I can do about it. I still refuse to call it marriage

Because it isn't marriage but a corruption of it

Societies have fallen partially because of that reason

Rome Greece

@Firefly despite reprogramming techniques they still kill others


History books

The point of marriage wasn't for lust

It's decreased morality

Which caused it to fall apart

So too with American society

There is a reasonable assumption that two people who are married have sex

99.99% chance

If 2 people are married within a certain time period after marriage they have had sex

Very likely

That shouldn't be OK either

We are talking about normal healthy human beings

Not asexual people

Yes but if it's only for pleasure then....

If it's rare it's not normal

If someone has a rare hair disorder that only he has in the world he isn't normal

So if one has a mental disease it's fine

It's normal

Even if it's rare

See the flaw in that

Normal as in normal behaviour of all humans


Across civilizations cultures and countries and races

There is some universal behaviour that a majority of human beings follow


The whole basis of psychology is that many behaviours are out of the norm

That's why we treat them



There are homosexuals who admit this and live straight lives

I believe it's all out of the norm

You have a tendency you shouldn't follow

Destroys the basis of family

Can two men naturally create a kid together?

The way to continue the human population is to propogate

Not to bang each other's brains out

If one can't reproduce like a person who is sterile or old that's different


yes but uncommon in mammals

again uncommon

most of the homosexual animals observed have learned it in captivity

just like straight men in prison

most homosexual animals arent so in the wild most are straight

ok so prove that there is a overwhelming lgb population amongst wild mammals

if scientists are wrong

ok lets wait on that

until then most homosexual mammals observed are in captivity

most animals want to further their species

especially mammals

now with the onset of the idea you can be anything you want to be and all that humans think otherwise

but thats how its supposed ot be

judeo-christo values

simple as that

no im no bible thumping televangelist

because they are god's will

god said so

@Firefly look i condemn that server

monothiestic religions and lgbt contradict each other

thats like calling ham halal

@Firefly im in that judaism server its a partner with and i got really pissed off when they made that lgbt judaism server

@America Billiards that article contradicts you

we have had made great strides in healing people but we can never heal everybody

lemme ask my biologist friend on discord


went to my lifeline

my biology friend

In science, the answer to "is it possible" is almsot always.... "always"
It's just a matter of learning how

we barely knew how to cure anxiety up until 20 years ago

plenty of things we cant cure

especially in mental diseases

most of the time a pill is prescribed

to mitigate it

not cure it

honestly most psychological diseases arent really cured

just slightly mitigated bc of a pill

technically no one or close to it is really cured of a mental disease

@King.Artek one christianity is completely false its a false sequel

2 dont assume im christian

3 oral tradition from sinai

@King.Artek also read the bible unauthorized

Communist is a bad idea it works only if humans became ants

No Ben Schapiro is a great voice of logic and reason

Peterson is second best

Ben Schapiro is number one

Do you need a safe space because I disagree?

Ben Schapiro is a great thinker as a lawyer

Harvard educated lawyer

Of course he thinks deeply

Is it Harvard or Yale idk

Hey look I love Trump even if he needs to surgically remove his hand from his phone sometimes

Err that's why he was more successful than Obama right?

Done more for our country in 2 years than Obama has done in 8

Have you seen any of the 50 bils he has passed or his tax reform

What about not being raped by the middle East like Obama was

In his term

The tax reform help alot of people

No giving more middle class people more money

Like me

Promoting a better economy

It's better than more socialism and going bankrupt

What about the stock market improving exponentially under Trump

Oh I forgot CNN doesn't discuss that

It improved before the tax cut

It just improved even more after tax reform. Millions of struggling Americans gained a lot out of the reform

Oh like socialized medicine is any good

Tell that to citizens who hate it in Canada and Israel

And the UK

They hate it

Ever heard of delingpole

@Mr. X which one is full of commies?

@buyXRBpls are you American?

Then get out of the USA

I'd you are sadly American

If you are sadly American get out

Ok good

If I wasn't broke ID pay for your ticket

I want to learn Arabic

And Chinese

@Deleted User oh nice the NK gov is booming but at what cost to basic human liberty

The most useful languages now are English Spanish Arabic and Mandarin Chinese. @Mr. X

Based on population that speak those languages

@Mr. X if you learn the languages that had the largest populations speaking it you can maximize the amount of people you can speak with with as little languages as possible

i wont say my state

@Deleted User soviets were disgusting to anyone who practiced organized religion

oh living conditions are great but how many millions died?

in the process

how many millions died under soviet russian rule?

honestly russia was always a feak show

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