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mostly true but virginshaming = retarded

and partially contributes to why some incels feel the way they do,

but they are literally right about incel stuff tbh I used to consider myself one

since the subreddit before it got banned

a lot really are toxic and want to kill or rape people although I never was pro rape

a lot are bro and its not just memes

what do you think go ER means?

are you incel/were you incel? I was OG incel on the boards, and a lot of it is memes/lulzy/edginess but if you have private conversations with people you will realize a lot of it is serious, and a lot plan on actually mass murdering

there is nothing wrong with that, and nobodys worth should be judged on whether they have had intercourse or not

that's retarded a

knajjd for example is an actual rapist

he did stuff to a sleeping person

not all of them but they support mass shooters mostly

the Toronto guy, ER, lepine etc

even if they don't have the actual balls to kill or rape they still support it

my former best friend until very recently (3 weeks ago was my best friend) for example, is one of the guys I think would be very serious about hurting people

not tryna be like Im the only one who can speak on this or anything but

15 people on my frineds list here

9 are/were incels

and so was I

and theres more who I used to talk to quite a lot but fell out with

so I know incels and inceldom

and its pretty toxic

fr I know leftypol is semi reactionary but now they're actually trying to say incels aren't that bad gais

not really

I can only speak anecdotally but I think despite the massive media attention, the real OG incels are going/losing interest and that shits kinda dead

canino the infamous OG barely gives a fuck and is inacitv af and even lets girls on the server as policy now

and plenty of other OG incels I knew there from the beginning aren't really self described incels anymore

I think people are worn out with edginess

and its just the media attention from Canada shooting and other shit that brought this all here

most old niggas disillusioned

but anyway blackpill is untrue af

as evidenced by the amount of "incels" that escaped

its all bs af, if you're not white/gl you cant get a girl

but irl ive seen so much that disproves, not just a few exceptions but its basically bs

even a lot of the niggas there from the start, from the old subreddit, will agree now that blackpill is largely memes

and lookism is hyperbolic af

some of these people like wexoch don't even approach girls lmao

and never did

yet claim incel wtf

one of the most infamous canino literally turned down a bj

bro are you incel,

show the scientific proof tbh, if its legit I will concede

please don't use the 20-80% average stuff btw



fr though most incels are legit exaggerative af, and could get partners

even if its harder

I'm 14/88

anyway dude I don't agree with the stuff they said about virgins but seriously why would you come here and spread toxic ideology like incel stuff? I thought you were a red at first and thought leftypol was really going far in there anti "identity politics" screed

but you're not

even red tf

haiiiiiiiii โค

what're your pronouns

are you male

will you be my bf

I am too

@PugSlugger I already was

trying to read it

but its a lot of stuff

can you quote specific


or establish the point you wantto make

like "claim" heres my proof *posts link or quotes*

hey bro can you tell me more about the study? I dont understand what they mean by predicted the romantic interest? Did they ask the girls if theyd be interested in them, was it based on them meeting certain diff guys or what?

"iecause of the sample collected, we only looked at the predictors of romantic interest for heterosexual participants. The extent to which these results would generalize to LGBT populations is unclear. Also, we looked at predictors of romantic interest for a relatively young sample, and it would be interesting to see whether results are different for older populations. Finally, we only examined predictors of self-reported romantic interest. It was clear to participants that we were not offering the opportunity to meet the targets, or go on a date with them. So we are uncertain about the extent to which our results generalize to actual dating behavior."

"Finally, we only examined predictors of self-reported romantic interest. It was clear to participants that we were not offering the opportunity to meet the targets, or go on a date with them. So we are "

m8 it seems they showed some information about people who they never met, and pictures of them, ? correct?

human-caused global warming is fake af

I simply mean that its pretty limited, they never actually met the people in person or anything,

its so limited "In the study, 335 college students watched videos of potential romantic partners of the opposite sex talking about themselves."

they literally watched videos of them

It just doesn't seemr eally important to me, they just watched videos of them didn't really get to know them, and they happen to like the more GL ones

and be more interested in them

not sure why this is revolutionary or meaningful

are you talking of the blackpill as a single theory, instead of more like an ideology and series of ideas as I understood it?

oh I don't agree with any of that

convince them of that?

I am against incels because they are misogynist

its that simple

but incels do, mostly

literally bro were u there on the subreddit, when a breakaway group made /r/incelswithouthate? it had like 3 people and were constantly brigaded

by other incels

maybe they've become de-radicalized

even my old friend just confirmed what I said about the og incels dying off

no, its very related

I haven't been incel or on their boards in a long time, so maybe you are right dude

okay conceded

but let me see

rela quick then

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