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Fuck the Jews. That is all.

@Herrenvolk - MD , I have a DSLR. I am willing to help film if it does not take up too much of my time. I am also willing to lend it out to a trusted third party that you or someone else can vouch for.

I also have a bunch of audio equipment.

> Not having a real beard

^Might apply if they spray us with our torches.

I recommend CryptoCat for this.

Buy these, and give them out to everybody on the frontlines at Charlottesville.

Does anybody have a list of Antifa-related domains? If not, can we start one? I know we have itsgoingdown. RefuseFascism *might* be Antifa-related.

Beer Hall Putsch 2.0 when?

Holy shit todays Daily Shoah is bringing my Zyklon levels to new heights

Uh oh.

You could also hold an impromptu voice chat if you want. Just throwing that out there.

As in properly stand aside while Antifa throws concrete at us

@SpencerReesh , Goddamn, it looks like Republicans are actually good for something.

McCarthy, you should be made a leader of IE or something just for saying that. You've got a good head on your shoulders.


"Free School Supplie's"

^I'm thinking we have some folks on the corners as SS officers on the look out for Antifa.


Law-savvy goys, such as @Kurt or <@224272721746329600> , this is probably a silly question, but something we probably ought to just clarify: what are the actual black letter laws of "hate speech" in VA? If we say a racial epithet through a megaphone, for instance, are we getting arrested?

At work here too

(Always at work)

(Always suffering)

I second the motion to move to ToxChat.

Black people are great

I love Jews

Anime is okay

Child sex changes are A-OK

Love is love, no matter which hole

@Zorost , want to marry me?

Because now I'm gay too

If by DICK you mean VAGINA

(on a man)

Stop Qansplaining


A woman has every right to abort babies. In fact, every woman also has the right to abort other women's babies.

Only if they are white, though

White people speaking is violence


^ Wow what a hero

I supported Hillary Clinton so much, I voted for her *twice*!

Please send pictures of family


As a Blaq Person of Quolor, I wish I could have participated in the 6 million man march that MLK led


@Chef Goyardee , can you give us a link or something to this "Wooderson"? I think many of us do not know who you are talking about.

You're doing the lord's work, my friend.

I love how Antifa are so retarded and establishmentarian that they don't even hide their identity anymore. It is going to be their downfall.

Yeah, TOR actively spying on WN / NS traffic seems a little specious to me.

I used to be a crypto-anarchist. But seeing how the entire tech community turns inward on its own principles as soon as somebody thinks the naughty-think has really been a red-pill.

@gusphase , are you really expecting the 100-something people on this server to respond to you right now?

60 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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