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2019-03-11 04:20:09 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

2019-03-11 04:40:33 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

Hey there my dudes. Iโ€™ll be your general moderator to make sure kiddos donโ€™t go and violate ToS. Iโ€™ll keep an eye out when I have time. :)

2019-03-11 04:45:27 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

Is there a particular way I should handle deportation? @Shiba Inu

2019-03-11 04:45:36 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

Any commands?

2019-03-11 04:48:33 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

Okie dokie!

2019-03-11 04:49:06 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

?mute @fakename

2019-03-11 04:49:17 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

Should work.

2019-03-11 06:00:05 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

@Shgingles. How about no

2019-03-11 06:12:46 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

That joke was pushing the line a little much. Rape jokes are funny, but not that funny. Maybe do the consent stops rape routine next time. @Shgingles.

2019-03-11 06:13:21 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

Then it broke the line completely.

2019-03-11 06:13:35 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  


2019-03-11 06:14:03 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  


2019-03-11 06:14:18 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

Terms of Service.

2019-03-11 06:16:07 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

Pervy shit outside an NSFW page

2019-03-11 06:16:51 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

The descriptions of how well a cock fits into a vagina and therefore is not considered rape.

2019-03-11 06:16:59 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

that would be a qualifier

2019-03-11 06:17:59 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

I read far enough to determine it was not within Discordโ€™s guidelines. If it had not, I would have read the entire thing and done nothing.

2019-03-11 06:18:26 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  


2019-03-11 06:18:51 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

No. If I had read the entire thing without finding anything violating ToS

2019-03-11 06:19:09 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

Once I found a ToS violation there was no need for me to read further.

2019-03-11 06:19:25 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

@Shgingles. yes, so discord wonโ€™t shoa *us*

2019-03-11 06:19:39 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  


2019-03-11 06:19:54 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

Already told you.

2019-03-11 06:20:32 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

Do not repost it or you *will* be muted.

2019-03-11 06:22:59 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

An existent rule.

2019-03-11 06:24:01 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

Check the guidelines. Posting NSFW shit in a non-NSFW designated channel means that this channel becomes improperly labeled, which means the server is in violation. We canโ€™t have that.


2019-03-11 06:25:00 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  



2019-03-11 06:25:08 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  



2019-03-11 06:25:27 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

I determined it qualified as NSFW.

2019-03-11 06:26:13 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

Lewdness and graphic descriptions m8

2019-03-11 06:27:04 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

Sounds like a you problem.

2019-03-11 06:27:25 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  


2019-03-11 06:27:26 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  


2019-03-11 06:27:28 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  


2019-03-11 06:27:29 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  


2019-03-11 06:27:30 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  


2019-03-11 06:27:49 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

Guidelines m8

2019-03-11 06:28:13 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  


2019-03-11 06:28:47 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  


2019-03-11 06:29:07 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

And it violates server rules.


2019-03-11 06:30:15 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  


2019-03-11 06:31:01 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

You did, you just refuse to acknowledge that. And in the end, thatโ€™s a you problem.

2019-03-11 06:31:51 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

It wasnโ€™t. I determined the language qualified as a graphic description and lewd, therefore NSFW.

2019-03-11 06:32:09 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

Ok... let me try to explain this another way...

2019-03-11 06:32:15 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

Do you have a job?

2019-03-11 06:32:41 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

Do you have a job?

2019-03-11 06:33:43 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

Alright. Do you think you would be safe in your employment if you left a signed copy of that at each of the households you helped someone move into?

2019-03-11 06:34:48 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  


2019-03-11 06:35:25 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

Identical to how you left your username above the image on this site.

2019-03-11 06:36:23 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

Alright, how about if you distributed signed copies to your coworkers and bosses in a similar fashion to that of this incident, without context.

2019-03-11 06:36:46 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

Would you feel safe in your continued employment?

2019-03-11 06:42:35 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

This is free speech within the confines of a private forum.

2019-03-11 06:42:42 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

Welcome to Discord.

2019-03-11 06:43:02 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

And you didnโ€™t answer my question.

2019-03-11 06:43:58 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

Would you or would you not feel safe in your continued employment given the following?


2019-03-11 06:44:18 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

Then it is โ€œnot safe for workโ€

2019-03-11 06:44:22 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  


2019-03-11 06:44:47 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

Case closed dude.

2019-03-11 06:49:01 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

Private forums, private rules, deal with it buttercup.

2019-03-11 06:49:40 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

For example.


2019-03-11 06:49:53 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

Nsfw is not allowed, period.

2019-03-11 06:50:17 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

Iโ€™m enforcing the rules as I understand them.

2019-03-11 06:50:36 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

I didnโ€™t make them after all, I just enforce them

2019-03-11 06:51:05 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

โ€œNSFW is not allowed, periodโ€.

2019-03-11 06:52:56 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

Look, I like compromise as much as the next guy, and believe me I want to do it if only to get you off my back.

2019-03-11 06:53:09 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

But itโ€™s NSFW, the decision has already been made

2019-03-11 06:53:50 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  


2019-03-11 06:53:58 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

Iโ€™m 21 my dude.

2019-03-11 06:54:33 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

Youโ€™re free to suggest it to @Shiba Inu

2019-03-11 06:55:30 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

The decision of it being NSFW has already been made.

2019-03-11 06:55:42 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

The decision of making an NSFW channel has not been made.

2019-03-11 06:55:47 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

As far as I know.

2019-03-11 06:56:24 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

Aw; thanks!

2019-03-11 06:56:34 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

You actually referred to me as an authority figure.

2019-03-11 06:57:02 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

Meh. At least half authority figure then.

2019-03-11 06:58:09 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

For all you disagree with me youโ€™ve got to agree with one thing.

2019-03-11 06:58:49 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

Iโ€™ve been quite tolerant compared to other moderators. Most wouldnโ€™t let someone have a back and forth for nearly an hour on end before muting them.

2019-03-11 06:58:57 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

I donโ€™t plan on muting you at all for that matter.

2019-03-11 06:59:19 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

Iโ€™ve met quite a few worse.

2019-03-11 06:59:37 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

Iโ€™m not threatening you?

2019-03-11 07:00:25 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

Ah. Yes, that. Well, youโ€™ve complied with that request.

2019-03-11 07:00:31 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

Ergo no muting.

2019-03-11 07:00:47 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

I donโ€™t recommend that.

2019-03-11 07:01:30 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

Is there? Hold on, let me look.

2019-03-11 07:02:24 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

Seems fine to me. Doesnโ€™t look lewd at all.

2019-03-11 07:02:38 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  
2019-03-11 07:02:51 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  


2019-03-11 07:03:34 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

See, now thatโ€™s fine because itโ€™s only implied.

2019-03-11 07:03:59 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

If you posted that I would laugh my ass off.

2019-03-11 07:04:02 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

Um... no.

2019-03-11 07:04:12 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

Yours is quite.... direct.

2019-03-11 07:06:52 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

@CronoSaturn Would love to see this conversation be repeated between two drunk guys.

2019-03-11 07:07:34 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  


2019-03-11 07:08:35 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

That makes two of us bud.

2019-03-11 07:08:48 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

Difference is I can take them home.

2019-03-11 07:09:22 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

I was brought here to do a job Shg.

2019-03-11 07:09:27 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

I plan to do it.

2019-03-11 07:09:31 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

It's called work ethic.

2019-03-11 07:11:47 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

I warned you.

2019-03-11 07:12:01 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

?mute @Shgingles. 1d breaking rules

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