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2019-03-11 05:09:15 UTC  


2019-03-11 05:13:20 UTC  

One thing, though

2019-03-11 05:13:37 UTC  

I'm pretty sure under Hitler, people were working ridiculously long work days

2019-03-11 05:14:45 UTC  

I would trade leisure for brotherhood

2019-03-11 05:15:14 UTC  

Longer hours can mean less time with family

2019-03-11 05:28:05 UTC  

Tbf if your into that kinda level of “brotherhood” your not gonna have much of a family

2019-03-11 06:00:05 UTC  

@Shgingles. How about no

2019-03-11 06:11:24 UTC  

Why the delete?

2019-03-11 06:11:45 UTC  

Is their something you would like to say?

2019-03-11 06:12:46 UTC  

That joke was pushing the line a little much. Rape jokes are funny, but not that funny. Maybe do the consent stops rape routine next time. @Shgingles.

2019-03-11 06:13:02 UTC  

That wasn't a joke.

2019-03-11 06:13:20 UTC  

Did you even read it?

2019-03-11 06:13:21 UTC  

Then it broke the line completely.

2019-03-11 06:13:31 UTC  

Which line of rules?

2019-03-11 06:13:35 UTC  


2019-03-11 06:13:46 UTC  

I don't support rape but It had a decent argument.

2019-03-11 06:14:03 UTC  


2019-03-11 06:14:06 UTC  

Which rule?

2019-03-11 06:14:11 UTC  

I'm befuddled.

2019-03-11 06:14:18 UTC  

Terms of Service.

2019-03-11 06:14:24 UTC  

Which one?

2019-03-11 06:15:13 UTC  

Anytime today would be lovely.

2019-03-11 06:16:07 UTC  

Pervy shit outside an NSFW page

2019-03-11 06:16:29 UTC  

Please elaborate what was "NSFW" about that picture.

2019-03-11 06:16:36 UTC  

Their wasn't a single bit of nudity.

2019-03-11 06:16:41 UTC  

No violence.

2019-03-11 06:16:43 UTC  


2019-03-11 06:16:51 UTC  

The descriptions of how well a cock fits into a vagina and therefore is not considered rape.

2019-03-11 06:16:59 UTC  

that would be a qualifier

2019-03-11 06:17:28 UTC  

So let me get this straight, you read the first line and just got rid of it.

2019-03-11 06:17:59 UTC  

I read far enough to determine it was not within Discord’s guidelines. If it had not, I would have read the entire thing and done nothing.

2019-03-11 06:18:18 UTC  

>I would have read the entire thing and done nothing.

2019-03-11 06:18:26 UTC  


2019-03-11 06:18:26 UTC  

So if you read the whole thing you would have left it alone?

2019-03-11 06:18:32 UTC  


2019-03-11 06:18:51 UTC  

No. If I had read the entire thing without finding anything violating ToS

2019-03-11 06:19:08 UTC  

So you Shoa'ed my image because it wasn't between the guidelines?

2019-03-11 06:19:09 UTC  

Once I found a ToS violation there was no need for me to read further.

2019-03-11 06:19:21 UTC  

What violation is this?

2019-03-11 06:19:25 UTC  

@Shgingles. yes, so discord won’t shoa *us*