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Late ww2= Soviet German heavy tank dick measuring contest

I prefer the KwK 42 over tits

Only if we had the 7.5 cm L 100 gun that thing was as long as the fucking panther alone

*laughs in 8.8 cm*

For 1917 probably very

There really isn’t a best tank more like the best tank for the country using it

I do like T-34’s but still rather not want to crew one

Renault FT’s were pretty revolutionary for 1918 standards

Fun fact the Germans tried to use Renault FT’s for street fighting in Paris 1944

The commander only had to traverse the turret, load, aim and fire the gun, and command the tank and other tanks if there was a radio


No i

Wait fuck



Stop @Bill stop @ ing nigger

Whomst the fuck


We should have a whitey purge or something along those lines to get rid of the mega tards

L e b e n s

What’s the worst form of a whitey Lord Ruger


We should just <:YEET:437238618608762900> the super inactive whiteys

@Gordoboy because gary memes on them and their autistic


A gassing?

Oh Jesus Christ the chat

God had a🅱️andoned long ago

You fucking autist @Kriley74

Whomst the fuck


What if only one dick nuts would he still be participating in no nut November <:thinkjim:437151534950645760>




Describe the dream b0ss


I wonder how many whiteys are confused




Fuckkk <:whitey:467822735624765441>

What are you fucking heretics up to now


@ing the secret police doesn’t always end well



Nigga that’s how you get extra tardy kids

What if you give asbestos to a tard and tell it that it’s confetti and he throws it at the other tards

Including autism

But then the mods would probably have to spend a light year gulaging everyone that got tricked

Too bad


Is this what allah looks like?


I can feel the heresy

Now this is true hersey @Crawfoot


We need a dazzie emoji

What did you expect @EnzoC17

It’s the dank brigade of course gary will bless us with his @‘s



A few sheckels goyim? <:markusjew:437127761358749697>

Doesn’t that mean you’re supposed to change your name?

Or am I thinking of something else

It’s how to make your chest 2D

Along with your organs

Reasonable description


Well you’re not sperging out about but yeah octavia is right the magical land of the dank brigade probably isn’t the best place

Did the furry get lynched?

Probably a good choice

Going off of how autistic furries can be


<:YEET:437238618608762900> the furfag

No loss at all

So what did that sperg do to get kicked exactly?

@TERMIN8R what an autist

Let us commence the bullying of roadkill fucker


<@&498259609316884520> go commit kurt cobain microphone

D i d s o m e o n e s a y q u e e r

Current whitey count is roughly 1880

A purge of sorts should probably happen to dispose of all the super inactive members

But that would probably take a millennium


*actively having a stroke*

You autist

@Comrade Cat ☭ it doesn’t have autism in the name for nothing you fucking sperg

@Hammond_of_Texas supreme autism

Looks like bubble wrap


@wadsworth_jr_69 holy fuck get a profile picture whitey scum

@coattailsandbowties <:thinkjim:437151534950645760>


69 minuets


@RatKing just see all the morons typing in nsfw as a great example


@RatKing no u furfag

Gary come home but with dazzie instead <:dazzie:437127774613012490>


That means change your name to something else cause the mods think it’s boring or whatever

I think at least

If literal tards can light fires you can do it too

Use all the accelerant



I apologize torch for I have sperged out like the whitey scum I am <:whitey:467822735624765441>



Oh shit daddy dankula just dropped a new absolute mad lads

Disney: tiMe For MoRe oLd MovIe ReMaKeS

Yes that is a roll you can @ you fucking nigger

Ruger’s gonna delyeet your asses



Black labs are my favorite dog breed

The dude on the right is an absolute unit

Sea dogo

X🅱️ @tree dude


@Dr.Vi what did you do you fucking autist?

@Dr.Vi don’t even you fucking living incarnation of a dead fucking meme

@Dr.Vi you’re the illiterate degenerate of whiteys

<@317414224034791424> degenerate

That’s not even funny

What kind of fucking retard posts furry porn as a joke

Seals are just the sea equivalent of a doge

@Deleted User whoops I just stole from google images

The names realistic cause I just steal shitty/low effort memes and repost them

It has actually been quite some time since I’ve seen scat posted here

Replace all lights and mirrors

I shall subscribe for funny may may

It means he makes demonetized vids


Nigger the Amos yee thing was a joke you gulaged autist @Forklift Certified Bean




@tree dude what are you fucking 12

No u

No ur dad

Wait nuggs are you black

Cause if yes that last one doesn’t work

K then the dad one doesn’t work

Why shekels?

This is my kitty


Here’s another pic of my cat


She likes to kill things








They are both good movies

<:whitey:467822735624765441> I do love roaming around the dank brigade dribbling everywhere

What if you have a toaster with 4 slots?

Does this look like news-politicts you twit

Can't wait for the new dhmis

Idk maybe


I remember samurai Jack and courage the cowardly dog

What about ren and stimpy

That's a good one

The old Tom and jerry is pretty good

I've completely forgotten pink panther untill now

I miss old cartoon network

@fuzzyplant The haunting of hill house

I've watched a few episodes and it doesn't suck ass

Each episode is long as hell tho


@TBORIOT yee old show

The channel boomerang still broadcast' s older shows they're partnered with cartoon network


What’s another good old show?

Can’t remember that one

@David cam the beast. u about to get <:YEET:437238618608762900> ed boi

Fosters home for imaginary friends was good too

@T e x the rifleman is my fucking favorite

METV airs older westerns and such

Hogan’s hero’s?

M.A.S.H is good too


Time zones are different as shit so it’s 4:12 in alcohol cheese land




<:dribble:467327022641971211> wHy iS gAry sPamMinG- illiterate whitey

@Aya just @ the secret police if you have a complaint

All of these are better than 76

@Octavia is your cousin autistic?

What did you do to get septic @Wade

<:dribble:467327022641971211> X🅱️

<:whitey:467822735624765441> wHo wAntS a SupPly DroP?

Like how

Well shit


Cause gAmEs aRe sExIst

Christie winters needs to be euthanized


I have repented





And you take the moon

And you take the moon


<:whitey:467822735624765441> jUst PinG tHe sEcreT pOliCe foR mOd


Why are you degenerates posting coal?

I’ve done that before

It causes pain

What are you fucking tards arguing about


<:whitey:467822735624765441> @☦R U S☦

@☦R U S☦ <:dribble:467327022641971211>

The secret police are probably watching us laughing at our autism

@T e x then the cycle starts again


It looks like a shite mod for fallout 4


@Aprosule about the same capabilities

@RandomFaggot555 because your a fucking moron

You’re a degenerate

Understandable @soup dad

Boomer juice


*noises of death*


New Vegas is much better than 76
But that’s not exactly hard to surpass

Personally I just bought Red Dead Redemption 2








<:markusjew:437127761358749697> time to withhold electricity


The Jews made HIV how do you think T e x got it?

What if T e x is a sand nigger? <:thinkjim:437151534950645760> <:thinkjim:437151534950645760> <:thinkjim:437151534950645760>

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