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Late ww2= Soviet German heavy tank dick measuring contest

I prefer the KwK 42 over tits

Only if we had the 7.5 cm L 100 gun that thing was as long as the fucking panther alone

*laughs in 8.8 cm*

For 1917 probably very

There really isnโ€™t a best tank more like the best tank for the country using it

I do like T-34โ€™s but still rather not want to crew one

Renault FTโ€™s were pretty revolutionary for 1918 standards

Fun fact the Germans tried to use Renault FTโ€™s for street fighting in Paris 1944

The commander only had to traverse the turret, load, aim and fire the gun, and command the tank and other tanks if there was a radio


No i

Wait fuck



Stop @Bill stop @ ing nigger

Whomst the fuck


We should have a whitey purge or something along those lines to get rid of the mega tards

L e b e n s

Whatโ€™s the worst form of a whitey Lord Ruger


We should just <:YEET:437238618608762900> the super inactive whiteys

@Gordoboy because gary memes on them and their autistic


A gassing?

Oh Jesus Christ the chat

God had a๐Ÿ…ฑ๏ธandoned long ago

You fucking autist @Kriley74

Whomst the fuck


What if only one dick nuts would he still be participating in no nut November <:thinkjim:437151534950645760>




Describe the dream b0ss


I wonder how many whiteys are confused




Fuckkk <:whitey:467822735624765441>

What are you fucking heretics up to now


@ing the secret police doesnโ€™t always end well



Nigga thatโ€™s how you get extra tardy kids

What if you give asbestos to a tard and tell it that itโ€™s confetti and he throws it at the other tards

Including autism

But then the mods would probably have to spend a light year gulaging everyone that got tricked

Too bad


Is this what allah looks like?


I can feel the heresy

Now this is true hersey @Crawfoot


We need a dazzie emoji

What did you expect @EnzoC17

Itโ€™s the dank brigade of course gary will bless us with his @โ€˜s



A few sheckels goyim? <:markusjew:437127761358749697>

Doesnโ€™t that mean youโ€™re supposed to change your name?

Or am I thinking of something else

Itโ€™s how to make your chest 2D

Along with your organs

Reasonable description


Well youโ€™re not sperging out about but yeah octavia is right the magical land of the dank brigade probably isnโ€™t the best place

Did the furry get lynched?

Probably a good choice

Going off of how autistic furries can be


<:YEET:437238618608762900> the furfag

No loss at all

So what did that sperg do to get kicked exactly?

@TERMIN8R what an autist

Let us commence the bullying of roadkill fucker


<@&498259609316884520> go commit kurt cobain microphone

D i d s o m e o n e s a y q u e e r

Current whitey count is roughly 1880

A purge of sorts should probably happen to dispose of all the super inactive members

But that would probably take a millennium


*actively having a stroke*

You autist

@Comrade Cat โ˜ญ it doesnโ€™t have autism in the name for nothing you fucking sperg

@Hammond_of_Texas supreme autism

Looks like bubble wrap


@wadsworth_jr_69 holy fuck get a profile picture whitey scum

@coattailsandbowties <:thinkjim:437151534950645760>


69 minuets


@RatKing just see all the morons typing in nsfw as a great example

380 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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