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Ok, this needs some organization

@Willy miss me with that gay shit. Animals mother-fucker

@fate @Trini Dayana Rivera <#400444292952489986> is the new art server

Rule #1: Before posting anything, make sure it goes into the appropriate channel. (i.e. Porn goes into <#400443953926897666> , shilling should go into <#400443911446724608>, so on and so forth) <@&400444976384966660> is the only exception to this rule, but will often try to stay within the appropriate channels.

Rule #2: This should go without saying, but absolutely no child pornography of any kind will be tolerated in the NSFW channel. Doing so will result in a permanent ban from the server.

Rule #3: All racial slurs/epiphets are allowed. If you cannot stand being called a "Nigger", you shouldn't have gotten onto the internet. That being said, actual racial discrimination will not be tolerated on this server. (Biologically speaking, we are all one race anyway.)

Rule #4: Do not post spam advertisements for something you did not contribute to the creation of. Unless it's a meme or music video.

Rule #5: If you believe someone is in direct violation of these terms, contact <@&400444976384966660> or a mod to solve your dilema.

Rule #6: Do not make any violent threats, doxxing attempts, or slander campaigns against any fellow user. We are here to have fun, not to have people be massive cunts to one another. Violation of this rule will result in immediate banning.

Rule #7: If you are under the age of 16, this entire server is probably not going to be appropriate for you. That being said, you will not be removed from the server unless you exhibit extensive immaturity. (Not the ironic, adult-kind of immaturity).

Rule #8: If you and another user wish to talk sexually towards one another unironically, please do so in DMs so as to spare everyone else the awkwardness.

Rule #9: No changes to the Discord Server shall be made without prior approval from Dick Daddy first. (This more or less only applies to the <@&400445167104032768> )

Sup niggas? @everyone

@Alannah Do it now before it's too late.

This server is autism.

@Voice_Of_Burnside kinda shitty, had a couple people turn on me today, a lot of moles, had to terminate the old server.

@Reasor then how did you post an outside emoji?

Please only post porn

@everyone refer to rule #1

@RailLord It's a place to post articles concerning history and whatnot

@Trini Dayana Rivera you may post your WIP file in here

@Reasor If you want mod, you've got to S U C C

@Trini Dayana Rivera I'd keep the top on. That way she can be identified.

Also, first.


@Trini Dayana Rivera make the Clorox-chan hentai look really good, and youโ€™ll get it

Like REALLY good

Like, learn how to draw a penis good

Like, make me the sexiest stud ever as well, good

Like, donโ€™t make me look like a Mexican this time good

On mobile atm.

Shit, Iโ€™ve got to fix permissions.

Send link again so I have it

@Shadow @scoobie331 @Rational Outlaw hello fags, welcome to the Promised land

Welcome to $SERVER$, $MENTION$ Leave all False-Gods at the Door!

Go Fuck Yourself, $NAME$ ! You Cunt.

Anyone want to volunteer to test it?

The new-born God grew curious of his soundings, and explored the universe and it's vast wonder. However, Lord Kek soon grew bored of his sibling creation, and so decisively destroyed the entirety of the first universe with his almighty power.

Fortunately, like the morning after sleeping with a cheap hooker, Lord Kek regretted his actions, and decided to make amends for his misdeed. And so, using his signature green light of almighty macho-man, super-cool, explosive, mega-awesome, extreme, pro-series light (also known as his Kek Light), Lord Kek created twenty-three new, identical universes. Each one having it's own destiny.

Seeing as Kek was becoming a bit too powerful, the almighty dildo-goddess tampered with Kek's creation, making it so that every action or possibility would mirror itself, and then branch off from it's origin. (Basically, the butterfly effect, mixed in with multiverse theory, except in place of one universe, it's a macrocosm. Yes, it's intended to be confusing.)

In this timeline, Kek began to explore and oversee the twenty-three universes he had created. Each one had been made to be unique, and so he did not bore of them easily.

Nevertheless, the Almighty Dildo Goddess still feared what destruction Kek may cause if he were to ever bore of these Universes. And so, she created Twenty-Three mythical beings to govern and uphold eacch of Kek's Universes. If one were to ever be killed by Lord Kek, she would know he had begun his campaign of destruction.

The God of the first Universe was named Silas, and he was granted power over the stars.

The God of the second, was named Roland and he was given rule over all living beasts.

The Goddess of the third universe was named Aquarius, and she was granted the power of water and ice.

The God of the fourth Universe, Allah, was dicked on by Lord Kek himself. (We'll get into that later...)

The God of the Fifth Universe was Platarch. He was the God of agriculture and food, and even founded the first space Taco Bell.

The Goddess of the Sixth Universe, Everah, was given authority over the wild plants which would soon cover most-all life-bearing planets.

The God of the Seventh Universe, Oomin, became the creator of all worlds which would revolve around Silas's stars.

The God of the Eighth Universe, Silent, was the God of Dreams and Premonitions.

The God of the Ninth Universe, Tim, was a lustful God, and so he was granted the title of the God of sin.

Universe ten's God was named Kurt, and he and his entire universe was specified to deal with the afterlife for all other universes.

Universe 11's Goddess, Lantra, was said to be the most intelligent of the Great Dildo Goddess' children. So, she was accordingly granted the title of: Goddess on Intellect and Wisdom.

Universe 12 had a God who thought of nothing but destruction. His name was Arragod, the God of Destruction.

The Goddess of Universe 13 was named Mishira, and she was given power over the light magic, while her twin sister Mugara, was given power over the dark magics. Mugara resides within Universe 14 as it's goddess.

Universe 15 hosted Imam, God of alcohol and parties. (Everyone liked Universe 15 because of this.)

Universe 16 housed Anita, Goddess of Gender and the only Goddess who didn't like Imam. (Go figure...)

Universe 17's Goddess was Masha, divine ruler of the winds.

The Goddess of Universe 18 (ironically) was Jessabelle, Goddess of sexuality.

Parle, God of Universe 19 was the Goddess of Gravity.

Universe 20's God Kommio, was known as a tamer of Dragons, as was granted the title of God of fire.

In Universe 21, the Fox-God Biago, was known as the God of blood.

Universe 22's Goddess Giana, was known as the deity of radiation.

And finally, from the 23rd Universe, there was Prim, Goddess of death.

However, none of these cucks mattered in the grand-scheme of things, so you literally just wasted your time reading all of that.

After exploring Universe five and eating some space Taco Bell, Kek did battle with the incredibly violent God of Universe four, Allah, but managed to easily wipe him out, proving his dominance over The Great Dildo-Goddess' creations. After Allah's defeat however, Kek became weary of the other Gods, and began a massive crusade against them, only allowing those Gods who would submit to him to live. After Kek's savage attack on these Universes, only Silas, Roland, Tim, Arragod, Mishara, Mugara, Imam, Anita, and Prim were allowed to live, however, Kek used his own power to heavily suppress these God's power, keeping them in his check.

After what Kek considers being โ€œputting bitches in their placeโ€, he was free to explore the next universe, the 4th universe. While he was there, Kek came across a molten ball of magma which was to be known as the planet Earth. While he was passing by, the space taco bell he had eaten had finally caught up with him, and so he was forced to take a fiery shit onto the young planet.

Kek was fascinated by the way the glowing mass of shit spun around with the Earthโ€™s rotation, and watched it until it finally broke away from the molten mass and was caught in the Earthโ€™s gravity. So fascinated in fact, that he almost overlooked the fact he had to piss. And seeing as the Earth was right there in front of our God, he used it as a toilet yet again. This time, his piss cooled the lava-surface of the planet, and contained within his urine, tiny fragments of bacteria-the first mortals.

Unaware of what he had just done, Kek left the Solar System, and eventually, the fourth universe. And from there on, the bacteria which had colonized the recently-cooled rock began to evolve, making a habitat within the late Aquariusโ€™ waters, evolving into plankton, and then into algae and fish. And so on and so forthโ€ฆ

Eventually, all of the earth was green and teeming with life. Approximately 7500 years ago, Kek came back to Universe 4, and stumbled upon the planet he had once made his dumping ground. What he found astonished him. There was not only life on this planet, but intelligent life in the form of human beings.

Kek thought to himself how this could be, and eventually put the pieces together that it was he who had unintentionally created these life forms. Now, seeing his true powers of creation, Kek wanted to test himself by creating a life form intentionally. Not just any life-form though, but a God! Not like the weak and futile Gods the Almighty Dildo had created, but one whose power neared his own.

3,746 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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