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Looks like there is some interest in using this in the troopers mod @Springbok

movie was starship troopers i think [must have seen that] πŸ€– cant remember if it was good though

they even had a sequel

In game, at the moment, it would be a promlem. I tnink it is the emrap, you can see the engine just in front of the suspension, and you can even use a knife to disable it

you could also decide how mush detail is needed 'in game', enough to be immersed, without impacting game performance ect...

send a pick of engine in current state pls cant remember how it looks at the moment .... at least some should survive a mine though ... bit of a trade-off

lolz. i remember a bit more than a box

Beretta mod Rs202p

was used by sap not quite sadf issue i think

look at the cammo on the back seat, was that not sap issue

And the sadf gets the remington 870 ;)

just to be clear, are you leving the best for last? (the 🐘 Mk1A) πŸ˜‰

It's the only tank that we can add, I don't think the rooikat was really used

just a quick hack

it's too black and white lol. also if you do a full face paint, try it like it is in the neck area

When ranging using x, the sight should stand still and the rest animated. ?

Ps it was the centurion tank, that I was talking about, the other day

had some fun with 3D scan


just have to find some cool things to scan for the mod πŸ˜‰

i turned it to match the photo to see if it looks real enough. still don't know how this type of content can be used in game (just props or kit...)

i must still put it through the Blender lol, but will have to download it first (have not really played with blender so should be fun)

crop out every thing that is not boot, fix some bad spots (then it should be good as a prop) but t use it on a players feet :p

Got more pics, but I don't know if they are useful. It's something I found in Mozambique, but still looking for better wrecks.

Hot as hell, but I am cool with that. Two weeks later...

... And the machine is still on the trucks

We are in Tete , close to Moatize. So it's quite rural. (that red line is how we will be moving through Malawi al the way to the coast)


Just under 1000km, will be here till the end of the year, the we will see what happens after that

Yip, I would think so, still want to test the lte signal and laptop. (if the game is up to date, I should try before helli update)

Would this pass as a boabab


Made it, but will have to start from scratch... LOST IT!! lol

That costs money 😬... No. I am a cheap skate when it comes to things like that πŸ˜‚

I have thousands of boababs around me, I think I should get some photos before I try this again

Was gonna do a 3d scan, but I don't think it would work

OK so I do still have some pics... I was way off

Was gonna buy fc5 now, when it was on sale, but when I looked again, it was over. Anyway there tree was not to complex but the one from Hunter looks good. None of the trees around me have leaves yet, so that is how I was going to model it but I will try both.

I don't think that I will go the extreme size. For now I will do some texture and basic shapes

Yip, had a lot of branches, but took them out, looked to cluttered (don't know how to much detail will affect fps) but ja A.D.D is getting the better of me

Another though I had was that it would be a better way to add leaves, to hide the lack of branches. But it doesn't work like that, need more branches for all those leaves ;/

Cool, add branches back in, and yes it looks better already ;) still having a problem with the leaves, but will see

I think I did download it to my pc, but never opened it.

Lol, I think my tree is ready for the troopers mod

Who needs protection... Switch it all off (jokes) my sdk is out of date and data is a bitch in moz. I can send it to you somehow?

Aha that's what I did

Paste it into trees folder, think it will work

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