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Im sure DHS has more than what we have seen

Now its time to act

2018-11-11 19:05:49 UTC

It would take a lot of people to fill in that many ballots and time too. Planning to hide and transport them.

2018-11-11 19:09:27 UTC

@lucid correct!

2018-11-11 19:09:41 UTC

read that pls

2018-11-11 19:09:49 UTC

if you havent already

2018-11-11 19:10:07 UTC

thx I read it earlier 😉

2018-11-11 19:10:26 UTC

that happened in 2016 AND 2018

2018-11-11 19:11:29 UTC
2018-11-11 19:12:10 UTC

yeah I was watching results coming in in 2016 while some were held back and then boom more votes for HRC. While they were calculating how many they could use without exposing themselves

2018-11-11 19:17:51 UTC

All this, combined with "define treason". 😄

2018-11-11 19:23:53 UTC

🆙 | **SirW00f leveled up!**


2018-11-11 19:50:24 UTC



2018-11-11 19:50:27 UTC

Q is dropping bombs holy...

2018-11-11 19:50:43 UTC

Somebody better control the Qposts bot

2018-11-11 19:50:48 UTC

We don't want people complaining about 20 pings

2018-11-11 19:50:54 UTC


2018-11-11 19:51:00 UTC

Got my dick all hard again... FML

2018-11-11 19:51:33 UTC

If they don't like the pings they can mute it or GTFO.

2018-11-11 19:52:51 UTC

@Mr. Sofaking Fluffykins I'll happily take those pings

2018-11-11 19:53:16 UTC

Atta boy

2018-11-11 19:58:50 UTC

"Your Tweets earned 19,978 impressions over the last 24 hours"


2018-11-11 19:59:08 UTC

Just broke 20k 😄

2018-11-11 20:00:59 UTC

Looks like Q's going to move to editing posts so I'll change the bot to notify when posts are edited.

2018-11-11 20:03:03 UTC


2018-11-11 21:11:54 UTC

Weird AF...one of the crisis actprs who pretended she was a professor did "lobster porn" & other whacky shit that prob wouldnt surprise anyone anymore

2018-11-11 21:12:13 UTC

Alright, inb4 gregory spams everybody endlessly with edits and fake hope notifications.

2018-11-11 21:14:21 UTC

[L] - we can hear you breathe

2018-11-11 21:16:36 UTC

I think that women definately said send moar prayers

2018-11-11 21:17:26 UTC

This woman? Haha



2018-11-11 21:18:06 UTC

Good lord

2018-11-11 21:18:22 UTC

Sorry, disturbing. But thats the ppl we are dealing with

2018-11-11 21:18:50 UTC


2018-11-11 21:19:50 UTC

Welcome to the democratic party

2018-11-11 21:21:26 UTC

The one above, on her interview. The cry sis actor. And yeah I was being facetious. But yeah I get ya

2018-11-11 21:22:56 UTC

Let me think........hmmmm....who could we get to do something absurd for money, as in pretend to be in a shooting......how about the bitch dressed as a loster giving birth on camera....PERFECT!

2018-11-11 21:23:28 UTC

But enough with whacktard

2018-11-11 21:39:47 UTC

Bwahahahhaha Wow I think I need to wash my eyes out with soap. 😂

2018-11-11 21:39:56 UTC

Good digging crew👊🏼

2018-11-11 21:40:00 UTC


2018-11-11 21:45:15 UTC

K that's it for real this time


2018-11-11 21:46:35 UTC

Very anti-MAGA tho

2018-11-11 21:53:58 UTC

No, I took that to be David Spade <:trumpOK:498239491589537821>

2018-11-11 22:07:20 UTC

I found the best explanation of the Q clock ever!


2018-11-11 22:55:27 UTC

2018-11-11 23:08:59 UTC

@SirW00f I think it needs more red lines and circles 😉 lol

2018-11-11 23:09:16 UTC

@Moooooooooooooo easily capture the 2020 nomination - I AM CRYING!

2018-11-11 23:29:40 UTC

@Moooooooooooooo Couldn't read all the WSJ piece but I get the gist 🔒 hopefully she'll be safe behind bars by then or 🔫 have received justice another way

2018-11-11 23:36:29 UTC

Also just noticed it's categorized under opinions

2018-11-11 23:36:55 UTC

So take it with a grain of salt

2018-11-11 23:47:36 UTC

Why can't they keep their shirts on

2018-11-11 23:47:57 UTC

I wish they hit her

2018-11-11 23:59:33 UTC


2018-11-12 00:07:28 UTC


2018-11-12 00:18:22 UTC

I don’t fucking care anymore. (((They))) won, they will always win, and at this point in time, there’s nothing more that we can do other than triggering/owning libtards epic style.
Just let the West die, embrace our (((overlords))) because there is no other option left. Once Trump is gone, that’s it. The party is over and we’re fucked demographically. The Democratic Party will rule for over a hundred years with socialism, globalism, and degeneracy until the Spics, Muslims, and Chinks tear it all down out of spite.
The future of the white man will be the same as Native Americans, just put in reservations as we wallow in sadness and nostalgia while we drink down the last bottle of booze in the pantry.

2018-11-12 00:19:07 UTC

Doomerposting copypasta works on blackpills

2018-11-12 00:19:17 UTC

Just blackpill until it's ridiculous

2018-11-12 00:22:21 UTC

@rakket funding shortfall

2018-11-12 00:55:05 UTC

why the squawk listed?

2018-11-12 00:55:14 UTC

Why all this information?

2018-11-12 00:55:25 UTC

Beginning descent for landing
Callsign: Air Force One
ID: USAF 92-9000
Squawk: 2460
Altitude: 16575
Lat: 38.9
Long: -74.8

2018-11-12 01:00:29 UTC


2018-11-12 01:05:21 UTC

Potus scheduler is a PlaneFagg

2018-11-12 01:07:51 UTC


2018-11-12 01:10:04 UTC


2018-11-12 01:12:10 UTC


2018-11-12 01:12:54 UTC

Ready to shut these motherfuckers down publicly.

2018-11-12 01:16:39 UTC


2018-11-12 01:16:45 UTC

Largest 🇺🇸 ever sewn! 505 ft by 225 ft and weighs 3000 lbs. Takes 500 people to unfurl. Each ⭐️ is 17 ft high. — at The Hoover Dam

2018-11-12 01:20:28 UTC

My, that's a big one

2018-11-12 01:22:44 UTC

Anyone consider dec [L]as could be December -Adam Schiff? Just thinking out loud

2018-11-12 01:25:39 UTC

And I am biased

2018-11-12 01:55:02 UTC

i dont even care at this point

2018-11-12 01:55:09 UTC

i just want it to happen

2018-11-12 01:56:32 UTC

amen brother

2018-11-12 01:57:12 UTC

As do we all. It's just gonna be on Q time not ours

2018-11-12 02:04:29 UTC

they found more votes?

2018-11-12 02:05:25 UTC

https://bigleaguepolitics.com/stacey-abrams-sister-is-judge-presiding-over-campaign-lawsuits/ here's some shit. look who is presiding over the Stacey Abram's lawsuit

2018-11-12 02:05:48 UTC


2018-11-12 02:12:27 UTC


2018-11-12 02:25:19 UTC

Ludicrous, this is just sureal

2018-11-12 02:26:16 UTC


2018-11-12 02:26:16 UTC


2018-11-12 02:33:14 UTC

yeah thinking so

2018-11-12 02:46:14 UTC

That's not a government twitter account, "Official Government Organization Space Force Fan Account".

Thanks Fart for the update

2018-11-12 02:58:22 UTC

it's not an official acct, just a Qanon fan

2018-11-12 02:58:52 UTC

like one of us

2018-11-12 03:04:13 UTC

LOL ron, is that really fart on toast?

2018-11-12 03:04:23 UTC

I'm not as smart as you, so I wouldn't know.

2018-11-12 03:27:12 UTC

if there's not some public executions, I'm gonna be disapointed

2018-11-12 03:28:04 UTC

The release of the Declassified FISA docs also have a critical impact on the UK and EU, I can only hope that they also include the evidence that the UK Govt. including Treason May authorised UK to spy on Trump to pass onto Obama admin as has been mentioned before. She is about to betray the Brexit vote with a deal that essentially keeps the UK in the EU. The deal will likely be voted down in UK parliament but the EU court is soon to rule whether a country can rescind its application to leave. If they do so UK is screwed as they can do that and call another snap election which would likely usher in a full on marxist govt and the a 2nd referendum. Most likely rigged.
But if the released docs show the UK Prime Minister as complicit she would have to stand down and be replaced with a pro brexit PM to take charge, as she is cabal. These docs are much more important than just for US, they critically could affect UK/EU too.

2018-11-12 03:53:50 UTC

Fiber cut


2018-11-12 04:02:19 UTC


2018-11-12 04:02:32 UTC

click on the link and zoom in - enjoy!

2018-11-12 04:14:37 UTC

@VOL Implications???

2018-11-12 04:34:32 UTC

Concernfag on acid ^^^

2018-11-12 04:59:29 UTC


2018-11-12 05:46:12 UTC


So what is going on? After 9/11, Congress passed the Homeland Security Act of 2001 allowing the president or the secretary of DHS to designate “critical infrastructure” that must be protected against attacks (6 U.S.C. §132). In 2013, President Obama issued a revised “Presidential Policy Directive” on “Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience” (PPD-21). If Jeh Johnson designates our election system as “critical infrastructure,” then according to this directive, the Justice Department is given the authority to “investigate, disrupt, prosecute, and otherwise reduce” threats to that infrastructure. DHS will “coordinate the overall Federal effort to promote the security and resilience of” the infrastructure.




2018-11-12 06:09:00 UTC

@Moooooooooooooo your phone number I assume?

2018-11-12 06:09:41 UTC

@Moooooooooooooo im deleting that for your safety

2018-11-12 06:15:20 UTC

avoiding my water for a while...tastes funny even after running it thru a few filters
the tap actually tastes better, but i think the filters are cleaning out the taste modifiers hiding the poison in the water
remember all those fent seizures in the news...both alt and msm
all near dem controlled areas
or in them
all in amounts that that could kill entire populations of major cities
think narrative of 'batman begins'
in the movie - 'they added the poison to the water but it was a type of poison that could only be breathed in, not drank' but fent is a contact poison/narcotic ....so drinking, breathing or even bathing in it can poison u
like i said before, i'm avoiding the water for a while....will flush out the water later and clean my filters in a few hrs after i flush the lines
i live in a dem controlled city

2018-11-12 06:16:06 UTC

btw, the florides and bleach compounds in the water tastes way different than this weird taste

2018-11-12 06:41:04 UTC

@Captain Furfag JT The number at the top is the person contacting me

2018-11-12 06:41:09 UTC

I would never post my own number

2018-11-12 09:20:19 UTC

anybody not asleep please raise ur middle finger like this - 🖕

2018-11-12 11:41:55 UTC


2018-11-12 12:11:16 UTC

behind the scenes commentary of what's going down in fort lauderdale avis

2018-11-12 12:14:44 UTC

What a cheese dick

2018-11-12 12:26:01 UTC

must be different in his language, because those are basically the same in english

2018-11-12 12:28:09 UTC

Miriam Webster disagrees with his "exactly opposite" part for sure. Matter of fact they're listed as very closer synonyms

2018-11-12 12:29:18 UTC

Is just spoken like a loser, by a loser that should just continue to surrender cause that's what he's good at. Surrendering to the deep state's will.

This is just more anti American bullshit

2018-11-12 12:29:53 UTC

his nation is in partial occupation

2018-11-12 12:30:08 UTC

as well as alot of other nations in the eu

2018-11-12 12:30:31 UTC

also the ones that control the banking system got them in a choke hold

2018-11-12 12:31:02 UTC

they're basically prisoners in their own nation

2018-11-12 12:31:14 UTC

without actually being in prison building

2018-11-12 12:31:19 UTC


2018-11-12 12:31:25 UTC

He's still a cheese dick

2018-11-12 12:31:31 UTC


2018-11-12 12:39:01 UTC

Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys whose tanks have 7 gears 6 are reverse
Fucking French

2018-11-12 12:41:10 UTC

The EU must DIE!

2018-11-12 13:01:45 UTC

But muh dew weapons...

2018-11-12 13:32:07 UTC


2018-11-12 13:36:59 UTC


2018-11-12 13:41:54 UTC


2018-11-12 13:42:05 UTC

Macron reminds me of Swissbro, kind of that same holier than thou muh feelings shit

2018-11-12 13:42:18 UTC


2018-11-12 13:42:29 UTC

>My moral compass supercedes your interests goyim

2018-11-12 13:42:59 UTC

He probably knows macron and blows him every now and then.

2018-11-12 13:43:31 UTC

It's probably just a Eurocuck thing

2018-11-12 13:47:45 UTC

I miss that asshole

2018-11-12 13:47:58 UTC

I was recently going to go hunting for werewolves with my bow.

2018-11-12 13:48:10 UTC

But I needed some silver glass for the arrowhead obviously.

2018-11-12 13:48:22 UTC

And now only the Atlanteans and Swissbro can make it, so the trip was cancelled.

2018-11-12 13:52:20 UTC

5555 resignations <:trumpOK:498239491589537821>

2018-11-12 13:53:20 UTC

Well you're war magi is friends with the atlanteans so I'm sure he can get the recipe.

2018-11-12 13:55:48 UTC

One of the perks of having a magicfag that's not a holier than thou cuck is that, I can't believe I forgot.

2018-11-12 13:56:14 UTC

@Lucifer Inlustris We require silver glass to make arrowheads for werewolf hunting by bow.

2018-11-12 13:56:59 UTC

Dude he's gotta get his beauty rest for the 4 hour burger flipping shift man!

2018-11-12 13:57:01 UTC


2018-11-12 13:58:18 UTC

Between the burger flipping and his new Knight I'm not sure how he handles it all at once.

2018-11-12 14:02:16 UTC

Hey man he works an honest job at a grocery store

2018-11-12 14:03:34 UTC

you flip burgers at grocery stores over there?

2018-11-12 14:04:17 UTC

Don't you?

2018-11-12 14:04:25 UTC

umm... no

2018-11-12 14:04:42 UTC

You think you're better than us because you've got seperate fine establishments for groceries and burgers?

2018-11-12 14:04:47 UTC

Think again bucko.

2018-11-12 14:04:52 UTC


2018-11-12 14:05:01 UTC

No, only retards think Aus is better than US

2018-11-12 14:05:21 UTC

Have some pride in your own country cuck

2018-11-12 14:05:25 UTC


2018-11-12 14:05:57 UTC

Ok, don't, but don't be surprised when your lack of love of country means we just annex your shit and tell you all to fuck off back to England.

2018-11-12 14:06:06 UTC


2018-11-12 14:07:07 UTC

Prison sentence over, go back to the Crown

2018-11-12 14:07:08 UTC

I love my country, but not our shitty constitution or most of the other things that is shit about it

2018-11-12 14:07:15 UTC

we grow good weed and wine.. there ya go.

2018-11-12 14:07:19 UTC


2018-11-12 14:07:22 UTC

See errybody's got something

2018-11-12 14:07:45 UTC

oh yeah and abbos are fun to laugh at

2018-11-12 14:08:07 UTC

Psh, you guys are missing out on an opportunity to find water in the desert

2018-11-12 14:08:53 UTC

like dis?

2018-11-12 14:09:05 UTC

> middle of desert

2018-11-12 14:11:54 UTC

Yeah they break records and you just want to be ungrateful

2018-11-12 14:12:05 UTC

Typical invaders.

2018-11-12 14:18:21 UTC

is that ayres rock?

2018-11-12 14:22:35 UTC


2018-11-12 14:46:53 UTC

Another bogus Q ad

2018-11-12 14:47:08 UTC

Fool me one, shame on you.

2018-11-12 14:47:14 UTC

Fool me twice, shame on me.

2018-11-12 14:48:20 UTC

That’s ridiculous

2018-11-12 14:49:37 UTC

No no no I think it's “There's an old saying in Tennessee — I know it's in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can't get fooled again.”

2018-11-12 14:49:58 UTC

Gotta get it right

2018-11-12 14:53:31 UTC

Haha Bush(whacker) at his finest

2018-11-12 14:54:37 UTC


2018-11-12 15:01:29 UTC


2018-11-12 15:01:47 UTC


2018-11-12 15:04:37 UTC

Ey this commercial is real

2018-11-12 15:04:50 UTC

But it kind of looks like it was made to be posted

2018-11-12 15:04:57 UTC
2018-11-12 15:05:01 UTC

Like there's some weird shit in this commercial

2018-11-12 15:05:07 UTC


2018-11-12 15:05:12 UTC

Not really

2018-11-12 15:06:23 UTC


It's almost like there's an underlying satire and or message

2018-11-12 15:07:02 UTC

Wtf is vfl?

2018-11-12 15:07:11 UTC

There's some shit going on here.

2018-11-12 15:07:16 UTC

Trying to get a clear shot of this bitches ring.

2018-11-12 15:07:21 UTC

Vol For Life

2018-11-12 15:07:25 UTC


2018-11-12 15:07:26 UTC

Oh nm vey fucking lazy

2018-11-12 15:07:37 UTC


2018-11-12 15:07:39 UTC

Uhh no

2018-11-12 15:08:06 UTC

What is that video?

2018-11-12 15:08:33 UTC


2018-11-12 15:08:57 UTC


The journalist tweet it at 4:55 am and works for Vox

2018-11-12 15:09:07 UTC


2018-11-12 15:09:15 UTC

Right hand, black rock

2018-11-12 15:09:24 UTC

Necklace is partitioned into 3

2018-11-12 15:09:26 UTC


2018-11-12 15:09:43 UTC

Immediately after the ring is flaunted it's the picture of the bear hanging

2018-11-12 15:09:47 UTC

Or left hand holding a remote control more like it

2018-11-12 15:09:54 UTC

I dunno

2018-11-12 15:10:05 UTC

Gonna go watch it

2018-11-12 15:10:10 UTC

I need help identifying a symbol

2018-11-12 15:10:45 UTC


Standard pentagram

Common fag boi tat but does have satanic origin

2018-11-12 15:12:22 UTC


2018-11-12 15:12:25 UTC

skull on sleeve

2018-11-12 15:12:51 UTC

I guess a Trumpy Bear is equally ridiculous as Snuggies and Chia Pets so someone would buy it

2018-11-12 15:14:15 UTC

How about we look at who's selling it.

2018-11-12 15:14:26 UTC

That's some cringe shit right there

2018-11-12 15:14:36 UTC

It's more than cringe there's more to this.

2018-11-12 15:15:20 UTC

There's no way that person would be given that task unless it was specifically for that job

Exceptional Products LLC

2018-11-12 15:15:57 UTC



2018-11-12 15:17:31 UTC

Yeah it's a long time favorite for the so called "gas station spot" also a lot get it on their hands or feet but yeah it's a nautical star.

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