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2019-05-17 07:07:01 UTC


2019-05-17 07:07:33 UTC

ok, who let the bot in and allowed it to speak in code....speak english, bot

2019-05-17 07:32:36 UTC

it hit into the building next door to it

2019-05-17 07:34:43 UTC

that county it's in

2019-05-17 07:34:50 UTC

palm springs is there

2019-05-17 07:35:18 UTC

and joshua tree

2019-05-17 07:39:01 UTC

anyway...other side of the building makes custom built cars or hot rods

2019-05-17 07:39:52 UTC

only sat photos are when it was a dirt road

2019-05-17 07:41:10 UTC


2019-05-17 07:41:30 UTC

amazon fulfillment center on other side of the march air force base

2019-05-17 07:43:04 UTC

now why would that be there

2019-05-17 07:43:26 UTC

theres almost crappy ground transport there...not even a rail line cluster

2019-05-17 07:44:21 UTC

so unless they're using the air force base for amazon shipping, i see no reason for that to be there logistically

2019-05-17 10:22:29 UTC


2019-05-17 16:07:25 UTC

Watch #JayLive @JordanSekulow : #Democrats Face Off to Take on @POTUS Trump https://www.pscp.tv/w/b67TnzFZTEVKTkdiUnZ5RU58MU1ZeE5kTldQWlJHd-4VcpxDRKt8yg1-kEw0Pk59Q1Xf4mq3phgUIjkyNoho

2019-05-17 20:13:07 UTC


2019-05-17 20:17:49 UTC

General Flynn Brother Joseph Flynn : Mueller Team and FBI Withheld Information About How Long They Had Been Spying on Mike Flynn (VIDEO) https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2019/05/general-flynn-brother-joseph-flynn-mueller-team-and-fbi-lied-about-how-long-they-had-been-spying-on-mike-flynn-video/

2019-05-18 00:03:32 UTC
2019-05-18 00:07:48 UTC

So is this “the Russians tricked us” the compromise to save the republic? Save credibility of our highest institutions? I’m not impressed. I’m not convinced.

2019-05-18 00:21:33 UTC

This is full out conspiring by all the main actors. What is trickling out now is just small doses for public consumption. We don't need 80% of america having an aneurism. That is if I'm reading you right

2019-05-18 01:25:57 UTC

update on crash via moreno vally news excerpt " confirmed that the F-16 that crashed into a warehouse yesterday was carrying a "standard armament'' package, although he's not providing specifics of what types of weaponry was aboard. He also confirms that the armaments have been recovered from the jet. https://www.myvalleynews.com/story/2019/05/17/news/three-hospitalized-after-fighter-jet-crash-near-march-air-base/65993.html

2019-05-18 01:35:44 UTC

interesting theory @SirW00f about the bios I think thats the China problem.. all the cpu mobo & tech chips is on everything now, even cars planes satellites etc . everything we have is made from there and its on everything .Like Huawei - watching listening & maybe controlling our stuff

2019-05-18 01:41:36 UTC

https://www.businessinsider.com/huawei-makes-major-announcement-us-war-2019-3?r=US&IR=T interesting our Gov banned federal agents from using this & most likely the military as well - plane was military👇

2019-05-18 05:56:01 UTC

A classic

2019-05-18 08:14:41 UTC

whole interview

2019-05-18 17:04:07 UTC



2019-05-18 17:21:51 UTC


2019-05-18 19:12:16 UTC

Exceptional Hannity last night with Mark Levin.

2019-05-18 22:28:18 UTC

Is there a list of recent clintoncide victims?

2019-05-18 22:28:31 UTC

Most of the sites i'm seeing are from around 2017

2019-05-18 22:31:37 UTC


2019-05-18 23:03:45 UTC


2019-05-18 23:04:01 UTC


2019-05-19 00:13:08 UTC

Trump congratulates Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison https://mol.im/a/7045253 via @MailOnline

2019-05-19 00:43:03 UTC

things learned while doing digital warrior info ~ https://twitter.com/GoboMontaco/status/1129798438219145216

2019-05-19 01:21:43 UTC


2019-05-19 01:43:30 UTC

Yeah, my first thoughts was click click pull

2019-05-19 01:59:39 UTC

cher asking for it.. posting ANON today 😂 https://twitter.com/cher/status/1129783288015577090

2019-05-19 02:22:10 UTC

Former CIA Officer Sentenced to Prison for Espionage https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/former-cia-officer-sentenced-prison-espionage

2019-05-19 02:46:31 UTC


2019-05-19 04:05:45 UTC

if i got that i think i woulda trolled it

2019-05-19 14:41:59 UTC

Money probably dried up

2019-05-19 14:42:25 UTC

imo, the plea deal was over

2019-05-19 14:42:38 UTC

controlled opposition

2019-05-19 14:43:00 UTC

use their own tools against them

2019-05-19 16:05:31 UTC

The faggots are back


2019-05-19 16:15:03 UTC

look at follower amount

2019-05-19 16:15:07 UTC

it's dropped alot

2019-05-19 16:21:33 UTC

Well yeah isn't that what happens with deactivation?

2019-05-19 16:21:55 UTC

They'll buy followers when they're ready

2019-05-19 16:38:13 UTC

their follower list has been dropping since trump's been proving them wrong

2019-05-19 16:43:10 UTC



2019-05-19 18:03:50 UTC

Despite Opposition, ICE Looks to Open New immigration Detention Facilities in California

2019-05-19 18:45:48 UTC

interesting it's in english and some other language

2019-05-19 18:56:28 UTC


2019-05-19 18:56:33 UTC

🤔 🤔

2019-05-19 19:02:38 UTC

some updated info 👆 excerpt U.S. embassy was not hit by the rocket & President Donald Trump's administration has said it sent additional forces to the region to counter what it called credible threats from Iran against U.S. interests, including from militias it supports in Iraq. https://www.usnews.com/news/world/articles/2019-05-19/blast-heard-in-central-baghdad-cause-unknown-reuters-witnesses

2019-05-19 19:24:36 UTC

As long as this doesn't result in a de facto war I think it'll be fine

2019-05-19 19:24:37 UTC

2019-05-19 19:44:45 UTC

they're just there for show and to watch the ff ppl

2019-05-19 19:48:30 UTC

just setting up the stage for the final act thats coming

2019-05-19 20:04:06 UTC

New Accounts?

2019-05-19 20:05:21 UTC

not new, restored acc's

2019-05-19 20:05:44 UTC

new acc's couldn't get that many followers that quick

2019-05-19 20:06:57 UTC

they were legally cut off, but were restored by those in real power to keep the narrative alive about them

2019-05-19 20:07:26 UTC

i guess their plea deal not ended yet

2019-05-19 21:52:52 UTC

Yeah , what was that pic earlier a frigging improvised , mussbilly launch pad?

2019-05-19 23:58:32 UTC

omg thats a display rack and a file photo.

2019-05-19 23:59:52 UTC

Trump Rally Tomorrow

May 20 ,2019
DOORS OPEN 4 EDT - POTUS Starts aprox 7 EDT

Montoursville , PA


2019-05-20 00:01:29 UTC

wrong side of the state for me.

2019-05-20 00:42:23 UTC
2019-05-20 00:48:38 UTC

What plea deal @SirW00f

2019-05-20 00:48:47 UTC

sounds more like gang violence

2019-05-20 09:11:21 UTC

makes one wonder whats in the construction adhesive they use to make those wood homes with

2019-05-20 16:19:39 UTC

#JayLive : #Trump - If iran wants to fight that will be the official end of #Iran !

2019-05-20 17:13:14 UTC

Here's a 15$ question. Japan was to anime, as Iran would be to what?

2019-05-20 17:20:07 UTC

according to 'history books' ...iran was to algebra

2019-05-20 19:21:52 UTC

Live Watch "Chit Chat Live 5-20-19: Bill de Blasio, Joe Biden, James Comey, AG Bill Barr, President Trump" on YouTube https://youtu.be/shIPxDiIkIA

2019-05-20 19:45:18 UTC

US getting his stuff ( electronics etc ) Julian Assange's belongings 'to be handed to US' | Sky News Australia https://www.skynews.com.au/details/_6038758723001

2019-05-20 20:55:31 UTC

Watch RSBN All Day "🔴 LIVE now: POTUS Donald Trump at 7 MAGA Trump Rally in Montoursville , PA 5/20/19" on YouTube https://youtu.be/Q3Mp0MbuBrE

2019-05-21 00:10:44 UTC

I have to look up that word I must admit

2019-05-21 00:12:06 UTC

Yes, that one

2019-05-21 00:12:39 UTC

cloture - The only procedure by which the Senate can vote to place a time limit on consideration of a bill or other matter, and thereby overcome a filibuster.

2019-05-21 00:13:40 UTC

basically blocking any dem move against a new judge going to the 9th

2019-05-21 00:13:51 UTC

short of doing something illegal

2019-05-21 00:15:54 UTC

I just never seen it before :shrug

2019-05-21 00:18:00 UTC

i have

2019-05-21 00:18:26 UTC

they've done it a few times to shut the dems up,

2019-05-21 00:18:40 UTC

and the dems done it a few times to them as well when they had majority

2019-05-21 06:18:10 UTC


2019-05-21 06:23:09 UTC

I'm starting to wonder if the NSA/CIA are as powerful and all knowing as they tout.

2019-05-21 06:24:04 UTC

Because it could very well be that this whole Snowden fiasco could have been in past a muscle flex to the rest of the world

2019-05-21 07:44:52 UTC


2019-05-21 16:04:11 UTC

#Live #JayLive Watch @JordanSekulow's broadcast: Fight for Life : The Cultural Battle of the #2020Election. #ProLife #TuesdayThoughts #AbortionIsMurder https://www.pscp.tv/w/b7QYtzFZTEVKTkdiUnZ5RU58MUJSSmp2anB2UldKd-1ggzY1nbX6AMHabYYfmURBVeQR6wzAO5QRTjMdIt8I

2019-05-21 17:56:52 UTC
2019-05-21 20:56:15 UTC

I wanna see more of the savage genz

2019-05-21 20:57:40 UTC

I wonder if there are any savage boyz out there.

2019-05-21 20:58:48 UTC
2019-05-21 22:34:56 UTC

diplomacy is the proper use of language and when it's needed

2019-05-21 23:10:55 UTC

Guess they really put the subverse in subversive

2019-05-21 23:32:02 UTC

Voat is desperately trying to kill itself

2019-05-21 23:32:53 UTC

socialistic invasion of voat begins at the admin level

2019-05-21 23:32:54 UTC

Haha trump doing an impression of mark dice's impression of brian stelter.

2019-05-21 23:33:02 UTC


2019-05-21 23:35:57 UTC

It's amazing how many people turn into fucking snowflakes when placed in mod or admin positions. Q "endorses" voat only for it to get to their heads and turn them into pussy hats.

2019-05-21 23:53:39 UTC

There is a war going on ya know

2019-05-21 23:57:04 UTC


2019-05-22 02:12:38 UTC

Ah, a fun reminder that the fed must get ded.

2019-05-22 02:13:22 UTC

yeah after they blow themselves up with spygate, crashing the economy will be all thats left

2019-05-22 02:17:05 UTC

Yeah, move us to a labor based economy.. wait..(((they))) don't want that either. <:trumpup:498239485377773581>

2019-05-22 14:36:36 UTC


2019-05-22 14:37:04 UTC

I in impeach is capitalized and G is missing from nothin


2019-05-22 14:37:10 UTC

IG report

2019-05-22 14:38:49 UTC

BREAKING: FBI agents Joe Pientka and Mike Gaeta, along with DOJ official Stu Evans, are figuring prominently as witnesses in IG Horowitz's investigation of department FISA abuses. The findings in the forthcoming IG report are said to be "devastating."

2019-05-22 16:04:01 UTC

Live JayLive @JordanSekulow's broadcast: Former Attorney General LorettaLynch Accuses Jim Comey of Lying. https://www.pscp.tv/w/b7VqXzFZTEVKTkdiUnZ5RU58MXlOR2F2UmxrcXJKaj1fh0vsLnNlE8F4YL_HxK6cqIwAIHD19EOdI5NtDmcq

2019-05-22 16:08:36 UTC


2019-05-22 19:16:13 UTC
2019-05-22 19:22:40 UTC

House Intel Committee chair postpones meeting on ‘enforcement action’ against Barr - https://www.oann.com/house-intel-committee-chair-postpones-meeting-on-enforcement-action-against-barr/

2019-05-22 19:37:05 UTC

LIVE /Replay President Trump Participates in the Public Safety Officer Medal of Valor Presentation Ceremony also AG Barr speech - YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BuA4JVg54OE

2019-05-22 19:53:03 UTC

Ep. 985 The Real Reason for the Latest Attack on Trump Emerges. The Dan Bongino Show 5/22/2019. - YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FSW_MZMJ_jo

2019-05-22 19:55:13 UTC

Live: Social media reps testify on election infrastructure, cyber security -Happening Now: House Oversight National Security Subcommittee holds hearing on "Securing US Election Infrastructure and Protecting Political Discourse." YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sdcFuMs7Ek4

2019-05-22 20:18:39 UTC
2019-05-22 22:53:23 UTC

You had me for a second

2019-05-22 22:54:47 UTC

i wouldn't be surprised if she was willing to do the whole vid, not just the start of it

2019-05-22 22:59:04 UTC

>inb4 QRP acronym takes the "fren" route and we end up back on the larp-fags attempt.

2019-05-22 23:16:22 UTC

U.S. Attorney Announces Indictment Of Michael Avenatti For Aggravated Identity Theft, Engaging In A Scheme To Defraud A Former Client | USAO-SDNY | Department of Justice https://www.justice.gov/usao-sdny/pr/us-attorney-announces-indictment-michael-avenatti-aggravated-identity-theft-engaging

2019-05-22 23:27:01 UTC

what the hell is QRP

2019-05-22 23:33:55 UTC

@Moooooooooooooo q research poal

2019-05-22 23:34:03 UTC

Oh gotcha

2019-05-22 23:43:42 UTC

Do you remember that long article about the Uranium one deal? Do you remember what publican hosted it?

2019-05-22 23:43:49 UTC

It was a qrd about the whole thing

2019-05-22 23:48:15 UTC

Y'all shepherding boomers over there, Or real shit going on?

2019-05-23 00:03:42 UTC

Just a backup for qrv in the event that it becomes no longer viable

2019-05-23 01:11:33 UTC

DNA Tests Expose Human Trafficking At The Border - YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kwTQXUTQ5yM

2019-05-23 02:57:30 UTC

Roger that @FastJack

2019-05-23 04:34:55 UTC

Anyone got that compilation of tweets about roasties wanting to kill and eat a picture of a fetus?

2019-05-23 15:32:43 UTC

This bitch Pelosi is rambling like a lunatic

2019-05-23 15:34:53 UTC


2019-05-23 15:47:56 UTC

Again ...did she ever stop ! Lol

2019-05-23 15:48:03 UTC

DEVELOPING: Illegal Immigrants Released from Prison -DESPITE ICE WARNING- Accused of Killing Teen Girl | Sean Hannity https://hannity.com/media-room/developing-illegal-immigrants-released-from-prison-despite-ice-warning-accused-of-killing-teen-girl/

2019-05-23 16:04:46 UTC

#JayLive with @JordanSeculow : Frmr Top FBI Lawyer: FISA Application to spy on Trump Campion approved in " Unusual" way https://www.pscp.tv/w/b7a7FTFZTEVKTkdiUnZ5RU58MVlwS2t2cG5WV1Z4ao2zu9N3YnOIGckhu7jH9foJRgk7m7kauWxkgQPfxkH8

2019-05-23 16:06:02 UTC

@ᶜʳᶦᵗᵗᶻ kinda. Someone took the worst tweets and retweets from it and made a compilation collage.

2019-05-23 17:09:19 UTC

No Wonder Obama Intel Chiefs Panicking - Trump To Declassify "Bucket 5" Russiagate Docs
| Zero Hedge

2019-05-23 17:26:05 UTC

dont think I've seen it @Bukkakemon - could you repost if you do find.

2019-05-23 18:49:50 UTC

Live/ Replay Watch " Trump Delivers Remarks on Supporting America ’s Farmers and Ranchers" also QA with reporters about many topics ,Treason & Dems https://youtu.be/CxLYry0sc84

2019-05-23 20:16:24 UTC

so i've decided if i place a motor on my 1952 columbia beach cruiser its going to be a briigs and stratton flathead build

2019-05-23 20:18:38 UTC

original american made brigs or some other nation cheapo build?

2019-05-23 20:29:41 UTC

Trump couldnt be more clear on the treason

2019-05-23 20:38:23 UTC

Go with an old Wisconson engine. Cast Iron not Aluminum.

2019-05-23 23:12:43 UTC

@Bucko @SirW00f i'm going to look for an older american made one, aluminum was one of the ideas i hads considering my beach cruiser is made from steel and is heavy already.

2019-05-23 23:13:16 UTC

but i might be ok with a cast iron block with an aluminum cylinder head

2019-05-23 23:14:04 UTC

no, u don't ...mixed metals expand at different rates when heated

2019-05-23 23:14:26 UTC

could end up with a locked cylinder when the engine gets hot

2019-05-23 23:14:35 UTC

@SirW00f most drag strip hemis use the same configuration

2019-05-23 23:14:45 UTC

such as the 392 and 426 engines

2019-05-23 23:15:09 UTC

most ford flatheads have it too

2019-05-23 23:15:10 UTC

ya but they only use it for short periods at a time...not for normal every day usage

2019-05-23 23:15:53 UTC

well ask @Bucko more about it, he's the grease monkey

2019-05-23 23:16:02 UTC

plus briggs and stratton IS a flathead engine

2019-05-23 23:16:11 UTC

its a low revving, low compression engine

2019-05-23 23:16:12 UTC

i'm more into particle physics

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