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2019-02-14 01:53:37 UTC

My understanding on the algae fuel is it's still super expensive to make, maybe in the near future the cost would come down. Simple fact is, oil is the most energy dense material on this earth that is plentiful and cost effective to produce. Plus, one of these companies pays me (and a lot of other Americans) very good $ to help make it.

2019-02-14 08:53:45 UTC

stop eating or drinking before watching this tweet vid

2019-02-14 14:51:35 UTC

You've got a weak stomach

2019-02-14 15:01:35 UTC

<a:2857_PepeDontHaveTime:536651605907341322> <a:pepeclap:407708943758917633>

2019-02-14 15:01:55 UTC

Yeah change my nickname

2019-02-14 15:18:39 UTC

My nickname best

2019-02-14 15:38:20 UTC


2019-02-14 16:18:46 UTC


2019-02-14 16:22:31 UTC


2019-02-14 16:23:03 UTC

Are they sharing a shelf at the morgue or what?

2019-02-14 17:13:59 UTC
2019-02-14 17:51:15 UTC

McCabeโ€™s excuse for his treasonous actions... I hope this story helps him sleep well at night when he makes it to GITMO. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/andrew-mccabe-says-he-ordered-the-obstruction-of-justice-case-of-president-trump-60-minutes/

2019-02-14 19:47:46 UTC
2019-02-14 20:34:09 UTC

with Barr in shit will start happening I hope

2019-02-14 20:41:20 UTC

bls brosecute

2019-02-14 20:55:39 UTC

Watch "Live: Senate to vote on border deal to avoid shutdown" on YouTube https://youtu.be/sOgb7pMEkao

2019-02-14 21:26:09 UTC

dup btfo

2019-02-14 21:29:45 UTC

who's ready for a showdown!!!?

2019-02-14 21:31:15 UTC

Watch the dems vote their own bill down in house...

2019-02-14 21:32:44 UTC

dems voting down the bill won't stop the shutdown, voting for the bill won't stop it either

2019-02-14 21:32:58 UTC

not so long as theres loopholes against the wall in the bill

2019-02-14 21:33:56 UTC

Trump has had enough of this shit. He won't stand for the mayors having any say in this.

2019-02-14 21:34:05 UTC

BREAKING: POTUS TRUMP Will Sign Border Security Bill and McConnell Will Support National Security Declaration https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2019/02/14/breaking-president-trump-will-sign-border-security-bill-and-mcconnell-will-support-national-security-declaration/ via @thelastrefuge2

2019-02-14 21:35:27 UTC

sundance lies

2019-02-14 21:35:48 UTC

still never said exactly what mitch said

2019-02-14 21:36:07 UTC

i heard it from mitch...as everybody else did

2019-02-14 21:36:40 UTC

mitch said he spoke to the president and president is prepared to sign the bill, he never said president will sign the bill

2019-02-14 21:38:16 UTC

prepared to sign and signing are two different things.

2019-02-14 21:40:11 UTC

but still. Trump won't be cool with mayors having control, so he will do whatever he needs to in order to bypass them.

2019-02-14 21:41:27 UTC
2019-02-14 21:44:42 UTC

so far, most of the other 'news' platforms are calling it 'trump will sign bill'

2019-02-14 21:46:11 UTC

'from all of my collogues here, we'll sign the bill'

2019-02-14 21:46:48 UTC

fake news gets created when msm puts out news not spoken by the ppl that said the news to them

2019-02-14 21:53:50 UTC

We're getting what we want either way I just enjoy watching the dems squirm and eat themselves. Btw, Pelosi is in full blown dementia

2019-02-14 22:06:36 UTC

honestly about time the national security was declared don't think it was a coincidence it happened same day at barr

2019-02-14 22:50:12 UTC

Trump does not have to sign the bill until Tuesday 9am

2019-02-14 22:51:08 UTC

He may hold off until then to change his mind and read it.

2019-02-14 23:14:19 UTC

If it gets out of the house he'll sign it. He should sign it, doesn't matter, you do know we're building it either way right?

2019-02-14 23:17:33 UTC

Rosenstein Rejects Andrew McCabe's Statements, Calls Him a Liar http://news.valubit.org/rosenstein-rejects-andrew-mccabes-statements-calls-him-a-liar/

2019-02-14 23:21:09 UTC

US Company That Smuggled Weapons Into Venezuela Linked To CIA "Black Site" Renditions http://news.valubit.org/us-company-that-smuggled-weapons-into-venezuela-linked-to-cia-black-site-renditions/

2019-02-15 02:41:37 UTC

Has the president actually signed the bill yet

2019-02-15 02:52:12 UTC


2019-02-15 03:06:01 UTC

He can hold off until 9am EST Tuesday

2019-02-15 03:06:29 UTC

Monday is a federal Holiday.

2019-02-15 03:52:09 UTC

Yeah that's what I've heard. I want him to keep everyone on their toes, but it'd probably just be better to outright turn it down sooner than later

2019-02-15 05:45:16 UTC

it's happening!

2019-02-15 05:47:05 UTC

He'll turn it down, especially with the counties having authority to nix it their section

2019-02-15 08:17:27 UTC

actually, the president has up to 2 weeks after he gets the bill to either approve or veto the bill ...if he refuses to do either..it becomes legal

2019-02-15 08:18:19 UTC

but if he veto's it, he has to explain why he veto'd it

2019-02-15 08:18:34 UTC

as part of the veto process...

2019-02-15 08:19:32 UTC

the irony is .....he could work them to death to pass any bill if he wanted to ...could just veto on the grounds of improper font type or size

2019-02-15 14:46:42 UTC


2019-02-15 17:03:08 UTC

Watch "Trump expects national emergency declaration to go to Supreme Court" on YouTube https://youtu.be/CKvipt04g8s

2019-02-15 17:03:26 UTC

cudo's for POTUS! Balanced response to Congress's Bill. Plenty of POPCORN for MSN's response this weekend.

2019-02-15 17:26:38 UTC

Let the MT begin

2019-02-15 17:26:47 UTC

Iron lungs

2019-02-15 17:26:50 UTC


2019-02-15 17:26:55 UTC


2019-02-15 17:27:11 UTC


2019-02-15 18:10:48 UTC

Buttered Popcorn!

2019-02-15 20:18:51 UTC

how long are they going to keep rbg "alive"?

2019-02-15 20:20:49 UTC

Does anyone have the tweet about Hillary having the Russia Collusion story since when she first ran against obama and mccain? Was it Dan who tweeted it?

2019-02-15 20:20:49 UTC

2019-02-15 20:25:16 UTC

@eโป they have until Tuesday because she's supposed to be back then according to an article I saw

2019-02-15 20:30:03 UTC


2019-02-15 20:47:40 UTC

Did the bill get signed yet? I'm reading yes, but the Congress website hasn't update yet

2019-02-15 21:07:04 UTC

this is for Trump today...

2019-02-15 21:52:08 UTC


2019-02-15 21:53:36 UTC


2019-02-15 22:16:29 UTC

Andrew McCabe Panics - Walks Back "60 Minutes" Remarks on Talks to Oust Trump Via 25th Amendment https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2019/02/andrew-mccabe-panics-walks-back-60-minutes-remarks-on-talks-to-oust-trump-via-25th-amendment/ via @gatewaypundit

2019-02-15 22:27:34 UTC

been away a while, stubled upon this gem, pretty much by accident. still plenty out there, it seems.


2019-02-15 22:38:00 UTC

I think the discord incident was caused by breadbox reporting that furry server to the fbi. Lol if that is true op get furry was a success.

2019-02-15 22:43:40 UTC

@FastJack if I'm right then congrats man we won!

2019-02-15 22:46:34 UTC


2019-02-15 22:48:09 UTC


2019-02-16 01:12:47 UTC

Another dem controlled stronghold

2019-02-16 02:51:52 UTC


2019-02-16 05:31:09 UTC

If anyone cares, the Aurora shooter was a black felon who illegally obtained a weapon

2019-02-16 08:12:12 UTC

wondering if the factory where it happened was a factory where they made fake news at

2019-02-16 21:34:53 UTC

Newsom endorses kamala to defend immigrants https://twitter.com/GavinNewsom/status/1096585330935779328?s=19

2019-02-16 21:52:02 UTC

well she spreads herself around

2019-02-16 21:54:54 UTC

read bottom

2019-02-16 22:16:11 UTC

Does it say how they suggest doing that?

2019-02-16 22:17:40 UTC

Discover the expiring life and career of justice Ruth Bader

2019-02-16 22:17:58 UTC

Expiring ๐Ÿ˜‚

2019-02-16 22:21:06 UTC


2019-02-16 22:21:22 UTC

No such luck

2019-02-16 22:21:47 UTC


2019-02-16 22:22:42 UTC

As long as her tenure as Supreme Court justice expires, thatโ€™s good enough

2019-02-16 22:22:58 UTC

I bet it will be soon

2019-02-16 22:23:22 UTC

I'm sure it's over for her

2019-02-16 22:24:10 UTC

Any paparazzi worth his weight in gold would have snapped a shot of her

2019-02-16 22:24:38 UTC

For sure. They canโ€™t keep up the charade forever

2019-02-16 22:25:31 UTC

Hey , never asked you...is that your cat?

2019-02-16 22:27:05 UTC

Nope. Itโ€™s my spirit animal

2019-02-16 22:33:04 UTC

Just as well then

2019-02-16 22:34:17 UTC

I have a rottie I was figuring out how to bleach his ass.

2019-02-16 22:34:44 UTC

Lol jk kidding of course

2019-02-16 22:40:11 UTC

Hahaha that would be funny. Hmmm... you need a stencil and bleach ๐Ÿค”

2019-02-16 22:40:27 UTC

Just paint it on

2019-02-16 22:52:36 UTC

I'm Back


2019-02-16 23:07:18 UTC

Don't heart attack me bro

2019-02-16 23:57:48 UTC

will Israel be able to talk to my refrigerator? What if they tell it not only to watch I'm eating but what I'm also saying. What if it gets transmitted to tel aviv and i get put on a blacklist. Internet of Things is coming. What do frens?

2019-02-17 00:27:23 UTC

I was referring to this btw..

2019-02-17 00:34:49 UTC

What the fudge was that.

2019-02-17 00:36:03 UTC

Twilight zone

2019-02-17 00:38:09 UTC

delete this now

2019-02-17 00:38:15 UTC

Tbh , I don't really know.

2019-02-17 00:40:01 UTC

The f word?

2019-02-17 00:40:13 UTC

Or the vid

2019-02-17 00:40:47 UTC

Don't delete anything.

2019-02-17 00:41:31 UTC

Worry not

2019-02-17 00:42:02 UTC

the leaked footage.

2019-02-17 00:42:33 UTC


2019-02-17 00:43:33 UTC

Is there more leaked footage to post?

2019-02-17 00:44:43 UTC

Is leaked the same as unreleased?

2019-02-17 00:45:18 UTC

Sure, In this case, why not

2019-02-17 00:46:01 UTC


2019-02-17 00:47:48 UTC

This is previously unreleased, then leaked


2019-02-17 00:51:43 UTC

this is very rare

2019-02-17 01:00:10 UTC

Igor and Grichka rock.

2019-02-17 01:40:39 UTC

she's no good no more right

2019-02-17 01:41:01 UTC

what do u guys think of kushner

2019-02-17 02:44:12 UTC

Still unsure on him

2019-02-17 02:55:42 UTC

New Q

2019-02-17 02:56:35 UTC

On a completely random note, I feel like I should attend mass again. I've been praying a lot lately, and I feel like my faith is returning.

2019-02-17 02:56:38 UTC

I dunno

2019-02-17 02:56:40 UTC

New Q

2019-02-17 03:01:48 UTC

Kushner is a fucking kike first of all. Second of all his dad got busted for bribing a a politician or some shit. It's on (((Wikipedia))), so it's public knowledge.

On his """"spooppy"""" side, he spent a fuckton of shekels buying **666** Park Avenue. Also, there seems to be some direct links between people who work for him and moderation on the halfchannel. I forgot what board, I think it was /po/ or something.
Either way that guy raises too many red flags.
I need to recover my pics from my other phone :feelslainman:

2019-02-17 03:06:33 UTC

โ˜Ann Coulter is such a dissapointment..back during 2015 elections she was 100% backing Trump along with selling her book Adios America ...now it's Adios to Ann !

2019-02-17 09:40:50 UTC

aww shit posted in the wrong channel, RBG meme


2019-02-17 09:42:36 UTC

@eโป show me

2019-02-17 09:42:36 UTC

2019-02-17 09:55:31 UTC

Just a bit of transvestigation I came across while flipping channels. This is a dude. https://www.instagram.com/p/BMCyw-cBpAB/?utm_source=ig_embed

2019-02-17 10:00:14 UTC

bukk, not all women had long hair

2019-02-17 10:00:18 UTC

back then

2019-02-17 10:01:25 UTC

and when u move to calif from a much colder climate, it's only natural to cut ur hair shorter to adapt to the change in climate

2019-02-17 10:04:01 UTC

majority of women i seen during the mid 80's living in so-calif areas had short hair

2019-02-17 10:10:38 UTC

That picture wasn't the reason I questioned "it". I questioned her/him because they were having an interview, and it just sounded like a dude who went through HRT. Same with Tea Leoni the star of Madam Secretary

2019-02-17 17:20:43 UTC

#MeToo: West Hollywood Mayor Who Honored Stormy Daniels Faces Calls to Resign over Sexual Harassment Claims | Breitbart http://bit.ly/2DLQquH via @BreitbartNews

2019-02-17 17:47:05 UTC

@eโป based on my experiences, dont do it. The church is an institution of the demiurge. If you want to know the true word of god look within yourself.

2019-02-17 17:48:50 UTC

everyone carries a "divine spark" or "Inner light" from the true god

2019-02-17 17:56:02 UTC


2019-02-17 17:56:26 UTC

Whole bunch of supposed Rothschild emails with passwords

2019-02-17 18:55:47 UTC

Q is going banshee.

2019-02-17 18:57:59 UTC

I should include the +

2019-02-17 19:02:53 UTC

Anybody else get goosebumps from this shit every single time? God, I love it!

2019-02-17 19:05:53 UTC

For sure

2019-02-17 19:11:55 UTC

Double zero delta! Holy fuck!


2019-02-18 00:00:06 UTC
2019-02-18 00:01:02 UTC

Kek good one

2019-02-18 00:42:12 UTC

Q- people will be waking up to....something big coming.....tomorrow is presidents day ๐Ÿค”

2019-02-18 00:43:03 UTC

Who is this guy???

2019-02-18 00:45:13 UTC

๐Ÿ‘†SNL Kenan.... used to be on nickelodeon Kenan & Kell show when kids https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kenan_Thompson

2019-02-18 01:52:42 UTC

Ok what did I miss with Kenan?

2019-02-18 02:00:47 UTC

Watch "Rep. Ratcliffe says Andrew McCabe โ€™s story has major holes in it" https://youtu.be/lBQm1dvvm9k

2019-02-18 08:47:55 UTC

12 Establishment Media Journalists Who Fueled the Jussie Smollett Flames http://news.valubit.org/12-establishment-media-journalists-who-fueled-the-jussie-smollett-flames/

2019-02-18 09:59:56 UTC

This clip is so good!

2019-02-18 10:04:24 UTC

drug enforcement agency - they enforce the drugs

2019-02-18 10:05:48 UTC

family member was dea, that member only handled surveillances not actual 'enforcement'

2019-02-18 10:06:19 UTC

friend was or still is in us marshal service

2019-02-18 17:00:20 UTC

For something with such a vast national reach with such politically deceptive motivations, he better get more than a $25,000 fine, which would hardly be a minor annoyance to someone with his income

2019-02-18 17:13:27 UTC

It's because he is a liberal black he gets a slap on the wrist, if he was a white Maga male he would get fined millions & 25 to life

2019-02-18 17:23:11 UTC
2019-02-18 18:04:57 UTC

Groups Protest @POTUS #Trump National Emergency on Presidents day in Washington DC

2019-02-18 19:16:48 UTC

Q-sama pls I can only check so frequently

2019-02-18 20:16:58 UTC

Dershowitz: 'Anybody Who Seriously Considered' Invoking 25th Amendment Should No Longer Be Working for the U.S. Gov't | Breitbart http://bit.ly/2GtDCgd via @BreitbartNews

2019-02-18 20:44:13 UTC

Standing up for CA ๐Ÿ‘‡ This is really how Legal California thinks !

2019-02-18 20:46:45 UTC

seen it

2019-02-18 20:47:56 UTC

any place in calif that isn't a million buck home at least....is the ghetto to the democrats

2019-02-18 20:48:42 UTC

but that won't stop them from destroying ur lives

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