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2018-10-18 18:38:31 UTC

It's incredible to hear this shit on tv

2018-10-18 18:39:10 UTC

norwegian tv?

2018-10-18 18:39:23 UTC

They are trying to have more "genre" quotes in some University, and the director of that school is some posh feminist

2018-10-18 18:39:28 UTC


2018-10-18 18:39:44 UTC

ok, so they're even getting airtime down there

2018-10-18 18:39:53 UTC

They are right now

2018-10-18 18:41:13 UTC

So there is people complaining About those quotas, but they don't mention anything about those complaints, they are just saying it's "BIGOTED AND SEXIST"

2018-10-18 18:41:22 UTC

But they don't even show one

2018-10-18 18:41:46 UTC

they know they can't argue with logic

2018-10-18 18:43:07 UTC

And a blonde, arrogant looking old fart tells me: when you get such sexist letters, you should not even read them, dont listen to them, just throw them in the trash *motions as if she's throwing stuff in a bin*

2018-10-18 18:43:21 UTC


2018-10-18 18:43:37 UTC

yea it a reason why everythime there is a discustion bettween fementst and some one else you just have a bunch of screaching femeneist reeeeing everythime someone tryes to speak

2018-10-18 18:44:34 UTC

And the person that should regulate the discourse just shushes the anti feminist

2018-10-18 18:44:48 UTC

Now listen

2018-10-18 18:44:53 UTC

I have a plan

2018-10-18 18:45:43 UTC

I'm in my first year, out of three or five if I want an higher degree

2018-10-18 18:46:17 UTC

that the person that is suposed to be the nutral one is far from nutral and probley is a good friend with the femenist or the femenist had never shown up

2018-10-18 18:46:31 UTC

By the time I'm done, social justice might have taken over the academia

2018-10-18 18:46:34 UTC

if these people start trouble at your university, it might be an idea to keep your head down

2018-10-18 18:47:13 UTC

just keep head down and try to keep for your self, just like in a jail

2018-10-18 18:47:26 UTC

And that means new engineers will have to learn about trans gender dragon kins, and less about thermodynamics. Boom, job security right there

2018-10-18 18:48:51 UTC

I mean, in my classroom (I don't know the term in English) there are about 400 people. I can usually see less than 15 girls

2018-10-18 18:48:59 UTC

That's engineering for you

2018-10-18 18:49:46 UTC

we have started to see a trend in a lot of big companys that they refuse to hire people from universetys and just trian there own people as it cheeper and most of the uni studens cant shit about what they need anyway

2018-10-18 18:50:43 UTC

It's cool, I've worked in such a company for a while before going to uni

2018-10-18 18:52:22 UTC

I'm trying to upload a photo

2018-10-18 18:52:54 UTC

and gen z looks like they are going fuck school in general and just go for trade skills as it better for them long term

2018-10-18 18:52:55 UTC

Or they train current employees, like my place.

I could be an engineer equivalent within 10 years, and skip college

2018-10-18 18:53:59 UTC

Yeah absolutely, a lot of the people working there had the equivalent of experience of an engineer but were actually trained in working

2018-10-18 18:54:37 UTC

But still

2018-10-18 18:54:52 UTC

Fug does anyone see the picture I sent lol

2018-10-18 18:55:11 UTC

you are to low rank to post pictures

2018-10-18 18:55:32 UTC

Oh i see

2018-10-18 18:55:42 UTC

Meritocracy at it's best

2018-10-18 18:56:59 UTC

I see this crap every morning at 7:20 am

2018-10-18 18:57:22 UTC

I can agree whith no racism and no sexism

2018-10-18 18:57:39 UTC

Why the fuck no police

2018-10-18 18:58:28 UTC

Or there are graffiti asking to set jails on fire

2018-10-18 18:59:04 UTC

And I'm wondering... After freeing the criminals?

2018-10-18 18:59:20 UTC

"No police" πŸ˜‚

2018-10-18 18:59:27 UTC

absoloute retardation

2018-10-18 18:59:36 UTC

No cops

2018-10-18 19:00:32 UTC

And there are stickers around calling cops fascist with an hand stoping a cop with a bat

2018-10-18 19:01:20 UTC

"University student larvae of the system"

2018-10-18 19:01:20 UTC

well cops are evil as they are stopping all the innocent "crimminals" and illigal people

2018-10-18 19:01:29 UTC

you need to add "no food <:Commie_ball:466404411535785995>" to the list

2018-10-18 19:01:42 UTC

Fuck yeah that would be great

2018-10-18 19:02:35 UTC

"innocent criminals" KEK

2018-10-18 19:03:44 UTC

I even took the free online course about diversity

2018-10-18 19:04:02 UTC

what did it say

2018-10-18 19:04:02 UTC

Man it was MIILD

2018-10-18 19:04:07 UTC

mild or wild

2018-10-18 19:04:15 UTC

Like something from 10 years ago

2018-10-18 19:04:24 UTC

For reference

2018-10-18 19:04:29 UTC

It was lgbt

2018-10-18 19:04:37 UTC


2018-10-18 19:04:39 UTC

Or whatever

2018-10-18 19:05:28 UTC

I mean, it was kinda communist propaganda, but very very basic stuff

2018-10-18 19:05:54 UTC

I mean,

2018-10-18 19:06:07 UTC

If you had this suff here

2018-10-18 19:06:34 UTC

No matter who you show this to, communist, fascist, random dude on the street

2018-10-18 19:06:51 UTC


2018-10-18 19:06:53 UTC

They will send you to a mental institute

2018-10-18 19:07:03 UTC

Even without the dog part

2018-10-18 19:07:33 UTC

It's degeneracy.

2018-10-18 19:07:41 UTC

Pretending to be a dog is just degenerate

2018-10-18 19:07:43 UTC

This Image confuses me. I've taken the diversity course but I still don't understand. Is the dog a girl or dog?

2018-10-18 19:07:48 UTC

the old communist was not nice to anyone that did not fit the mold they did as man and a woman and at least 3 kids

2018-10-18 19:07:52 UTC

Does it have a pp now?

2018-10-18 19:08:35 UTC

sicc pp man

2018-10-18 19:08:58 UTC

why is it an iron man dog tho

2018-10-18 19:09:29 UTC

I disagree, I honestly don't care whatever a sucker wants to do in it's bedroom. I'm just confused as to what it's going on.

2018-10-18 19:10:06 UTC

I mean, I don't care either.

2018-10-18 19:10:11 UTC

they have and should have the choice to do whatever they want as long as it dosent hurt anyone

2018-10-18 19:10:14 UTC

If it was a girl acting as a doggy for a guy (creepy costume aside) mostly no one would care

2018-10-18 19:10:15 UTC

its still degenerate tho

2018-10-18 19:10:38 UTC

I personally wouldn't care if it was M/M

2018-10-18 19:10:56 UTC

But this is too convoluted

2018-10-18 19:11:10 UTC

you bigot <:NPC:500042735617703967>

2018-10-18 19:11:13 UTC

Also why the fuck is it in a newspapers

2018-10-18 19:12:00 UTC

No really guys

2018-10-18 19:12:21 UTC

The dog has boobies

2018-10-18 19:12:29 UTC

Why does it say trans man?

2018-10-18 19:13:56 UTC

a trans man is a woman who turned into a man

2018-10-18 19:14:08 UTC

he probably hasn't done surgery or smt

2018-10-18 19:16:51 UTC

im willing to bet most people that call themself trans person in current year are just posers that if you did say that they are forced to transend will back out of it

2018-10-18 19:16:56 UTC


2018-10-18 19:16:58 UTC


2018-10-18 19:17:19 UTC

if they haven't had dysphoria, nor try to actually change, they're probably not trans.

2018-10-18 19:17:58 UTC

T r a n s c e n d

2018-10-18 19:18:10 UTC


2018-10-18 19:18:21 UTC

Are they low effort traps?

2018-10-18 19:18:34 UTC

not even that. traps do at least try

2018-10-18 19:18:44 UTC

Low effort

2018-10-18 19:20:49 UTC

What saddens me the most is that over here lgbt rights aren't even that solid

2018-10-18 19:21:15 UTC

In some places, if you come out as gay, you will actually get in trouble

2018-10-18 19:21:16 UTC


2018-10-18 19:21:52 UTC

But we know that sjw aren't about helping women, gays or trans

2018-10-18 19:29:40 UTC


2018-10-18 19:32:25 UTC

"drink drive limit"?

2018-10-18 19:32:45 UTC

Sounds like something a six year old would say...

2018-10-18 19:33:14 UTC

uk calls it a drink drive limit

2018-10-18 19:33:18 UTC


2018-10-18 19:33:27 UTC

In uk it’s drink drive

2018-10-18 19:33:33 UTC

That's some shit tier grammar

2018-10-18 19:33:41 UTC


2018-10-18 19:33:47 UTC

Coming from an American too lmao

2018-10-18 19:33:58 UTC

we invented the fucking language,

2018-10-18 19:34:17 UTC

we'll use it however we fucking please

2018-10-18 19:34:21 UTC

And we perfected it

2018-10-18 19:34:26 UTC


2018-10-18 19:34:51 UTC

not enough U's

2018-10-18 19:34:56 UTC

we say "rattfylleri" basically "steering wheel drunkeness".

2018-10-18 19:34:58 UTC

Capitalism baby

2018-10-18 19:35:21 UTC

Blood-alcohol limit

2018-10-18 19:35:52 UTC

Or "Driving under the influence"/"driving while intoxicated"

2018-10-18 19:36:11 UTC

that's the more official terms

2018-10-18 19:36:50 UTC

colloquially, it's the drink drive limit

2018-10-18 19:37:17 UTC

Yeah, but your colloquialism sounds like some foreigner made it up

2018-10-18 19:39:28 UTC


2018-10-18 19:39:43 UTC


2018-10-18 19:39:46 UTC


2018-10-18 19:39:56 UTC

in fairness, the person who came up with it was probably pissed and in charge of a vehicle at the time... so, y'know, there's that

2018-10-18 19:41:33 UTC

I though I was getting memed first time hearing "drink driving"

2018-10-18 19:41:42 UTC

Like... in no way, under any circumstance, does 'drink drive' sound right or make sense, in a sentence.

'Drunken Driving' maybe, or 'driving drunk'

2018-10-18 19:42:16 UTC

almost like a bad Google translation lol

2018-10-18 19:43:55 UTC

It's not worth much, but drink drive sound silly to me

2018-10-18 19:44:10 UTC

Drunken driving sounds cooler

2018-10-18 19:44:35 UTC

hmm, yeah a slash does kinda sound appropriate

2018-10-18 19:44:37 UTC

driving whilst drunk is not cool <:GWqlabsHyperRage:393085095285882881>

2018-10-18 19:44:53 UTC

@MountainMan It is offroad

2018-10-18 19:45:16 UTC

L293D nice handle

2018-10-18 19:45:50 UTC

bit rich coming from the country that can't even pronounce the fucking "L" in solder

2018-10-18 19:46:10 UTC


2018-10-18 19:46:21 UTC

Libtard resigned

2018-10-18 19:46:26 UTC

it's aint silent anywhere else

2018-10-18 19:46:40 UTC

It is in America

2018-10-18 19:46:59 UTC

you spastics just cant speak coz ur too busy fucking your trailer park sisters

2018-10-18 19:47:19 UTC

Hey! She's my COUSIN

2018-10-18 19:47:30 UTC

How insensitive of you

2018-10-18 19:48:23 UTC

fucking coffee... it's not like i wanted to drink it anyway... much rather wipe it off my keyboard

2018-10-18 19:49:20 UTC

"maybe we can't say the l in solder but we can say fuck those Islamic terrorists"

2018-10-18 19:49:42 UTC

I don't know if it translates well but still

2018-10-18 19:50:16 UTC

i dunno if you can claim victory there... look at the sharia creep all over your country

2018-10-18 19:50:45 UTC

Hey I'm not americansky

2018-10-18 19:51:03 UTC

then stay outa this argument greyfag

2018-10-18 19:51:28 UTC

No u

2018-10-18 19:52:11 UTC

fuck them... but let them build a shit ton of mosques all over the country πŸ˜‰

2018-10-18 19:53:00 UTC

tho that's no victory for me either coz we're doing it too... we're even electing the fuckers to government

2018-10-18 19:53:27 UTC

Pretty much all of Europe and America too is

2018-10-18 19:53:34 UTC

Not in the government tho

2018-10-18 19:53:55 UTC

But we still get millions from Islamic countries to build mosks

2018-10-18 19:54:29 UTC

the uk will have a muslim extremist prime minister within 20 years,

2018-10-18 19:54:55 UTC

I hope the fuck not

2018-10-18 19:55:29 UTC

Our next PM will either be a socialist or a muzzie

2018-10-18 19:55:39 UTC

Not even the good kind like Majid nawaz

2018-10-18 19:56:30 UTC

@M4Gunner you’ve heard about the new multi-purpose APERS/HE/canister/breaching tank round?

2018-10-18 19:56:33 UTC

majid nawaz isn't as good as you think he is... he's stil an extremist with islam superiority as his main priority

2018-10-18 19:56:35 UTC

This year I was in a college in England for a couple of weeks, we were supposed to go to London, but the school decided not to because of all the fucking crime

2018-10-18 19:56:49 UTC

It’s some kind of adjustable fuze fragmentation round

2018-10-18 19:57:04 UTC

Would be perfect for a mosque

2018-10-18 19:57:10 UTC

Majid's dialogues with Harris were god-tier ngl tho

2018-10-18 19:57:14 UTC

Yh he's not amazing

2018-10-18 19:59:10 UTC

**SMW22792#1992** was cleansed from the server.

2018-10-18 19:59:21 UTC

Imagine the msm cropping this guy's message and claiming that Sargon organized his followers to do violence

2018-10-18 19:59:31 UTC

Stop letting other countries pay for building mosques in your country

2018-10-18 19:59:46 UTC

Stop letting foreign educated imams work in your countries mosques

2018-10-18 20:00:10 UTC

Start putting mosques which can seem like danger zones on overwatch

2018-10-18 20:01:51 UTC

AMP rounds for mosques

2018-10-18 20:03:09 UTC

Bold of you to assume we havent done it ourselves <:pepe_smug:378719408341909506>

2018-10-18 20:07:44 UTC


2018-10-18 20:07:50 UTC

@M4Gunner what do you think of that tank ammo

2018-10-18 20:16:23 UTC

ya'll ready for the starship troopers video?

2018-10-18 20:21:09 UTC

Wait, did kaden go full retard and I missed it?

2018-10-18 20:24:29 UTC

she does it a lot, so probably

2018-10-18 20:26:27 UTC

what and when

2018-10-18 20:26:29 UTC

I just checked <#451138708498808832>

2018-10-18 20:26:49 UTC

2 minutes you cucks!

2018-10-18 20:34:58 UTC

For the real npc meme remove the thought bubble from one of them

2018-10-18 20:36:50 UTC

Holy crap I love Dante

2018-10-18 20:37:08 UTC

His insults on Muslims was fucking Savage

2018-10-18 20:38:02 UTC

Or well, his critique

2018-10-18 20:39:20 UTC


2018-10-18 20:48:37 UTC


2018-10-18 20:48:50 UTC

we got what we have been wanting

I am disapoint

2018-10-18 20:50:33 UTC

if you start the party people may join yalllllll party

2018-10-18 20:58:04 UTC

Oh ffffuuuuuuu!!!!! I'm not at home! I can't watch it yet!!

My beloved Mobile Infantry

2018-10-18 21:08:54 UTC


2018-10-18 21:14:25 UTC


2018-10-18 21:15:45 UTC

What it say?

2018-10-18 21:16:00 UTC

you're gonna have to listen to it

2018-10-18 21:18:24 UTC

It's fucking awful

2018-10-18 21:19:12 UTC

lmmmmmaaaoooooooooo its hilarious

2018-10-18 21:19:24 UTC

black people shitting on white gurls

2018-10-18 21:19:34 UTC

btw, I've been wondering, did the real Sargon ever even know that England existed?


2018-10-18 21:37:49 UTC

what the hell is up with this premiering video thing will it ever be in a state where it becomes a normal video

2018-10-18 21:39:20 UTC

@Harazu Keshtah When the video is released it us played similarly to a livestream the first time and any time after it is a regular video

2018-10-18 21:39:37 UTC

live chat replay expires after a while

2018-10-18 21:40:00 UTC

I'm an archivist and my main download finds it inpenetrable atm.

2018-10-18 21:40:07 UTC


2018-10-18 21:40:31 UTC

is it after the first play?

2018-10-18 21:40:50 UTC

youtube says it's premiering now so I'm guessing no

2018-10-18 21:41:01 UTC

yeah you just have to wait till that finishes

2018-10-18 21:41:25 UTC

got it and probably a bit afteward youtube sometimes is slow to process a vod

2018-10-18 21:42:09 UTC

if you have sargon's ear than let him know I have 360p backups of a good chunk of his defunct shitposting channel

2018-10-18 21:42:22 UTC

all he has to do is ask

2018-10-18 21:43:25 UTC

also thanks for the heads up on the discord thing

2018-10-18 21:47:08 UTC

Oh boy

2018-10-18 22:22:47 UTC

Aight, I gotta pee first, then I'll start my journey to becoming a part of the MOBILE INFANTRY!

(Would you like to know more?)

2018-10-18 22:27:35 UTC

I really don't get the fascination with starship troopers I watched the movies and I hated it. (never knew the context of the politics at the time). all I could see was crummy special effects.

2018-10-18 22:27:44 UTC

and idiotic bug logic

2018-10-18 22:27:49 UTC

Yeah, we're talking about the book

2018-10-18 22:28:10 UTC

fair enough

2018-10-18 22:28:52 UTC

The director is a German soci boi who doesn't understand Heinlein's writings

2018-10-18 22:31:52 UTC

Oh shit! He got voice actors! πŸ˜‚

2018-10-18 22:32:49 UTC

My friend just bought a French maid outfit of eBay and is gonna wear it to his aunts birthday party

2018-10-18 22:33:19 UTC

is your friend a trap?

2018-10-18 22:33:25 UTC

He's been told many times that he looks like a girl so he's gonna be a cute trap maid

2018-10-18 22:33:49 UTC

@Fitzydog *he will be...*

2018-10-18 22:34:35 UTC


2018-10-18 22:36:33 UTC

gotta work with what life gives ya

2018-10-18 22:49:21 UTC

vore your friend

2018-10-18 22:53:37 UTC


2018-10-18 22:53:52 UTC

Who's ready to win the 800 million dollar powerball?

2018-10-18 22:54:15 UTC

🀠 πŸ™

2018-10-18 22:54:29 UTC

if I win it will only add to my pool of jew money

2018-10-18 22:54:35 UTC

I will purchase the Golan Heights

2018-10-18 22:55:02 UTC

It's 970 mil now

2018-10-18 22:55:12 UTC

peepee hard

2018-10-18 22:55:18 UTC

I drove by the sign today lol

2018-10-18 22:57:57 UTC

what on earth would someone do with 800 mil although I could think of some things but I'd probably have like 799 mil left

2018-10-18 23:04:29 UTC


2018-10-18 23:15:05 UTC

buy your own nation where you can claim diplomatic imunity for all your shitposting

2018-10-18 23:15:11 UTC

@Fitzydog are you ready to do your part?

2018-10-18 23:16:42 UTC

Hey, just so you guys know, if you didn't see, Trump got rid of the special protection China had with the postal service

2018-10-18 23:17:23 UTC

how it was classified as a third world nation, so they got a major discount on shipping. So we won't be getting as much free shipping on products, but China is going to lose out on lots of cash, and will no longer be taking advantage of us

2018-10-18 23:21:47 UTC


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