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Whats up new to the discord. Any welders ?

Boilermaker myself industrial mechanic soon to be welder no certs hey

Mght be outdated

From the Valley here

Nice, sadly I own no boog sticks (19 in commiefornia), so my main thing has been thinking up ideas for armored vehicles

Gravitation designs


Yeah that’s very true, I want to get a truck soon thinking about an OBS Chevy and weldin some steel plates into the doors and and inside the fenders surrounding the engine block

Should we pull out of FB groups ?

I’m in Katos group/page , I feel like there’s going to be a mass flagging via FB. Maybe I’m being paranoid. But I think they will try to get “eyes” on high profile boogboys and try to neutralize them somehow

True I was thinking these could be used for strategic moments. we could have light weights and the heavy hittakers.

My heavy weight would be some type of pickup with some horsepower upgrades and superb cooling modifications. With some type of armored enclosure in the bed

Engine cooling that is

@[LA] Zoomer Medi/k/ yup there whole thing is to get their as soon as possible

@Redneck_Thor I see what you’re saying probably won’t happen but making a new flag and making a bunch of self plug articles and blogs about it literally just flood the internet with info about what we are about

Yeah I see but that con that comes with decentralization

I’m all for decentralizing but I wouldn’t mind have Zone leaders or advisors

The whole net has been infiltrated

They have too much power

Honestly digital is a double edged sword

I think there’s literally no way unless we have our own ducking satélite

That’s a good idea and some sort of boog encryption created by one of savvy enough

I feel like whet have hit a technological peak where anything can be decoded/infiltrated

@[LA] Zoomer Medi/k/ could we get into legal trouble or would be more like gangs talking/harassment type stuff ?


That’s what I was talking about earlier possible pulling out of FB BB pages

True but FB has this thing where it can flag you as being left or right wing just had me thinking it even knows what political party you are depending on your post or atleast tried to piece you

Unify before the no kn0cks hit

We need to make that mental shift with time that this is our land fuck all these high power elect oppressors with their legality bullshit it’s our land and we are the people of it

Boilermaker shit 🤙🏻 you can’t tell me that you can’t weld that !!!!! Ohhhh fill that gap

I’d fall under dog company

Strap a thermal camera to drone

When SHTF we won’t be worried about FAA we can buy used ones that have been pre reg or from pre registration nera

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