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2018-09-22 08:26:35 UTC

Cause it certianly isn't the main issue

2018-09-22 08:26:50 UTC

@Somedudewithaname there are a lot of arab national socialists who are friends and supporters of western NS and white nationalists

2018-09-22 08:26:54 UTC

it doesn't matter what the common people think

2018-09-22 08:26:58 UTC

how many times do I have to explain it

2018-09-22 08:27:07 UTC

what they think is engineered by their govt

2018-09-22 08:27:12 UTC

What makes you think you won't end up like the nazi's again?

2018-09-22 08:27:16 UTC

if you become govt

2018-09-22 08:27:19 UTC

they think like you

2018-09-22 08:27:19 UTC

Or have you not thought of that?

2018-09-22 08:27:24 UTC


2018-09-22 08:27:27 UTC


2018-09-22 08:27:32 UTC

What makes you think this would work?

2018-09-22 08:27:40 UTC

Where's any histrorical evidence?

2018-09-22 08:27:42 UTC

it either works or we go extinct

2018-09-22 08:27:46 UTC

I always see the facists getting crushed

2018-09-22 08:27:50 UTC

nazis just got wrecked from fighting on too many fronts

2018-09-22 08:27:54 UTC

historically groups get more aggressive as they start to become minorities

2018-09-22 08:27:55 UTC

your not gonig extinct one one species first of all

2018-09-22 08:28:05 UTC


2018-09-22 08:28:08 UTC


2018-09-22 08:28:10 UTC

Does this trigger you Pajeet

2018-09-22 08:28:16 UTC

Nah man

2018-09-22 08:28:21 UTC

America is turning brown

2018-09-22 08:28:23 UTC

We're fine

2018-09-22 08:28:31 UTC

I'm sorry for all the natives who lost ther lives.

2018-09-22 08:28:36 UTC

BUt australia is small

2018-09-22 08:28:41 UTC

and I'm american

2018-09-22 08:28:44 UTC

You mean who got assimilated

2018-09-22 08:28:47 UTC

australia can do what it wants

2018-09-22 08:28:48 UTC

@Noxar i am aussie and they bash the shit out of this in aus parliament today

2018-09-22 08:28:51 UTC

who got killed

2018-09-22 08:29:06 UTC

you seem to think genoicide and immigration are the same thnig

2018-09-22 08:29:09 UTC

@Deleted User do you think Australia can be saved

2018-09-22 08:29:15 UTC

We're all humans

2018-09-22 08:29:16 UTC

Or is it too far down the retard hole

2018-09-22 08:29:22 UTC

@Somedudewithaname lel are we though

2018-09-22 08:29:24 UTC

Like I want everyone to thrive

2018-09-22 08:29:47 UTC

Spare me the optimism

2018-09-22 08:30:07 UTC

Besdies keep argunig about the ethnosate while we all die of global warming

2018-09-22 08:30:14 UTC

jesus is this really worth it to you?

2018-09-22 08:30:24 UTC

You can have your little ethno state as we all drown?

2018-09-22 08:30:50 UTC

@Noxar sorry my laptop died

2018-09-22 08:30:54 UTC

Homo Sapiens Sapiens

The "intelligent humanoid"

Niggers are not intelligent, their IQ classifies them as mentally retarded

Therefore niggers aren't human

2018-09-22 08:31:01 UTC


2018-09-22 08:31:12 UTC

So you are a death cult?

2018-09-22 08:31:14 UTC

were basically getting raped by chinese investors

2018-09-22 08:31:23 UTC

same here in leafland

2018-09-22 08:31:25 UTC

they buy up all our land

2018-09-22 08:31:40 UTC

I think Vril is the only one who actually realizes global warming is a threat

2018-09-22 08:31:45 UTC

our immigration has gotten worse but it isnt too bad

2018-09-22 08:31:49 UTC

I"m just saying

2018-09-22 08:31:54 UTC

Ok Al Gore

2018-09-22 08:31:58 UTC

I need to review all the papers on it

2018-09-22 08:32:00 UTC

maybe save the planet before your ethnostate?

2018-09-22 08:32:15 UTC

no reason for this planet if whites are going extinct

2018-09-22 08:32:15 UTC

I just hate multiculturalism

2018-09-22 08:32:22 UTC

you need to have people to save

2018-09-22 08:32:34 UTC

>oh look this bird has slightly differently shaped beak
= Different species
>Black's behave differently, have much lower IQ, different bone density, different bone structure
= Same species as whites and Asians @Thule-Gesellschaft [☩]

Isn't it amazing

2018-09-22 08:32:46 UTC


2018-09-22 08:32:47 UTC

So, let the planet die, becuase white people may or may not go "extinct"?

2018-09-22 08:32:55 UTC

also i need your porjection dta

2018-09-22 08:32:56 UTC

samson option

2018-09-22 08:32:58 UTC

if we can't exist

2018-09-22 08:33:00 UTC

everything should die

2018-09-22 08:33:15 UTC

also i'm not gonna explain biology to someone without a high school education.

2018-09-22 08:33:31 UTC

Vril-ya, You're done reading Vedas?

2018-09-22 08:33:33 UTC

How different species can't breed or your just trying to trigger me

2018-09-22 08:33:36 UTC

@Deleted User yeah you need to solve China problem

2018-09-22 08:33:42 UTC

And deport all the Sydney niggers

2018-09-22 08:33:44 UTC


2018-09-22 08:33:45 UTC

No, currently reading OT actually

2018-09-22 08:33:52 UTC

melbourne is worse

2018-09-22 08:33:59 UTC

somalian gangs running around

2018-09-22 08:34:00 UTC

How is this forum not shut down yet?

2018-09-22 08:34:02 UTC


2018-09-22 08:34:05 UTC

Keep doing it.
Heil Kshatriyas @Thule-Gesellschaft [☩]

2018-09-22 08:34:08 UTC

I'm kind of sadenned.

2018-09-22 08:34:13 UTC

@Somedudewithaname we havent broken the discord tos

2018-09-22 08:34:14 UTC

Oh we have a snitch

2018-09-22 08:34:21 UTC


2018-09-22 08:34:26 UTC

I want you guys to have a platform

2018-09-22 08:34:30 UTC

Btw my kul is a kshatriya kul @Thule-Gesellschaft [☩] it's Yadav.

2018-09-22 08:34:35 UTC

I'm scared what yu'll do without it

2018-09-22 08:34:38 UTC

"this forum"

It's called a server

2018-09-22 08:34:44 UTC

I'm glad you guys at least get to talk about it

2018-09-22 08:34:52 UTC

I said platform?

2018-09-22 08:35:00 UTC


I thought you said we are irrelevant and can't do anything

2018-09-22 08:35:03 UTC


2018-09-22 08:35:19 UTC

Idk man.

2018-09-22 08:35:30 UTC

this server used to be a lot more civic nationalist

2018-09-22 08:35:30 UTC

we are totally powerless dude..... <:FeelsSmugMan:356316580143169536>

2018-09-22 08:35:36 UTC

I'm more concerned what you all will do to yourselves.

2018-09-22 08:35:39 UTC

We are actually the best politically woke group on the internet.

2018-09-22 08:35:40 UTC

especially back when it was centipede central

2018-09-22 08:35:45 UTC

<:GWseremePeepoGGERS:402867853906280450> πŸ‘Œ

2018-09-22 08:35:45 UTC

I"m dead

2018-09-22 08:35:50 UTC

my ideology made me into a better person tbh

2018-09-22 08:35:54 UTC


2018-09-22 08:35:57 UTC


2018-09-22 08:36:11 UTC

I started working out more, eating right, started to look out for my moral behavior more

2018-09-22 08:36:20 UTC


2018-09-22 08:36:20 UTC

I don't want to know what you we're like before tbh

2018-09-22 08:36:21 UTC

My ideology made me a theist.
I was an atheist communist.

2018-09-22 08:36:22 UTC


2018-09-22 08:36:26 UTC

made me more motivated in general

2018-09-22 08:36:30 UTC

as long as you dont go down the seej path of social nationalism, it will help you

2018-09-22 08:36:32 UTC

@Somedudewithaname please you still haven't told us what the protocol is

2018-09-22 08:36:39 UTC

A joke?

2018-09-22 08:36:51 UTC

Accurate your ideology is a joke

2018-09-22 08:36:53 UTC

I"m glad your eating better I guess?

2018-09-22 08:36:53 UTC

@Somedudewithaname Oh I blend in effortlessly with normies. Even among liberals.

2018-09-22 08:36:53 UTC


2018-09-22 08:37:00 UTC

I could be your best white friend

2018-09-22 08:37:05 UTC

and you would never know

2018-09-22 08:37:12 UTC

Same to you actually.

2018-09-22 08:37:18 UTC


2018-09-22 08:37:19 UTC

What makes you think for bf isn't antifa?

2018-09-22 08:37:21 UTC


2018-09-22 08:37:23 UTC

you're not white

2018-09-22 08:37:25 UTC

You know

2018-09-22 08:37:26 UTC

so that doesn't make sense

2018-09-22 08:37:27 UTC


2018-09-22 08:37:32 UTC


2018-09-22 08:37:33 UTC

they're all over the place these days I here.

2018-09-22 08:37:37 UTC

DJ Khaled, another one.

2018-09-22 08:37:53 UTC

Felix is a true Indian

2018-09-22 08:38:09 UTC

Thanks bro.

2018-09-22 08:38:30 UTC

Idk if that was a compliment or insult.

2018-09-22 08:38:38 UTC

As lovely as you gentleman are I'm calling it a night

2018-09-22 08:38:38 UTC

The former

2018-09-22 08:38:49 UTC

I hope you people feel good about yourself?

2018-09-22 08:38:56 UTC

I probably won't come back ever don't worry.

2018-09-22 08:39:00 UTC

Thanks, m8. You're a true wherever you live

2018-09-22 08:39:02 UTC


2018-09-22 08:39:05 UTC

This is the last you'll see of me.

2018-09-22 08:39:12 UTC

What's your argument?

2018-09-22 08:39:14 UTC


2018-09-22 08:39:22 UTC

SO many dude lol

2018-09-22 08:39:31 UTC

Give it to me

2018-09-22 08:39:37 UTC

I want to know about it.

2018-09-22 08:39:53 UTC

Read Adorno. πŸ˜ƒ

2018-09-22 08:39:58 UTC


2018-09-22 08:40:07 UTC


2018-09-22 08:40:11 UTC

What a hippy

2018-09-22 08:40:11 UTC

Stay safe

2018-09-22 08:40:18 UTC

don't do anything illegal guys

2018-09-22 08:40:22 UTC


2018-09-22 08:40:50 UTC

Your existence should be illegal

2018-09-22 08:40:52 UTC

Mr pajeet

2018-09-22 08:40:56 UTC


2018-09-22 08:40:59 UTC

fuck off

2018-09-22 08:41:00 UTC


2018-09-22 08:41:05 UTC

Be gone modernist who blasphemes

2018-09-22 08:41:11 UTC

Love you guys buddy my dude

2018-09-22 08:41:19 UTC

Democracy was actually a process for the welfare of majority though it has been transformed into a process for the exploitation of majority in the name of representation from minorities.

2018-09-22 08:41:20 UTC

and we'll all get along and understand each other one day

2018-09-22 08:41:25 UTC

why are indians so weird

2018-09-22 08:41:26 UTC

much love and peace.

2018-09-22 08:41:31 UTC

We can all coexist!

2018-09-22 08:41:36 UTC


2018-09-22 08:41:40 UTC

Life is strage deal with it.

2018-09-22 08:41:42 UTC


2018-09-22 08:41:47 UTC


2018-09-22 08:41:51 UTC

It's 4:41 faggots

2018-09-22 08:41:51 UTC


2018-09-22 08:41:53 UTC

go to sleep

2018-09-22 08:41:54 UTC

He is an Indian diaspora fag in USA who thinks divorce is good, children without parents are a great thing as well as promiscuity and whoring.

2018-09-22 08:41:55 UTC


2018-09-22 08:41:57 UTC

lol his stupid pfp makes me laugh

2018-09-22 08:42:00 UTC

Omnia Vicit Amor?

2018-09-22 08:42:02 UTC


2018-09-22 08:42:02 UTC

Look, mate.
If you think we're neo-nazis or something then ffs get a sense of humour.

2018-09-22 08:42:23 UTC


2018-09-22 08:42:28 UTC

I'm proud of it all.

2018-09-22 08:42:29 UTC

revisionists are the big gay

2018-09-22 08:42:30 UTC

I think you guys should go to sleep

2018-09-22 08:42:32 UTC

@Noxar I'm the true Indian. He's fucking Lilly Singh's son.

2018-09-22 08:42:34 UTC

I love you bud y my dudes

2018-09-22 08:42:39 UTC
2018-09-22 08:42:40 UTC

No you @Ideology

2018-09-22 08:42:42 UTC

@Ideology timezones, mate

2018-09-22 08:42:44 UTC

this is a neo luddite server

2018-09-22 08:43:00 UTC

shut up @Hadou Divinity Mercurius !!! I KNOW WE'RE IN THE SAME TIMEZONE

2018-09-22 08:43:08 UTC

@Zionist Go to Awake

2018-09-22 08:43:13 UTC

I'm attending brother's wedding in an hour

2018-09-22 08:43:14 UTC


2018-09-22 08:43:20 UTC


2018-09-22 08:43:21 UTC

enjoy man

2018-09-22 08:43:25 UTC

So not going asleep

2018-09-22 08:43:26 UTC

Congratulations to him!

2018-09-22 08:43:29 UTC

Is he marrying a female?

2018-09-22 08:43:33 UTC


2018-09-22 08:43:34 UTC

@Ideology yes lol

2018-09-22 08:43:37 UTC

that is good

2018-09-22 08:43:59 UTC

Whenever I get into the serious mode, the person arguing, leaves.

2018-09-22 08:44:00 UTC

Im a bit skeptical whether their relationship will last but I hope it will, hope for the best

2018-09-22 08:44:01 UTC


2018-09-22 08:44:10 UTC

They are millennial liberals tho

2018-09-22 08:44:12 UTC


2018-09-22 08:44:21 UTC

What kinda brother you are πŸ˜‚

2018-09-22 08:44:24 UTC

It's ok

2018-09-22 08:44:31 UTC

Millennials barely have kids

2018-09-22 08:44:38 UTC

The "muh xenophobia" type of people @Zionist

2018-09-22 08:44:53 UTC

@Ideology his girlfriend is pregnant rn

2018-09-22 08:44:54 UTC


2018-09-22 08:44:58 UTC


2018-09-22 08:45:11 UTC


2018-09-22 08:45:13 UTC


2018-09-22 08:45:15 UTC


2018-09-22 08:45:32 UTC

They'll statistically find a reason to kill it sadly

2018-09-22 08:45:47 UTC

They are going to London for r honeymoon after this

Literally why fucking London
I'm really looking forward for news of them getting stabbed or run over at Westminster bridge....

2018-09-22 08:46:17 UTC

Most of the Indians who go abroad, become cringy SJWs.
They have nationalism for India but not the country they're living in.
I say, you should accept the culture and nationalism of the country you're living in because you're utilizing its resources.
Ps- Don't move to another country in the first place.

2018-09-22 08:47:22 UTC

He should have talked to me. I didn't know he was Indian.

2018-09-22 08:59:52 UTC

Guy says we had a bad society in 1950s. He loves Fags and Trannies. We need a therapy.
Well, If you're talking about how old society was better than today then checkout how good was India during Mauryan period with morals and ethics and how it is now with proper leftist education. Wars were the solution, Solutions are costly and you have to pay for it. We paid for it in amount of lives.
But why we had wars on this large scale? Different ideologies? Where they came from? Renaissance? Political awakening and shit like that? Well, then the change took us there. How can You, being a progressive liberal, say that you're not going to end up that way again?
You used the same argument for Nazis, lol.
Second thing. Gay people are so good that when USA allowed homosexuality, The number of STDs in US citizens was around 0.0000000000000000001% or less but in 2020, every third US citizen will suffer from minor/major STD.

2018-09-22 09:04:50 UTC

Talking about trannies, They're not either males or females and shouldn't be treated like them either.
It's like if Serena has two rackets, long and short and she tries to make that short rocket long and breaks it in the process then it won't be defined as the third type of racket.
By allowing them, We're creating a society with zero grip on reality.
Who doesn't wants a utopian society? But lemme tell you something... There isn't anything like unicorns and shit.

2018-09-22 09:05:45 UTC

Of course, everyone of us needs therapy for thinking like this but not our great snowflake pajeet @Somedudewithaname

2018-09-22 13:08:28 UTC
2018-09-22 13:08:38 UTC

Give me your best arguments **about islam**

2018-09-22 13:08:49 UTC

blasphemy against the son of god

2018-09-22 13:08:55 UTC

and not understanding the trinity

2018-09-22 13:09:36 UTC

@Kami β€œblasphemy against the son of god”
Jesus is a prophet in Islam

2018-09-22 13:09:42 UTC

the sun, gives light and gives warmth, you can feel both individually, and jesus is Ψ§Ω„Ω„Ω‡ Ω…ΨͺΨ¬Ψ³Ψ―

2018-09-22 13:09:58 UTC

β€œand not understanding the trinity”
I refuted this argument so many times

2018-09-22 13:10:26 UTC

does islam have respect to the prophets?

2018-09-22 13:10:37 UTC

Yes, we put (pbuh) after the,

2018-09-22 13:10:40 UTC


2018-09-22 13:11:09 UTC

yeah and then if you actually read what was said about them, you would know it's fucking blasphemy and denying everything said in god's book

2018-09-22 13:12:16 UTC

@Kami what was said about them? Are you actually using the bible to prove the quran wrong? You cant debate for shit you retard, stop using circular reasoning

2018-09-22 13:12:23 UTC

Its like a christian going up to an atheist and says

2018-09-22 13:12:30 UTC


2018-09-22 13:12:52 UTC


2018-09-22 13:13:08 UTC

there are multiple things humans didn't know, until this day, that the bible has mentioned

2018-09-22 13:13:28 UTC

@Azrael I would rather have good women and bad women, instead of 100% black wearing women
it's having freedom
it's having democracy

2018-09-22 13:13:40 UTC

why do you think the bible was a success and the root of democracy in europe? @Azrael

2018-09-22 13:15:01 UTC

> there are multiple things humans didn't know, until this day, that the bible has mentioned
Like what, the bible saying the earth has 4 corners several times, whereas the quran states its round?
And where the quran made several prophecies which became true, and the prophet muhammad made prophecies which became true too? https://docs.google.com/document/d/11ouvtqGo9qi2YbEszdHw5aT91MUK0Y9BlVb7awkvTJI read this doc.


democracy is what brought degeneracy, secular retard

2018-09-22 13:15:14 UTC

> why do you think the bible was a success and the root of democracy in europe?

Europe is secular

2018-09-22 13:15:53 UTC

Read the document

2018-09-22 13:15:58 UTC

Then come back here

2018-09-22 13:16:00 UTC

Got it?

2018-09-22 13:16:03 UTC
2018-09-22 13:16:13 UTC


2018-09-22 13:16:14 UTC

there has been multiple things written

2018-09-22 13:16:29 UTC

Like what

2018-09-22 13:16:32 UTC

I would rather debate you and take your argument for granted than to read that shit

2018-09-22 13:16:45 UTC

like we're on a rock that isn't held by anything

2018-09-22 13:16:56 UTC

like flesh is in the blood

2018-09-22 13:17:50 UTC

Like jesus being a lot cooler than a guy who just marries everyone for peace

2018-09-22 13:17:56 UTC

and marries a 9 year old

2018-09-22 13:18:02 UTC

@Kami thats it? Quran states more things, using scientific miracles as proof is retarded, but here we go


2018-09-22 13:18:24 UTC

@Kami read the document or your a pussy

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