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You mean his stages of life?

Where one related to a specific part of the body

Oral stage, phallic stage,etc.

And people's mothers

He had quite the fixation on people's mothers being the reason for their psychological development

Well he was right about the oedipus complex

He saw the body as a pretty damn important part of psychology and the idea of cognition wasn't really prevalent at his time.

He was physical with his ideas instead of metaphysical like the idea of cognition today

The oral stage was consumption basically

Again he identified consumption with insatiability as a child

Not that it's correct

But it is what he thought

About the sexual parts I would have to dig up my memory

I think the phallic stage was penis envy

He used penis envy to describe woman's behavior

I don't think he was a pervert though

And phallic aggression is about puberty yes

Where the desire to reproduce comes into mind which makes you feel weird at first

causing frustration

I think he said that it causes you to be confused shitless

Because you have yet to adapt to it

Like the first time you start getting erections

Probably how he would interpret that

That was his style

To say because of x stage

He is called the father of psychology because of his observations with patients and relating it to a specific cause which modern psychologists do today but with a better understanding

In other words his views are a stepping stone

Well being a surgeon doesn't mean you like cutting people up lol

he did out of research not pleasure is what I am saying

Well there were biblical words for that

But that was not the point of his studies


Then the neofreudians came around

Which shifted to behavioral theory I think?

oh yea conditioning

Classical and operant conditioning were behaviorism

Which was tested with animals

Was he a neofreudian?

Turns out he wasn't one

He came up with the conditioning theory

Watson came up with behaviorism

Was that before ethics were a thing

Sounds awfully extreme

Gender was a made up term in the 50s I think

Oh it was a made up term in the 50s to identify with "one's self"

It is a false distinction between one's identity and biological sex though

Dressing as a girl doesn't make you a girl

I doubt that is the main drive

Well then the conclusion is that it's a biochemical problem

Social problem is an understatement to political correctness today

Fine cultural Marxism

Cultural Marxism is a branch of western Marxism, different from the Marxism-Leninism of the old Soviet Union. It is commonly known as β€œmulticulturalism” or, less formally, Political Correctness.

In other words multiculturalism

Cultural Marxism is from collectivism

Which is from modern liberalism

Classical and modern liberals aren't the same

Neither are Neolibs


Don't worry we aren't natsocs

Who are fixated on zee jews

Ethnonationalism does not involve the ethnic cleansing that natsocs did lol

the logical solution is not to have open borders

As in no mass immigration

But USA is fucked with that

Japan is 98.7% Japanese though lmao

I'm just saying USA can't be an ethnostate at all

While Japan can

I don't

But you could talk to Mord who does

People fear mass immigration because their culture will disappear

That is what they claim

They believe that tradition connects people the most

As long as we aren't Sweden


We have all sorts of people here

Even social conservatives lol

Social conservatives believe in the government imposing immoral society practices

Basically gov regulating tradition

Like burning the flag

They would want it illegal

But hate speech is free speech

So flag burning is not illegal

Neither is being politically incorrect

For now


Japan is one

Ping Mord

He would be happy to say why lol

@Mord This guy wants to know what is beneficial about an ethnostate and why there should be one

He is probably asleep

Like I should be

The last 2 questions are pretty obvious

How would immigrants from a different background support a common background

civnat doesn't work well because people with their own nationalism will experience culture shock in a different country unless they adapt

Didn't he plagiarize Gandhi lol

Hoover? As in the pres during the great depression

Yea not when ghettoization still exists lol

Yea the white flight

I think Brown v Board of Education went far enough tbh

I mean the black abortion rate though

Would you say ghettos have gotten better

Separate but equal had black schools lol

Learning life skills would be better for school tbh

Instead of required Shakespeare

It was mainly Shakespeare

"law of causality does not always apply"

God is eternal

The universe is the creation

causality = cause and effect of space and time

This universe has those


Nothing in our world is acausal

that is fictitious

Nothing in this world is acausal

Schrodinger's cat is not acausal


I'm not a Mormon

Who said they have a Godhood in front of them

That is Mormon stuff

The lebensborn?

Genetic engineering is a thing

That sounds evil

Yea people don't try to push white guilt


Even without natsoc

Fascism is still a thing

I mean humans self-segregate anyway lol

Not weird to choose which group you hang out with lol

Barbarian was basically not a Roman for the Romans lol

So you're a globalist


Computer science major here

Cryptocurrency trade?

Do you praise the SJWs and victim complex on your side lol

Classical liberals hate the modern left lol

Oh god open your heart?

No shit you don't agree

Are you a multiculturalist?

You just sounded like one

Thank the neocons for that

Ever heard of expediency

Caucasian hispanics are a thing lol

Cubans are white af

I'm a Puerto Rican with Spanish genes

I'm white af

We'll see when multiculturalism grows

As in TLOR


Imagine using fiction in a discussion like this

Tolken was a treehugger anti-industry guy

We have socnats not natscos

SJWs hate white straight males

Tf you are talking about

seeking compromise is a centrist thing btw

I'm kinda stuck here since USA conquered Puerto Rico

@Thule-Gesellschaft [☩] Where do you even live

Inb4 melting pot

Poetry is big gay


You forgot that he is a socnat

Multiculturalism is big gay


If you are American

How many times did the Red Sox win the world series?

Basketball Americans huh

Pplitics isn't love

It is power

Kool aid drinker

If you believe in PC you aren't a liberal but an authoritarian

You don't defend your country

Military does

You blaspheme


No you aren't

Christians don't even swear

Blaspheming would give them a heart attack

You know nothing

Become hindu instead

Be gone pseudo-Christian

Dense as Mercury

Blasphemer who identifies as Christian

Get out modernist

The black people in the ghetto would stab you for your money

Come to Baltimore or North DC

GOP and Dems are fickle

They just want votes lol

They will change their views to get votes

It seems you admire moral decay

You just fill the diversity quota lol

Therapy is for kids with autism

A 10 year old could make a bot

America is turning brown

Spare me the optimism

Ok Al Gore

I just hate multiculturalism

Oh we have a snitch

Felix is a true Indian

The former


What a hippy

Be gone modernist who blasphemes


Omnia Vicit Amor?



White man hate huh

The only hate that isn't considered as racist or sexist




Warren? reminds me of a justice

Psalms 2:

How do I activate bible bot

.Psalms 2

*Psalms 2

Psalm 2

Psalm 2:1

Oh it's one verse at a time


Psam 2:1-8

Because I have moral standards and I do not believe in shallow existence

Most people don't like religion because they don't want to follow any rules

They want to do whatever


It's a drawing

NYT is triggered over a drawing?

Go whore up somewhere else

Classic ones?

ew internationalism

That's a long list you have

Oh boy here we go

NS on the political compass is pretty borderline

Utilitarianism is basically being for the majority

Only a hipster would buy a macbook

It's likely an SE attempt

Big tech has always hated right wing media

They send an invite and leave the server

Pretty sure every member in TRS got the SE attempt

Don't click on it it's a social engineer attempt

SE = social engineer

Like subterranean depths in the ocean?

We can't even make fun of China censorship anymore

It's an SE attempt ignore it

Social Engineering

Don't post the phishing link lol

It could be many things but none are good

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