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offending content? I swear they said they'd never band for offending


ya we can expect the kikes and their assets to do far worse than this in the coming years

I'm sure the spooks can prob get it if they wanted

Senate is apparently trying to brand white nationalism "terrorism"

that will backfire though

Ya, we need to specialize now. What's everyone's academic expertise here? Unless you guys don't want to share that. I'd understand. Personally I'm in economics. We need to start using our talents on more than shitposting though imo.

ya they're definitely afraid

We have to keep a close eye on this senate development

the central banks are prob putting pressure on respective parties

There was shit posted on pol about it, still developing, might be bs

wouldn't surprise me though

daily stormer got shoahed too

it's jewish run society

I don't know why you guys are surprised. They do far worse shit to maintain control

This will show more whites that the system has declared war on whites

and the few cucks in security and military can't hope to defeat over 700 million people if they all realize it

well that's their intention

to bait us into killing them

and painting us as the villain

we have to resist that temptation for now

let them attack us

In the coming years we're going to have to take a few bullets and beatings to get our people on board

and not fight back just yet

daily stormer got shoahed too

this is why you don't use social media

get rid of your social medias and use proxy accounts for twitter goys

they were claiming we harassed the dead fat bitch

ya the big boys are behind this

the central banks def put pressure on the pedophile politician pets

all of them are counter signalling left and right

the most annoying thing is how readily the politicians cucked against their own people

but the dumbshit military works for them

so we have an issue there

I guarantee the jews will create more false flags now

to heighten the tension to justify their "terrorist" claims

I knew the fucking cia would get involved

fucking cunts

baked discord is still up apparently

the real dr murdoch?

do you guys think spooks pressured bigkk to delete server to drop some sort of charge?

My guess is the spooks are going after the alt right now

well I don't mean tortured

but they might have tried hitting him with some type of charge

duke needs to stfu for a bit

tbh I like him, but he needs to stop coming to the rallies

he is poisoned in the eyes of normies

bad move

but duke isn't alt right

kkk are honeypot

I don't really trust duke tbh

I don't trust any old people

their entire generation is depraved

ya, but normies still associate that with him

we need to recruit

not repel

ya, the state is declaring war on the alt right pretty much


well not necessarily

like normies don't even know of nat traditional workers party

as long as we don't use swastiks it's fine

because normies don't actually know what nat socialists believe

ya no swastika optics

well it is owned by a jew

what do you expect

weird? they have everything to lose if we win

did you guys really think the parasite wouldn't fight back?

@shinjitsu were you in UP

the discord server

guess not

so is this server mostly capitalist?

but why tho

it's literally the reason for globo homo

das rite

@shinjitsu what about national socialist

lel why

Paul Nehlen is based, but he was a bit too public with the redpill

you don't reveal power level that hard

@ChillS neither of them are low IQ, they're just older

picture the night after you get redpilled about the JQ and you've been cucking for the US military for Israel for decades

I'd be pissed too lol

Little prob lost friends to Israel's dumb wars

I wanna see Nick debate Alex Jones on Israel

that would be awesome

lol jewish women clearly suck a lot, their own men race mix at a 70% rate

must mean they're annoying as shit

I'm a NS debate me

is that really Nehlen, I highly highly doubt it

Nehlen is too boomer to use discord

so do most of you take the "this isn't real capitalism" view?

is there trad cath gang in here

anti usury gang where at

das rite

ban usury

ban speculation on derivatives pls

lol shutup kike

le this isn't real capitalism

literally memes

on the right

same as left

I'll slap your mother little boy

am I though hmmmmm

@RetardO ExtremeO @ChillS how does it feel jews are dying out


Jacob Wohl posting up in here

are you his shills

>everyone I disagree with is a larp

let's double down on capitalism guys

it's not like it creates monopolies or anything

which then buy the govt

daily reminder 16 year olds doubling down on capitalism will be at the very least secretly ns by 25


it happened to everyone else

it will happen to you

right, because fbi honeypots are real movements

neo nazis are retarded

I grant you that

revisionists are faggots

fuentes is pretty much alt right

he's pro having a majority white nation

optics are important within a certain context

it depends on what your goals are really

obviously larping as 1920's SA is retarded in America

@IAmHiding God commands to race for race

so you choose God

but then by virtue of that you then care for race

tower of babel story, early churchfather writings etc.

inb4 galatians

@RetardO ExtremeO I'd rather blow my own head off

if I *had* to pick one I'd pick black but then take 50 baths and get tested for stds

@IAmHiding so is the server predominantly trad cath? what's the dominant ideology you'd say?

capitalism is partially the cause of globo homo

don't be a capitalist

1) destruction of religion 2) capitalism

reasons for globo homo

@IAmHiding just BEGOM NS and power level hide as trad nat for normies

fbi are discount cia n*ggers

oh alright, what is banned? just autism?

@RetardO ExtremeO >fbi honeypot groups are real movements

imagine believing this

any American movement after GLR which is NS is prob a spook

pretty much, why do you think they look so bad? pretty sure in some cases this was intentional to make it look worse

it represents a threat to the establishment so it needed to be disgraced

well my view is NS's should be upstanding trad nats irl and function as the deep state cia niggers for the movement

daily reminder if you don't workout you are not white

>failed ideology

it will but only *when* an ethnostate already exists

so like in 100 years

there is 0 chance for it to happen now

but in an ethnostate European tendencies will return

and globo homo conditioning will abate

pagan societies were not very friendly to homos, but they did have degenerate periods too

NS was Christian btw

it literally has in the 25

Christianity was the official religion

@IAmHiding this isn't exactly true

it is kinda true

Emperor Augustus banned homosexuality

and punished it by crucifixion

he also burned alive pedophiles

Aurelius also did the same

no, anyone who was reported by neighbor would be investigated

and if found to be homo they would be curcified


most emperors pre Christian era were anti homo

there were a few super degen ones

especially towards the end of the empire

Egalabus is one

No be Christian

pagan religions are a bastardization of Aryan religion from the Vedic era

it's basically a polytheistic reinterpretation

@IAmHiding I can't be catholic until they ban usury again

well they started giving concessions in doctrine on usury in the 1800's

when they were funded by bankers partially

>subspecies hate white country

what do you expect

well not now

rn it's le 56%

physically it's the codon arrangement which creates dna variation in phenotypes




@RetardO ExtremeO false, whites are the only human beings

there is no such thing as "humanity"

that is a meme

@IAmHiding Well Aryan is the best name, but it's a bit tainted by US propaganda

hu-white is good

Aryan is not a meme

it's an actual thing

no it's not now

I can cite you a harvard med study

which proves Aryanism is not a meme

I-II'm x proportion of white!


I'm a direct descendant of Yakub


would Nick debate erik striker

no he doesn't

you really do live up to your name

@RetardO ExtremeO you seem low IQ lol

is he the server residential troll

erik striker is a Christian I'm pretty sure, he's also a NS but not one which believes in larping

NS is like faaar down the road

but it's inevitable if you uncuck

just use Americana

but stand for nationalism

GLR was actually doing well though until he got hit

but that was in a 90% white America

I think aesthetics>optics

most normies are too stupid to understand politics

it's more how you look

not so much your ideas

not true

optics is changing your ideology

aesthetics is purely your uniform or particular look

lol I will debate anyone on NS

@Deleted User all the western revisionism has ended up in autism like the kkk

or neo nazis

or the alt right

which are fags

I'm not a pagan

you dumb peasant

@Simon Scola I mean but do you want to associate with classical liberalism?

those shitty ideals *led* to globo homo

my point is, if you go americana, you should differentiate your aesthetic from the liberal aesthetic of the founders

which led to this

but you also shouldn't use German movement symbols that's retarded

no, I don't eat any junk food

@Thugged Out Pissed Off you will actually, just like decades later when we've deprogrammed ourselves from globo homo

post physique? you want to see my body you fag

lol I'm definitely not fat

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