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Huh it’s not rare at all

There are a high enough number of cases a year in the UK for it to be a news worthy issue

That is dodgy hypothesis

News != rare things

Is it gay if you are conjoined twins and your balls touch ?

Change my mind institutionalised racism against black people is absolute bullshit in 2018, if anything it’s the opposite now

Well colour me confused

Bad taxes are bad? <:thonkeyes:470272505328959488>


Australia is out bitch still

In theory the queen can show up and take control

Same with Canada actually

Australians aren’t a race

Neat got a link for that one?

2018-12-11 12:32:23 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

He is the good guy

2018-12-11 12:32:27 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

Change my mind

2018-12-11 12:55:44 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  


2018-12-11 12:56:17 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

So basically he has the makings of a great politician

2018-12-11 14:18:13 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

Ok now I want an iPlane 1

2018-12-11 14:18:17 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  


Well they better start importing some


What the heck headline is that

They just cancelled all welfare? Does not compute

thats usually because women want "peace and harmony" —- citation needed

Condoms don’t feel as good so we should have more kids then we can afford - @Deleted User


Woman are not equal end of exam lol

What you mean

The man wears the condom

He’s stopping the baby

Not the woman

No idea why anyone would have unprotected

Selfishly idiotic

If you don’t want kids



Well those men are idiots

Who cares if you don’t like how it feels

Go buy a McDonald’s and cry about it

Not the pill

I mean the condom thing

Ducking guys

Just wear it


Lazy idiots

Sure a baby is a better solution then wrapping up your ding ding

- dumbass guys everywhere

Who’s buying who a Bentley ?

Dude wut

Their uncle?

Yea no homo unless balls touch

Also if you conjoined twins

Does it count if your balls touch?

Do we have any conjoined to answer?

If that’s an implant

You don’t want to do that

Implants end up messing up things

Badly if done wrong

Yes but it happens more often then you think

Not worth the risk

Well I did read up and it can be quite bad if it goes wrong

So each to their own

I think she means woman in general

You know those baby whores

Gotta have them all



I am not sure how that would happen

Unless it’s her natural libido

Ain’t nobody got time for that

We are all individuals

At least some of us

Why doesn’t the guy have a 50% stake in the abortion rights?


But it’s half his baby

Who cares who’s body it’s in

So we can’t choose to carry them

[email protected] don’t understand your logic

Does that mean a 3rd party surrogate

Can choose abortion cause it’s her body


Legally she can’t

Well if you both have a kid

It’s shared

Explain surrogates to [email protected]

They don’t have automatic abortion rights


So how is it legal for the woman to decide alone

Does not compute


Is that the scenario

If the man ducked up

He’s in for life yo

Mcbacon I believe he can contest in court


The legal system ?



Legal is fuzzy

When it’s he did she said

Then she just trapped you

Baby daddy

Do a runner

Be a baby daddy

Run out of their

Lives forever


So men should ware a condom

And be down with it


Always wear a condominium

Unless you a stupid ass


@McBacoon isn’t that how it works now anyway?

Orange man 👨 bad

🍊 👨 bad

@Tyberius D your opinions are shit now

Cause you insulted glorious leader

Off to the gulag

Men can get choppy chop

Buts it’s no fun


Can’t get pregnant if use the other wholesale

Baby anchors

Look what me again markel did

She got knocked up by Harry

Now she got the benefits for life

Royal benefits

She a ho though and I know it

Harry should have but he’s too stupid


Not sure about that

Harry is someone else’s kid anyway

Diane was a ho as well

She slept with that ginger dork

Yea let’s vote on it

Like votes always work right ?

Lol yup


10/10 would laugh at insult again

@Deleted User can I ruse that line it’s hilarious

What do you mean we are all humans here

Beep boop

Kill all humans

Legally through abortion

Beep boop

No that would be super ghey

Plus ghey is banned in Africa

So it wouldn’t work

Africans don’t eat the poo poo you see

So they don’t do the ghey

Actual quote from an African president

I forget which



Ok 👍 go for it

@Deleted User come on back you hear

2018-12-11 18:11:35 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

Lost the house

2018-12-11 18:11:44 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

Lol that happens since like 1928 in mid terms

2018-12-11 18:11:55 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

That means f.all

2018-12-11 18:12:02 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

He actually gained in the senate

2018-12-11 18:12:07 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

Which is a testament to how well he is doing

2018-12-11 18:13:37 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

Media is super fake

2018-12-11 18:13:59 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

Could they be any more biased

2018-12-11 18:14:10 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

What’s drumf doing now

2018-12-11 18:14:14 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

Orange man bad

2018-12-11 18:14:25 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

Yea that was super low

2018-12-11 18:14:28 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

Fuck the media

2018-12-11 18:14:32 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

And the democrats

2018-12-11 18:15:07 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

Democrats are two faced snakes

Triggers everywhere

As far as the eye can see

2018-12-11 18:16:09 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

Take it easy good sir

So who’s going to fix your street lights and potholes

If all tax is theft

Soy boys are more popular then ever

Because woman have all the power now

So they need someone to push around

For like the lols and shit

Yea but at a city wide scale

You need a governing body to do it

Guess what that’s called

The government



Eventually it becomes a government

It always does and always will

How else are they going to take it

With a volunteer submission?

Like people don’t want to pay tax


I c

So you imagine it’s more a I pay so I get services

Like an opt in scheme

I doubt the government would approve


Ah ok got you

So perfect world and all that

How else they gonna get some pussay

They can’t be alphas

So they need to fight for scraps

Ah some like basic and you can opt in for extras

Sounds pretty sweet idea

Most people like free shit though

Benefits and what not



So you get taxed 50%?

Damn that’s a bit high

I thought that Denmark and Norway

Beat everyone on taxation

@TheNobody double dipping

Governments are greedy

I had this misconception that tax was really low in the US

Turns out that’s plain wrong

Yea Texas is good



Naw UK

You Brit?

We aren’t so bad

Some of us aren’t cucked

Heh yea I can see why


Those brits don’t represent us all


Estonia is based

Most Eastern Europe know what’s up


My bad northern you right

If we had to get pretty picky

Proper noun. Estonia (plural Estonias) A country in northeastern Europe, on the southeastern coast of the Baltic Sea.

So there’s eastern in there


Guess wiki is wrong



Bad times

Why can’t we all just get a long

Island ice tea

True dat


It’s only good for gimmegrants

I mean the local having a low birth rate

Means they get replaced faster

By gimmegrants

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