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2018-01-03 07:02:01 UTC


2018-01-03 07:02:09 UTC

Shoot, move, communicate, kill. If you fail any of the three the fourth changes to die. Moving and communicating properly, and then shooting under said stress is hard.

2018-01-03 07:02:16 UTC

2018-01-03 07:02:17 UTC

Are we nigger warlords now?

2018-01-03 07:02:27 UTC

I just spent $2,074 on my first semester today

2018-01-03 07:02:28 UTC

My McChild soldiers use crew served weapons, so what nog

2018-01-03 07:02:49 UTC

I'll agree with that. I heard it once put that if you aren't moving, shooting or reloading, you're probably dead.

2018-01-03 07:03:02 UTC

@Goodest_Boy I've actually been running PF out of a Ugandan compound guarded by the best child soldiers blood diamonds can buy.

2018-01-03 07:03:30 UTC

BTW, the last 100 posts are just a taste of the drama that split tails would bring to the grunts.

2018-01-03 07:03:53 UTC

@Thomas Ryan well as long as you have a contract and don't violate the NAP

2018-01-03 07:04:16 UTC

^memes that I don't really understand, never having been a libertarian

2018-01-03 07:04:27 UTC


2018-01-03 07:04:43 UTC

I was a about lucky

2018-01-03 07:04:45 UTC

Muh nap

2018-01-03 07:04:55 UTC

@Thomas Ryan I had no idea I what I would ignite at 2am EST. I am so fucking sorry.

2018-01-03 07:04:56 UTC

I was a HUGE libcap

2018-01-03 07:05:28 UTC

@Sam Specter PA Brah, it's alright. All the general gets purged anyways. All the messages go away, like tears in rain.

2018-01-03 07:05:40 UTC

Being a shitlib does give me a unique perspective on the left tho.

2018-01-03 07:05:42 UTC

Billy and I can trigger some ancap autism from time to time.

2018-01-03 07:05:58 UTC

that pic with the punch is good

2018-01-03 07:06:06 UTC

everyone looking swol as fuck

2018-01-03 07:06:13 UTC

the exact opposite of antifa cowards

2018-01-03 07:06:21 UTC

@NDO Eric - TX I was a former anarchist get on my level

2018-01-03 07:06:35 UTC

First PF meet up right there

2018-01-03 07:06:45 UTC

We beat the fuck out of each other.

2018-01-03 07:06:50 UTC


2018-01-03 07:07:04 UTC

nothin wrong with a good old fight club

2018-01-03 07:07:35 UTC

I was a Libertarian for about 45 solid seconds on my way passing through to becoming a Fascist. Was a good moment, all things considered.

2018-01-03 07:08:12 UTC

i was ancap

2018-01-03 07:08:15 UTC

for like

2018-01-03 07:08:17 UTC

3 months

2018-01-03 07:08:28 UTC

@Blumenkrieg That's gross, fam

2018-01-03 07:08:42 UTC

I used to worship gary johnson

2018-01-03 07:08:56 UTC

I was ancap as a joke, until I met some people who took that joke seriously.

2018-01-03 07:09:02 UTC

AnCapism is antithetical. Capitalism requires a system of heirarchy that Anarchism is supposed to abolish.

2018-01-03 07:09:03 UTC

2018-01-03 07:09:08 UTC


2018-01-03 07:09:26 UTC

Ancapitalism is just jewish feudalism

2018-01-03 07:09:41 UTC

you think

2018-01-03 07:09:45 UTC

thats gross?

2018-01-03 07:09:47 UTC

@EuroChad Feudalism actually makes sense, even if it doesn't work.

2018-01-03 07:09:57 UTC

i was a bernie bro up until *late* 2015

2018-01-03 07:09:58 UTC

But its *jewish*

2018-01-03 07:10:23 UTC

2018-01-03 07:10:25 UTC

Feudalism can only exist in a couple of instances

2018-01-03 07:10:27 UTC


2018-01-03 07:10:37 UTC

@Blumenkrieg I'm going through my memory trying to remember how you made it through vetting at all, tbh.

2018-01-03 07:10:49 UTC

Im getting a new haircut before college dm me ideas goys

2018-01-03 07:10:59 UTC


2018-01-03 07:11:04 UTC

End of conversation

2018-01-03 07:11:11 UTC


2018-01-03 07:11:20 UTC

Low reg

2018-01-03 07:11:27 UTC

bcuz im cool as fuck ๐Ÿ˜Ž

2018-01-03 07:11:30 UTC

^old man hair

2018-01-03 07:11:34 UTC

See whats popular with antifa and go with that

2018-01-03 07:11:59 UTC

Shave the top, keep the sides around it about an inch long, then dreadlock that and dye it various shades of purple, green, and yellow.

2018-01-03 07:12:06 UTC


2018-01-03 07:12:13 UTC


2018-01-03 07:12:15 UTC

Or ur a cuck

2018-01-03 07:12:34 UTC

2018-01-03 07:12:37 UTC

no its gotta be

2018-01-03 07:12:37 UTC


2018-01-03 07:12:39 UTC

Bowlcut gives you powers beyond our imagining

2018-01-03 07:12:47 UTC

woad blue

2018-01-03 07:12:52 UTC

like a celtic warrior

2018-01-03 07:12:56 UTC

but with dreds

2018-01-03 07:12:57 UTC

Yeah that's a good cut

2018-01-03 07:13:05 UTC

Alright low reg it is

2018-01-03 07:13:16 UTC

That's a medium reg

2018-01-03 07:13:20 UTC


2018-01-03 07:13:23 UTC

No joke I once had a stylist recommend a bowl cut

2018-01-03 07:13:30 UTC

Low cut is where the face starts at the ear

2018-01-03 07:14:19 UTC

2018-01-03 07:14:23 UTC

That's a low

2018-01-03 07:15:17 UTC


2018-01-03 07:18:35 UTC

When you know you're not getting promoted before you EAS

2018-01-03 07:18:51 UTC

^feels bad man

2018-01-03 07:22:02 UTC

2018-01-03 07:22:20 UTC

2018-01-03 07:45:19 UTC

I literally show any barber pictures from Schindlers list

2018-01-03 08:02:50 UTC

"Whenever two or more persons assemble for the purpose of promoting, advocating, or teaching the doctrine of criminal anarchy, criminal Communism, criminal Naziism or criminal Fascism, as defined in s. 876.01 of this law, such an assembly or organization is unlawful, and every person voluntarily participating therein by his or her presence, aid, or instigation shall be guilty of a felony of the second degree"

2018-01-03 08:03:01 UTC

>>>>>>>>>current FL law

2018-01-03 08:03:26 UTC


2018-01-03 08:03:28 UTC

Bigger what

2018-01-03 08:03:52 UTC

I know your boxing and stuff can get you arrested for paramilitary training

2018-01-03 08:04:41 UTC

"Becomes a member of, associated with or promotes the interest of any criminal anarchistic, Communistic, Naziistic or Fascistic organization, or helps to organize or becomes a member of or affiliated with any subsidiary organization or associated group of persons who advocates, teaches, or advises the principles of criminal anarchy, criminal Communism, criminal Naziism or criminal Fascism;
shall be guilty of a felony of the second degree"

2018-01-03 08:05:00 UTC

Buy some guns. Don't give up without a fight, lol. In all seriousness, you should be fine. That law clearly violates the first amendment.

2018-01-03 08:05:19 UTC

I guess that's why criminal is the key word

2018-01-03 08:05:32 UTC

The group has to advocate crime to make it unlawful

2018-01-03 08:05:35 UTC


2018-01-03 08:06:03 UTC

Just don't be a pussy

2018-01-03 08:06:10 UTC

Worse comes to worse we start a prison gang

2018-01-03 08:06:16 UTC

The name of the law is "Criminal anarchy, Communism,..."

2018-01-03 08:06:55 UTC

I was looking up mask laws because I saw a dude wearing one of those hospital mask things today

2018-01-03 08:07:02 UTC

and I had the idea of getting blue ones

2018-01-03 08:07:09 UTC

and just saying we're all afraid to get sick

2018-01-03 08:07:47 UTC

That might work.

2018-01-03 08:08:25 UTC

Commies are known for being filthy disease-ridden vermin.

2018-01-03 08:08:30 UTC

It seems the majority of the wording is that its unlawful to conceal your face in an attempt to inhibit law enforcment from IDing you

2018-01-03 08:09:00 UTC

So if we get approached we ID ourselves freely to LEO's and say were trying not to get sick

2018-01-03 08:09:14 UTC

You dindu nuffin. You wuz a good boy, keepin yourself healthy n shieet.

2018-01-03 08:09:48 UTC

I think we have an attorney in here somewhere.

2018-01-03 08:10:08 UTC

I am sure that they could help you more than anyone.

2018-01-03 08:10:09 UTC

Im mainly trying to find laws about hanging a banner over an interstate

2018-01-03 08:10:30 UTC

I gotta check that out for IL, lol.

2018-01-03 08:10:36 UTC

Right now it seems best to just hold it over an overpass, instead of affixing it

2018-01-03 08:11:01 UTC

Like just stand there for an hour or so and leave

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