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2017-07-18 20:56:31 UTC

Anyone got some advice on workers comp

2017-07-18 20:56:40 UTC

The babies of color post

2017-07-18 20:56:55 UTC

Yeah it's been that way for awhile.

2017-07-18 21:34:00 UTC

That's disgusting that's the new generation

2017-07-18 21:34:27 UTC

Do something, go out there and have White babies.

2017-07-18 21:35:14 UTC

I'm working on it we have had complications in the past

2017-07-18 21:35:32 UTC

Just dont adopt any somalians.

2017-07-18 21:36:37 UTC

Fuck no they are vulture food if I can find a way to get her to calm down about her other kid we would probably have no problems but she let's herself get to wound up

2017-07-18 21:38:12 UTC

Did you guys know that studying the Jewish filth is part of the curriculum now in school

2017-07-18 21:39:49 UTC

Which filth exactly?

2017-07-18 21:39:54 UTC

He was in 4th and 5 th grade and coming home with such graphic garbage we actually had to go talk to his teacher

2017-07-18 21:41:17 UTC

They where doing reports on the holocaust off of diaries, some books they where required to read about it a few movies on it and a bunch of poems allegedly written while prisoner

2017-07-18 21:42:59 UTC

She actually told us she didn't agree with it either but it was required by the school board as part of the curriculum πŸ‘Ž

2017-07-18 21:57:23 UTC

They say that nowadays the first place a kid sees nudity is in his history textbook

2017-07-18 21:57:35 UTC

in photographs of "Holocaust" victims

2017-07-18 21:57:56 UTC

Or old paintings. Renaissance stuff.

2017-07-18 21:58:26 UTC

>implying kids these days are shown that sort of thing by their schools

2017-07-18 21:59:17 UTC

@The Inquisitor [☧] your correct there was pictures of dead I don't know their validity however

2017-07-18 21:59:41 UTC

@Kevin FL the pictures they show are usually the bodies of typhus victims

2017-07-18 21:59:54 UTC

you can tell because they're all skin and bones

2017-07-18 22:00:04 UTC

cyanide particles don't do that to a person

2017-07-18 22:01:59 UTC

I agree and typhus was rampant during the war but that's the kind of Jew guilt filth they get a dose of at young age

2017-07-18 22:03:55 UTC


2017-07-18 22:07:34 UTC

Exactly lol

2017-07-18 22:20:29 UTC

Watch "Officer Shoots Woman Who Called 911 and Coincidentally Forgot to Turn on Body Cam" on YouTube

2017-07-18 22:21:02 UTC

Time to put on the hoods and bring out the rope.

2017-07-18 22:21:08 UTC

I saw that on the news today it actually happened here also a couple years back

2017-07-18 22:21:25 UTC

@Maxson fuck hoods, balaclavas are the way to go

2017-07-18 22:21:28 UTC

But yea hang him up

2017-07-18 22:23:26 UTC

That's why I don't like dealing with cops you never know who your going to get

2017-07-18 22:23:27 UTC

Hang that good for nothin nigger high!

2017-07-18 22:24:24 UTC

I don't leave the house much anymore so if I ever need the cops again they will just need to bring their clean up crew

2017-07-18 22:24:26 UTC

The way the Klan used to do things. Beat him senseless, hang him, burn him alive.

2017-07-18 22:24:30 UTC

@everyone We have our own page on the ADL site. These kikes are getting scared.

2017-07-18 22:25:09 UTC

I'm happy they used the grittiest graphic of ours they could find.

2017-07-18 22:25:17 UTC

one of our nebraska guys was on there right up with anglin and weev

2017-07-18 22:25:27 UTC

the other article, that is

2017-07-18 22:26:15 UTC

When we win, we must go old Klan style on these chimps! If they step out of line, hang 'em high! Before we deport them all that is.

2017-07-18 22:26:17 UTC

They have Dillon everywhere though

2017-07-18 22:27:19 UTC

In July 2017, VA tweeted, β€œThose behind the subversive elements eroding our culture often have something in common. Jewish influence is prevalent, invasive, dangerous.”

Hey, that was my Tweet.

2017-07-18 22:28:24 UTC

Houston, Texas, July 16, 2017: two synagogues had anti-Semitic VA flyers taped to signs, doors and gates on their property.

2017-07-18 22:28:26 UTC
2017-07-18 22:28:33 UTC

They found out, somehow.

2017-07-18 22:28:47 UTC

<@&327464792707301388> National Socialist, pro white, protest on Saturday July 22 2017 at 1:30-2pm.

2017-07-18 22:29:36 UTC

They really just went through our Twitter and website and dated things. Nothing really spectacular. The Pikeville stuff was a mistake in hindsight, by the looks of it.

2017-07-18 22:29:53 UTC

Very proud to say that I was a big part of several of the actions listed πŸ˜„

2017-07-18 22:29:58 UTC

Good job boys

2017-07-18 22:30:01 UTC

How was it a mistake?

2017-07-18 22:30:09 UTC

There was a comment on youtube where someone said Matt Heimbach was controlled opposition

2017-07-18 22:30:42 UTC

False or True?

2017-07-18 22:30:52 UTC


2017-07-18 22:30:56 UTC


2017-07-18 22:31:06 UTC

The NF includes the NSM and some other groups that aren't really in our crowd. And we dont really participate in much with them anyways.

And Heimbach is a good guy.

2017-07-18 22:31:36 UTC

If you say so.

2017-07-18 22:32:29 UTC

"Their property "

2017-07-18 22:33:24 UTC

So should we get our local synagogue and see if we end up there? Could be a good test to see if they are connected

2017-07-18 22:34:00 UTC

Sure, just be legal and dont be stupid.

2017-07-18 22:34:17 UTC

I'm sure the ADL has a direct line to every Synagogue in America.

2017-07-18 22:34:35 UTC

Oh you already know I walk on the legal side lol I was thinking bedsheets and tape

2017-07-18 22:34:45 UTC

Get some good stencils

2017-07-18 22:34:45 UTC

Hey if you guys want to follow my party the NSAWP to figure out where protests will be and the organization. We have a FB page NSAWP or National Socialist American Workers Party.

2017-07-18 22:36:29 UTC

@Kevin FL go for the Mosques too

2017-07-18 22:36:41 UTC

Where can I get them Michaels?
The one that's locally large I'll have to get some aerials on it but I think it's somewhat secluded I need a drone

2017-07-18 22:37:10 UTC

Get a drone to drop leaflets.

2017-07-18 22:37:49 UTC

Ooooh it's also a school lol I didn't know that

2017-07-18 22:38:17 UTC

Oosh, be careful with that. Targeting kids, even Jewish ones, is not a great idea.

2017-07-18 22:39:22 UTC

Okay there's 5 others in the area that are just churches so we'll focus them

2017-07-18 22:39:40 UTC

We shouldnt be targeting churches either.

2017-07-18 22:39:46 UTC

Other synagogues?

2017-07-18 22:39:59 UTC

Why not churches?

2017-07-18 22:40:28 UTC

If we do activism at churches it should be a lot friendlier than what we do at synagogues and mosques.

2017-07-18 22:40:34 UTC

Maybe I'm stupid but a synagogue isn't a church?

2017-07-18 22:40:38 UTC

And how was Pikeville a mistake? Just curious

2017-07-18 22:40:51 UTC

A synagogue is a synagogue, a church is Christian exclusively.

2017-07-18 22:41:03 UTC

That makes sense

2017-07-18 22:41:32 UTC

@TheDriver There was a large NSM showing, and they're very unkempt and unprofessional. People did not visually represent the ideology.

2017-07-18 22:41:50 UTC

Oh sorry for that there's 5 other synagogues in the area

2017-07-18 22:42:23 UTC

oy vey

2017-07-18 22:42:47 UTC

A church isnt a religous building, it's a *Christian religous building.* Just like every smartphone isnt an iPhone.

2017-07-18 22:43:15 UTC

not necessarily

2017-07-18 22:43:29 UTC

I'll just keep to the synagogues

2017-07-18 22:43:32 UTC

a lot of churches aren't christian

2017-07-18 22:43:38 UTC

namely protestant

2017-07-18 22:43:41 UTC


2017-07-18 22:44:05 UTC

but seriously though, you can't be a Christian without being a Fascist

2017-07-18 22:46:21 UTC

it's coextensive

2017-07-18 22:47:52 UTC

I'm really hoping I didn't blow out my back today my work is going to have to shell out some money to keep me quiet about their non compliance with osha

2017-07-18 22:48:36 UTC

@FairUse WA is a good source for information regarding the church.

2017-07-18 22:51:28 UTC

Banner, Holocaust museum in Houston. Da Goyim Know! This insight brought to you by Vanguard America!

2017-07-18 22:52:48 UTC


2017-07-18 22:53:50 UTC

We have one down here too I just remembered that! Now that would make the news

2017-07-18 22:55:21 UTC

I'm dead serious. Phil let's scout it Saturday

2017-07-18 22:55:55 UTC
2017-07-18 22:58:07 UTC

Sounds like a plan.

2017-07-18 23:01:23 UTC


2017-07-18 23:01:31 UTC

Someone test this QR code for me.

2017-07-18 23:01:35 UTC


2017-07-18 23:09:56 UTC

Yep it works

2017-07-18 23:10:01 UTC
2017-07-18 23:10:06 UTC


2017-07-18 23:32:50 UTC

@Thomas Ryan is that code for btc?

2017-07-18 23:34:10 UTC


2017-07-18 23:37:42 UTC


2017-07-18 23:37:43 UTC


2017-07-18 23:39:55 UTC

No its a link to the gays article, slapped the QR code on the poster

2017-07-18 23:41:26 UTC

Does postering and stickering a synagogue actually count as vandalism or anything illegal in texas? I've never been given a straight answer

2017-07-18 23:42:01 UTC

Unlikely. Unless the property is damaged, or there is clear evidence of tresspassing.

2017-07-18 23:42:05 UTC

Nothings illegal if you don't get caught

2017-07-18 23:42:42 UTC

Clear evidence as in seeing you clearly on camera, and them being able to identify it as you, but you'd have to commit another crime for them to go that far.

2017-07-18 23:45:47 UTC
2017-07-18 23:46:20 UTC

I'm sure if they had you on camera they could get you for trespassing.

2017-07-18 23:47:36 UTC

Hats and glasses are good for fixing that.

2017-07-18 23:48:34 UTC

Down here trespassing is a note in the system the second one you get arrested typically but idk if it would be a aggravating factor adding the posters a sticker seems pretty petty for a vandalism change

2017-07-18 23:49:02 UTC

I was expecting spray paint or something

2017-07-18 23:50:03 UTC

Have the joos ever put out a bounty for information like the ADL or anything

2017-07-18 23:51:21 UTC

I'm in a college town, so there's a Jewish org that has a house here

2017-07-18 23:51:35 UTC

I wonder how they'd feel about posters

2017-07-18 23:52:19 UTC

Find out

2017-07-18 23:55:40 UTC

Hey is anybody else having problems with the VA site

2017-07-18 23:56:09 UTC

when I try to visit it, i get one of those "your connection is not private" pop ups and it wont allow me to proceed. Only when i try to go to bloodandsoil

2017-07-18 23:56:39 UTC

I even tried going in from /posters and /manifesto pages, still doesnt work

2017-07-18 23:56:58 UTC

It basically got shoah'd

2017-07-18 23:57:01 UTC


2017-07-18 23:57:02 UTC

ADL was probably responsible

2017-07-18 23:57:10 UTC

We're looking into more secure options

2017-07-18 23:57:21 UTC

Are you being for real?

2017-07-18 23:57:25 UTC

or is this just a glitch on my end

2017-07-18 23:57:37 UTC

You can proceed past the little warning.

2017-07-18 23:57:45 UTC

I just did on mobile, site works fine.

2017-07-18 23:57:58 UTC

im on my laptop

2017-07-18 23:58:07 UTC

You should still be able to proceed.

2017-07-18 23:58:53 UTC

I got it

2017-07-19 00:01:00 UTC

Did you hear that the Secret Service is changing the protocol of what to do if someone attacks the President? Instead of shouting, "Get down, Mr. President!", they are now required to say "Donald, duck!"

2017-07-19 00:01:16 UTC

*ba dum tsss*

2017-07-19 00:04:00 UTC

Do we have cloud flare ?

2017-07-19 00:04:13 UTC

I don't think so.

2017-07-19 00:05:02 UTC

I noticed that's what storm front uses I remember them saying perilously to getting that they had some trouble I remember hearing about it on SF radio

2017-07-19 00:05:47 UTC

Previously *

2017-07-19 00:05:57 UTC

The Daily Stormer uses it too I believe

2017-07-19 00:06:48 UTC

They do. Cloudflare is solid and they do not cuck to Jew complaints about hosting nazi websites

2017-07-19 00:07:27 UTC

@Pale Horse - FL probably knows more about it I know it checks IPs before it lets you even get to the page

2017-07-19 00:12:07 UTC

Cloudflare has been hacked.

2017-07-19 00:12:20 UTC

It's a thing to resist DDoS attacks.

2017-07-19 00:12:26 UTC

Not fool proof.

2017-07-19 00:14:39 UTC

So I'm in the Nordfront server. I'm going to let it settle and start making some connections.

2017-07-19 00:15:33 UTC

@Pale Horse - FL they have hacked cloudflare as a whole or they have hacked their way past your cloudflare?

2017-07-19 00:16:27 UTC

I believe CF has been hacked before.

2017-07-19 00:16:37 UTC

Comcast has.

2017-07-19 00:16:49 UTC

The guy who did it was my rival.

2017-07-19 00:16:54 UTC

Comcast =/= CF

2017-07-19 00:17:02 UTC

Which is what makes me so good with computers.

2017-07-19 00:17:03 UTC


2017-07-19 00:17:15 UTC

The method to hacking them is the same.

2017-07-19 00:17:17 UTC

They get past ppl's cloudflare all the time bc it wasn't set up properly

2017-07-19 00:18:07 UTC

I didn't need a password to do what I did back in the day.

2017-07-19 00:18:19 UTC

There was always a way.

2017-07-19 00:18:21 UTC

You have to set up your cloudflare fisrt before you put your site online or the skids can grab your ip and then you're fucked. They're in your server and it doesn't matter if your server co changes your ip. You have to get a new server.

2017-07-19 00:18:32 UTC

I didn't need IPs either.

2017-07-19 00:18:49 UTC

Usually I would go for the Secret Question.

2017-07-19 00:18:56 UTC

But there was an even better method.

2017-07-19 00:19:10 UTC

Involved IP Relay.

2017-07-19 00:19:21 UTC

Before the FCC monitored it.

2017-07-19 00:19:46 UTC

It was a favorite for those who wanted to do things unnoticed.

2017-07-19 00:26:42 UTC

I'm making an "Anarcho-Communist" look foolish.

2017-07-19 00:42:37 UTC

@Pale Horse - FL that fucking dumb nigger faggot using those laughing crying faces pisses me off!

2017-07-19 00:46:01 UTC

You notice that niggers do that a lot right?

2017-07-19 00:48:21 UTC


2017-07-19 00:48:36 UTC


2017-07-19 00:48:48 UTC
2017-07-19 00:50:29 UTC

When ever I see that retarded face I want to bury my thumbs into the eyesockets of the nigger that posted that shit

2017-07-19 00:51:23 UTC

@Graham W E W

2017-07-19 00:51:44 UTC

@Thomas Ryan >american vanguard

2017-07-19 00:51:51 UTC

r u triggered?

2017-07-19 00:52:22 UTC


2017-07-19 00:54:19 UTC

Who's that?

2017-07-19 00:56:00 UTC

Looks Jewish

2017-07-19 00:56:23 UTC

American Vanguard? Isn't that a chemical company or something?

2017-07-19 00:56:46 UTC


2017-07-19 00:57:04 UTC

They specialize in HCN production

2017-07-19 00:57:24 UTC

wait, really? Top kek.

2017-07-19 00:57:40 UTC

no... I had to go for the joke

2017-07-19 00:58:07 UTC

heart breaking though

2017-07-19 01:01:46 UTC

We should incorporate the color Prussian Blue into some propaganda

2017-07-19 01:02:25 UTC

Prussian Blue is the pigment left behind by Zyklon B on walls of delousing chambers which was mysteriously absent from gas chambers. It's also a nice shade of blue.

2017-07-19 01:02:49 UTC

I'll make some real quick

2017-07-19 01:02:56 UTC

some propaganda, not some Prussian Blue

2017-07-19 01:03:32 UTC

Why not both ( Ν‘Β° ΝœΚ– Ν‘Β°)

2017-07-19 01:05:27 UTC

Just made a keyboard shortcut for my iPad

2017-07-19 01:05:43 UTC

When I type "swazi" it suggests a 卐

2017-07-19 01:08:04 UTC

@Graham post the tweet or the user's @ so people can respond to him and maybe I will write about it for DS and get the troll army on him.

2017-07-19 01:08:31 UTC

@Azzmador I'm sure a lot of folks would love to congratulate him for his work.

2017-07-19 01:08:40 UTC

I searched "leppo" an there are shitloads of them

2017-07-19 01:08:56 UTC

Perhaps see about making him some new friends. @Graham

2017-07-19 01:09:01 UTC

@Thomas Ryan that's what I'm thinking

2017-07-19 01:09:14 UTC


2017-07-19 01:09:21 UTC


2017-07-19 01:09:29 UTC

Look at how pretty that color is. We should use it.

2017-07-19 01:09:38 UTC

We are not Prussian.

2017-07-19 01:09:43 UTC

@Ronny TX I can't think of a way to do it, though

2017-07-19 01:09:47 UTC

Therefore we have no real reason to use Prussian Blue.

2017-07-19 01:09:51 UTC

But it's a fantastic holohoax reference

2017-07-19 01:09:54 UTC

@Thomas Ryan the memes?

2017-07-19 01:09:57 UTC

that's allegedly the color Zyklon B turns Jews, but only according to Jews. Seriously.

2017-07-19 01:10:11 UTC

It's the residue left by Zyklon B

2017-07-19 01:10:13 UTC

Nice, let's base our image off of rumors circulated by Jews.

2017-07-19 01:10:24 UTC

which, (((coincidentally))), was never found on the walls of the showers

2017-07-19 01:10:30 UTC

It stains the walls of delousing chambers, but interestingly, not gas chambers πŸ€”

2017-07-19 01:10:50 UTC

No one has yet to produce a blue Jew

2017-07-19 01:11:02 UTC

A blue Jew? Wew.

2017-07-19 01:11:12 UTC

Or any jews found to have died of gassing

2017-07-19 01:11:45 UTC

You guys klnow that part of the Nuremberg testimony was that the Jews could tell the nationality of a Jew being ovened byu the color of the smoke, right?

2017-07-19 01:11:56 UTC

Wiesel pushed that shit forever.

2017-07-19 01:12:05 UTC



2017-07-19 01:12:24 UTC

A German Jew would make blue smoke, an Austrian Jew would make green smoke etc lol

2017-07-19 01:12:42 UTC

I guess when they gassed the fags you got pink or rainbow smoke lol!

2017-07-19 01:12:48 UTC

oh, those wacky Semites

2017-07-19 01:12:55 UTC

No, but seriously

2017-07-19 01:13:11 UTC

We should make it a policy to empirically test those stories to determine their veracity

2017-07-19 01:13:16 UTC

with, of course, a large sample size

2017-07-19 01:13:25 UTC

A large control group, too

2017-07-19 01:14:05 UTC

The "geysers of blood" was real lulzy too lol.


2017-07-19 01:14:19 UTC

I've heard a out that @Azzmador some of the shit they came up with was absolutely insane

2017-07-19 01:14:21 UTC

They took that straight from the Old testament.

2017-07-19 01:15:07 UTC

No one ever saw Wiesel's alleged tattoo either. He was never in a camp.

2017-07-19 01:15:34 UTC

He had one pic that had him in a bunkhouse. Then the original came out & he wasn't in it

2017-07-19 01:15:37 UTC

@The Inquisitor [☧] put your state in your name

2017-07-19 01:15:54 UTC

I really want a collection of all the most outrageous stories from the Holocaust, for lulz and for showing to believers in the Holohaox

2017-07-19 01:16:25 UTC

There's a few compilations out there

2017-07-19 01:16:33 UTC

but none which capture the totality of the insanity

2017-07-19 01:18:30 UTC

German snipers missed Jews at point blank range through a hole in the wall, so they had to come up with another apparatus lol

2017-07-19 01:18:41 UTC

Lmao mobile barbecues

2017-07-19 01:18:46 UTC

@Azzmador his Insta: sonny_libertarian

2017-07-19 01:19:08 UTC

oh, it's instagram eh. That's not worth bothering with tbh.

2017-07-19 01:19:37 UTC

Hardly any stormers on instagram

2017-07-19 01:19:54 UTC

He has a Discord

2017-07-19 01:19:58 UTC

What's his tag on here?

2017-07-19 01:20:35 UTC

I may approach him as a libertarian and see if I can trick him into coming on my show.

2017-07-19 01:20:52 UTC

That never works but I keep trying lol

2017-07-19 01:22:16 UTC

I don't buy that at all lol sounds like one of those cow killer pistons

2017-07-19 01:25:43 UTC

It's obviously crap.

2017-07-19 01:25:54 UTC

There was no program to kill Jews.

2017-07-19 01:26:20 UTC

They were forced to work for a few years and now we'll never hear the end of it.

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