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Any Georgia locals I'm doing a National Socialist protest

It's just me currently but, should anyone wish to join.

Wait was I sent to TN main?

Ah lol I'm new to discord my B

<@&327464792707301388> If anyone in Georgia is up for a protest, I'll be holding a 1 man Protest should you be interested in attending. I'm currently in Forsyth County Ga, you'll know me when you see me. If you're interested I'll be in the Town Center near the Cumming Fair Grounds, won't miss me.

<@&327464792707301388> around 11Am to about 5pm

How do you make this?

@Cody88 - FL I'd love to lol but that's a drive

Still no Georgians

<@&327464792707301388> National Socialist, pro white, protest on Saturday July 22 2017 at 1:30-2pm.

How was it a mistake?

Hey if you guys want to follow my party the NSAWP to figure out where protests will be and the organization. We have a FB page NSAWP or National Socialist American Workers Party.

She'd find a way to make a profit from breathing, as soon as she can pack air.

Wait are you serious

No the air bar

I'll take a PDF

Anyone going to VA coming through GA?


My vehicle broke off and I won't be able to work on it until I get paid next week

Yes I planned to.

The media is flaying and blaming everything on the "Alt right white supremacists", "Antifa were peaceful until white supremacists did X" "they are holding onto the past, to be racists." "They are inciting violence and should be shut down." Absolute bullshit. The chimps in my FB are going berserk "They should kill these racist whites" "white people don't belong in C-ville" "whypipeo are so selfish." (Yes she said whypipeo)

I just took every quote take some accuracy, directly from the medias reports. Absolutely bullshit.

Civil disobedience won't be a good look for the movement as a whole. You need to fight this in court. Just like the ANP in skokie

If you fight it peacefully through the law you garner more support.

That's why you must make them fear you in the courts. Once they realize you aren't going to lay down and you fight them, and win, then you force the governments hand. This is exactly like the "civil rights" movement but we can use their tactics from the past. It worked and garnered support for them.

As long as we play it smart and don't get ahead of ourselves to let emotion dictate our action. Once we use emotion, even 1 of US, the commie scum win. Because then their stories on the Lรผgenpresse become believable to the up public. Your goal is to win the hearts of the people above all else.

What for?

We can see from the news

But everything is Ant-white nationalist "they don't deserve to speak" in the media currently.

I'm telling you take it to court be sure you get video/picture evidence. Show the people the hypocracy


We see a lot of Commie flags in the media. I'm currently convinced the MsM is for Communism as they aren't saying anything about the Commies.

Well I figured but I know Tucker Carlson points it out, he's hated communism. But what we're seeing this The Hammer and Sickle waving in the Antifa crowd, and Antifa starting shit, and the media is blaming us for starting shit.

No tucker isn't on until about 6

Or maybe 4

Who said "White people rule"? Lol you cheeky fuck

"The Antifa are peaceful" (essentially) - Fox News circa August 12, 2017 2:03 pm EST

He must be found before something bad happens. Not good.

Damn it I wish I were there.

Fucking car

Whoops looks like he's a lefty Antifa

He got caught

The vehicle manslaughterer

No supposedly Fox reports he's in Custody. I'll look for the link

If anything happens to him, we need to take action

@Phillip-TX how is it we won? What did we win?

So Dr. William Pierce died?

I mean he's been dead since 2002 so something tells me there's another Dr. pierce idk about lol

Ok in regards too what?

What did I just say? In regards to what? What is the "head count" for? Also how could it be proven I've/we've done anything for the movement? That doesn't make sense to me.

It's been a rough while my uncle died this morning

I've been on every so often but no I've been focused more on him

He's guiding me now. So it's a celebration

I'm just glad he's not suffering

Guten morgen

Sieg heil!

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