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2020-03-06 04:19:37 UTC

im in the kansas NG, call me a fed and your wrong fuck the gov

2020-03-06 04:19:40 UTC

active mil

2020-03-06 04:19:49 UTC

or part time whatever you call it

2020-03-06 04:20:16 UTC

Role has be assigned, Welcome and thank you for your service

2020-03-06 04:20:31 UTC

dont thank me im ditching it the second the boog starts

2020-03-06 04:20:38 UTC

freedom over your occupation

2020-03-06 04:21:37 UTC

Chill out boot

2020-03-06 04:22:08 UTC

No need to get your ranger panties in a wad

2020-03-06 04:34:38 UTC

I am the gamer boi

2020-03-06 05:00:52 UTC

Think you insulted boots. Shower shoe I think works for now

2020-03-06 06:14:42 UTC

Hand over that gamer tag

2020-03-06 09:40:57 UTC

I'm a gamer, stuck offline but I doubt you have anyone here that knows more about halo

2020-03-06 11:08:50 UTC

I’m a vet. πŸ˜…

2020-03-08 02:09:31 UTC

Ancap you wanna bet? Who is the iso didact originally

2020-03-08 02:10:55 UTC

And what gift does chief have that no other human has and who bestowed it upon him

2020-03-08 02:11:07 UTC

Wasn’t he a military commander and then something happened to him and he became the iso didact?

2020-03-08 02:11:32 UTC

Partial credit

2020-03-08 02:11:43 UTC

Chief is immune to the death ray thing because he holds the mantle??

2020-03-08 02:12:31 UTC

Not entirely, he has the seed of the librarian

2020-03-08 02:12:40 UTC

Ahh yeah

2020-03-08 02:12:49 UTC

I watch a lot of YouTube videos

2020-03-08 02:13:43 UTC

The librarian has the mantle, then Cortana attempted to steal it

2020-03-08 02:14:14 UTC

Right that’s halo5

2020-03-08 02:14:20 UTC


2020-03-08 02:14:56 UTC

Even AI crave power and control

2020-03-08 02:15:06 UTC


2020-03-08 02:15:59 UTC

Why was the ark hidden within EARTH

2020-03-08 02:17:59 UTC

Something about trying to hide it from him?

2020-03-08 02:18:04 UTC

The didact?

2020-03-08 02:18:28 UTC

Also something about the ark being outside the galaxy?

2020-03-08 02:18:39 UTC

It’s been a while since I watched any halo lore

2020-03-08 02:22:04 UTC

It was placed on earth so if humanity was to stumble upon their origins they would have the technology to defend themselves against the didact

2020-03-08 02:22:52 UTC

I knew it had something to do with him

2020-03-08 02:23:40 UTC

Also the flood was all but eradicated so it would also be a last line of defense

2020-03-10 18:24:32 UTC

Wayment....this a halo chat going on here?

2020-03-10 18:25:19 UTC

@Mjolnir Spartan I've read all the books....only now got these notifications

2020-03-10 19:08:37 UTC

So have I fucboi lolol

2020-03-11 18:21:16 UTC

@Mjolnir Spartan seems we need to be nerdy Bros...... If I can prepare before boog kicks off I'm planning on making armor that looks like unsc marine gear for booj things.

2020-03-11 18:22:18 UTC

@Mjolnir Spartan you going to Lost Dog Street Band tonight?

2020-03-11 18:23:56 UTC

@Mjolnir Spartan yeah lets go

2020-03-11 18:24:03 UTC

Zanzibar 6pm

2020-03-11 18:24:13 UTC
2020-03-11 18:24:30 UTC

Its a joke

2020-03-11 18:25:17 UTC

First rounds on me

2020-03-11 18:25:24 UTC

Buy on me I mean you’re going to drink tequila out of my bellybutton

2020-03-11 23:16:18 UTC

When and where

2020-03-11 23:16:37 UTC

You fuckers have my number

2020-03-11 23:24:33 UTC

Zbar time now

2020-03-11 23:37:54 UTC

can i has taht channel

2020-03-12 04:55:22 UTC

2020-03-12 04:55:30 UTC

Found that gem in a five bar in Puyallup Washington

2020-03-12 04:55:44 UTC

The boog is real boys

2020-03-12 04:56:00 UTC

Dive bar*

2020-03-13 21:10:53 UTC

I’m a β€œgamer” and β€œmilitary member”

2020-03-13 23:06:26 UTC

Uh huh

2020-03-17 03:36:24 UTC

@everyone what if we put the initials for the state we reside in on our tags? Make it easier to talk to locals.

2020-03-17 03:36:33 UTC

Dew it

2020-03-17 03:45:16 UTC

Put it in announcements [email protected] it

2020-03-17 03:45:27 UTC

Make mine KS

2020-03-17 03:45:35 UTC

I’m MO

2020-03-17 03:45:43 UTC

You don't know how to do that do you?

2020-03-17 03:46:57 UTC

I do

2020-03-17 03:47:10 UTC

Wtf is the combat Carl role for

2020-03-17 03:48:01 UTC

2020-03-17 03:48:13 UTC

Did it for him

2020-03-17 04:27:14 UTC

can i has it?

2020-03-17 04:27:25 UTC

*Fedboi-Fuck toys*

2020-03-17 11:03:09 UTC

Yee Yee

2020-03-18 00:24:54 UTC

2020-03-18 00:25:29 UTC

Decon/field hospital in a no fly zone by an airport.. it's coming

2020-03-19 16:16:14 UTC

what state

2020-03-19 16:17:25 UTC

White building a tent or permanent structure

2020-03-19 16:18:17 UTC

Either way, serious lack of staff housing besides the 3 trailers. Might be more somewhere else though

2020-03-19 16:34:07 UTC

Nope it's in Kentucky

2020-03-19 16:34:16 UTC


2020-03-20 00:57:53 UTC

2020-03-20 01:40:59 UTC

we catching up

2020-03-20 01:54:14 UTC
2020-03-20 01:57:39 UTC

Nope my cousin. He's on NKY hazmat team.

2020-03-20 02:00:22 UTC

Shit. Thats no bueno

2020-03-21 01:55:45 UTC

Hey guys new to the server I was looking for some good radios what are some good ones that wont break the bank

2020-03-21 01:56:19 UTC


2020-03-21 01:56:21 UTC

Baofeng isn't to bad on ebay

2020-03-21 01:56:30 UTC


2020-03-21 01:57:49 UTC

I second the Uv5R. A lot of militias use them in my personal experience. You can generally get a pack with some accessories and extended battery for about $60 but sometimes cheaper.

2020-03-21 01:58:10 UTC

Yeah they're about $35

2020-03-21 01:58:38 UTC

That’s what i have. It’s nice

2020-03-21 02:16:17 UTC

Gamer, guardsman, ak fuckboi

2020-03-21 02:19:46 UTC

guardsman as in military member correct?

2020-03-21 02:19:58 UTC


2020-03-21 02:20:03 UTC


2020-03-21 02:20:49 UTC

On Amazon they're like 24 bucks for one

2020-03-21 17:38:55 UTC

What model baofeng

2020-03-21 17:39:14 UTC

UV5R πŸ‘

2020-03-22 16:13:17 UTC

UV8R if you can get one.
.watch ssd one diy vids on long distance radio relaying...

2020-03-22 16:20:21 UTC

Just wait until the natty guard passes by, road pirate the shit out of their radios bc you know damn well we're not going to be armed, then hope and pray they don't re-key the nation by the time you get to your local insider trading politicians doorstep

2020-03-22 17:29:56 UTC

2020-03-23 04:59:42 UTC

Anybody willing to teach me a bit on the Baofamg UV-5R, I’m new to it and trying to figure things out.

2020-03-25 21:01:14 UTC

Buys a baofeng, thinks im retarded, internet tells me they're notoriously bad manuals. Yay im not retarded

2020-03-31 03:55:00 UTC

They're taking them to the mine. Its behind the campground. Hounds Campground in kings mountain NC. Theres a quarry pond.... I think theres something under the water, but only one way to be sure.

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